Insightly launches a unified CRM for marketing, sales & projects

San Francisco, CA – September 10, 2019 – Today, Insightly, innovator of scalable CRM for companies of all sizes, is unveiling the launch of Insightly Marketing, a revolutionary approach that integrates marketing, sales and project management into a single platform to support dynamic customer journeys. In addition to the new offering, Insightly is revealing new insights from a survey of over 440 businesses about trends and challenges in marketing. Among the findings, the Insightly Marketing Study finds that the majority of businesses (54 percent) say marketing is very important to their business growth, with nearly one in five reporting they couldn’t run their business without it. That said, 11 percent do not integrate marketing and sales initiatives, while 42 percent only do it on occasion.

“Businesses today must address the complete customer and that means understanding the intricacies and value of each touchpoint,” said Anthony Smith, CEO of Insightly. “By integrating marketing with project management and sales into a single platform, Insightly is revolutionizing the future of customer engagements by helping businesses deliver the right marketing initiatives with the right ROI.”

As a powerful, yet easy-to-use marketing engine, Insightly Marketing is built on the same platform as Insightly’s renowned Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for a seamless and streamlined customer experience. According to the Insightly study, the majority of businesses (56 percent) are still using Excel to manage marketing, with 17 percent saying they don’t use any technology – more than one-third don’t consistently measure marketing’s contribution to their business. With Insightly’s unified platform, businesses can finally align their sales and marketing activities around a single source of truth on customer data, enjoy consistent user interface, and eliminate the need for expensive system integrations and user training.

The ABCs of the new offering include:

  • Advanced Analytics: Ability to easily analyze, visualize, and share customer engagement metrics – open rates, bounce rates, click-through rates, and more – to discover what’s working well and double-down on winning campaigns.
  • Better Builds: Templates for customizable emails and newsletters to deliver engaging experiences to your customers, increase open rates, and drive more conversions.
  • Customer Journeys: Easily chart the course of discovery for each customer segment with an intuitive and visual journey builder, and quickly learn about their behaviors and preferences.
  • Data Freedom: With all customer information located in one unified platform, there is no need to manage multiple sources of data.  Customer data flows freely throughout, so that all marketing, sales and service teams have the exact same view of the customer.

The survey shows that while marketing is critical to a business’ success, companies are also performing a wide range of activities as part of its marketing strategy – from PR to website management to email marketing. At the same time, 52 percent still say their marketing budget is less than 10 percent of the company’s annual revenue and a majority of businesses report having less than five people in marketing. As a result, businesses are largely under-resourced with fewer people and dollars invested in this key part of their business operations.

“Insightly was the right choice for us because we can meet both our marketing automation and CRM needs with one vendor,’’ said Roby Watters, Sales and Marketing at IMS. “With the confidence of having all our data in one place, we can focus on delivering a much better experience to our customers every time we interact with them.”

“Having spent more than 20 years of my career in marketing, I have experienced the challenges and critical importance of aligning marketing with sales in order to validate its effectiveness,” added Tony Kavanagh, CMO of Insightly. “By driving a better connection to the ROI of marketing programs, we are ensuring marketing teams (no matter how lean) are maximizing the impact of their efforts and ultimately, boosting the bottom line for the business.”

For more about the Insightly Marketing Study, please visit here.

About the Survey

In August 2019, Insightly reached out to its CRM customers in the United States and abroad, who represented a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, retail, consulting, education, healthcare, advertising and media, technology, and IT. The 442 survey respondents included C-suite executives, mid-level managers, and CRM administrators. The majority of survey respondents owned or worked at the US-based companies with up to 500 employees. The online survey was distributed via email during August 9-19th, 2019.

About Insightly

Insightly is the innovator of scalable customer relationship management that enables companies of all sizes to go beyond the transaction. Built by pioneers in CRM with a modern approach, Insightly is easily integrated with existing applications, and delivers project management, relationship linking and an intuitive user interface to solve enterprise-sized challenges for every business. Insightly helps more than 25,000 companies worldwide evolve with their customers by driving long-standing relationships and as a result, revenue. For more information visit

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