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Public relations agency manages 26 healthcare outreach programs across New Mexico

Insightly helps The Waite Company manage community education for a key public sector client.

Since its founding in 2012, The Waite Company has been widely recognized as a top public relations firm in the state of New Mexico. An eleven-time recipient of the prestigious Cumbre award for campaign and tactic excellence, The Waite Company offers a diverse suite of services to clients in healthcare, tourism, aviation, environmental, public sector, and other industries.

Recently, the New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange (beWellnm) sought the company’s expertise for engaging community leaders, business owners, nonprofit organizations, and other relevant groups.

“Our job is to create awareness for the coverage options and resources available through the exchange,” said Jason Marshall, Program Director at The Waite Company. “Our team manages the outreach for beWellnm, which includes making phone calls, sending emails, and mailing packets of information.”


The company needed a better way to track the community education programs that it manages for the New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange (beWellnm).


Insightly converted the company’s reporting process from a multi-day endeavor into a five-minute task. Since Insightly CRM is an ideal CRM for agencies, this was an easy fit.


The Waite Company is invoicing faster, getting paid sooner, and spending less time on administrative work.

Jason Marshall Program Director

Streamlining processes from days to minutes

Prior to discovering Insightly, The Waite Company used spreadsheets to track all of its outreach activities. “Our contract with beWellnm spans across 26 outreach programs and 33 di

Insightly makes our lives easier. If you have an extensive list of contacts to organize and engage, Insightly is the right solution for you.

fferent counties,” Marshall said. “Before Insightly, we relied on dozens of spreadsheets, which made invoicing especially time-consuming.”

Seeking a more streamlined approach, the Waite team turned to Insightly CRM. “What took days to do with spreadsheets now takes five minutes in Insightly,” Marshall said. “Insightly reports help us to monitor program activity, demonstrate progress to the client, and generate invoices with ease. This has made a positive impact on our cash flow.”

Fostering team transparency and collaboration

Insightly has also yielded a more collaborative work ecosystem. “We have opened up access to Insightly with the beWellnm team, offering a new level of transparency that could not be possible with spreadsheets,” Marshall said. “We’re also using Insightly opportunities to flag contacts that require additional outreach from someone at the exchange.”

Looking ahead, The Waite Company plans to expand its use of Insightly. “Our goal is to use Insightly for all new clients,” Marshall said. “Insightly lets us deliver greater value by optimizing our work and our data. We’re excited to roll it out company-wide.”

At Insightly, we’re happy to help The Waite Company serve its clients more effectively, and, in turn, build healthier relationships.

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