• For the first time, mid-sized businesses seeking alternatives to underutilized, costly, legacy CRM, can now make better business decisions based on real insights from enterprise-grade dashboards and Insight Cards, right out of the box
  • Insightly is the only CRM built on a Customer Relationship Platform that allows cross-object, many-to-many relationship linking between multiple accounts, contacts, opportunities, collaborators, projects, documents and tasks
  • New dashboards feature AI-driven recommendations that help customer-facing employees understand and perform next best actions based on sales event triggers and project management milestones


SAN FRANCISCO—March 8, 2018Insightly, the CRM for building lifelong customer relationships, today released new dashboards and Insight Cards that allow companies to visualize their operational and customer data directly within Insightly CRM. For most midsized companies, the CRM is their primary system of record and therefore a natural place in which to capture, visualize and share data. By building new standards of data visualization right into its CRM, Insightly is the first to provide growing midsize companies with a fully customizable big data solution, right out of the box at no extra cost.

“Insightly has a deep and expanding midsized customer base, and for years we’ve been on a mission to help these businesses compete on an equal footing with their larger counterparts,” said Anthony Smith, CEO and Founder at Insightly. “After years of helping everyday businesses realize their ambitious goals and frequently daunting growth targets, we understand their distinct need for business intelligence and customer data visualization. Today, Insightly CRM makes that a reality by bringing enterprise-quality reports and dashboards to businesses of all sizes.”

Integrated, Enterprise-Grade Data Visualization Out Of The Box
Insightly’s data visualization dashboards allow companies to uncover new insights about their business, track important projects and share information seamlessly. Using data drawn from Insightly’s Customer Relationship Platform, users can surface rich, customizable dashboards. These visualizations can display more than 80 preconfigured reports, dashboards and Insight Cards filtered by role, industry, customer profile and other attributes, and presented in context using a Blade Interface.

  • Uncover Growth Opportunities: Insightly’s new dashboard engine utilizes AI-driven recommendations to display metrics like “Win Rates” and “Average Sale Price” to help users measure performance and make better business decisions.
  • Insights For Any Role: Insightly data visualizations are customizable to allow sales managers, marketing leaders, executives and collaborators to see everything from leaderboards and pipeline summaries to project updates and productivity goals so they can filter the information that is most relevant to their business function.
  • Ready In Minutes: Sales and marketing teams need to move fast. Insightly’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface lets users create dashboards in minutes from standard business data or custom fields and personalize the layout to their preference. No IT required.
  • Post-Sale Delivery: Insightly uniquely offers product and project delivery capabilities native to the CRM. With the new dashboards and Insight cards, teams can visualize their projects by status, owner or client to ensure successful on-time completion to ensure what is sold actually gets delivered to the customer.


Customer Relationship Platform
The building blocks of Insightly CRM are fundamentally different to those of other legacy CRMs due to its underlying Customer Relationship Platform. This platform has been purposely built using a metadata-driven architecture, which allows for the dynamic rendering of the CRM’s user interface, in accordance to the specific requirements of each individual user. This personalized experience, coupled with dashboards and Insight Cards delivered by the analytics engine, ensure higher levels of adoption and increased productivity across all types of users.

Where legacy CRM constrains its customers to model its sales strategies within single legal entities, Insightly CRM allows its customers to break down these artificial organizational barriers and freely map the links individuals have to others in their business and personal relationships, and to build what is a relationship graph. Such graphs can open up a wide range of new possibilities for engaging customers and prospects in more meaningful ways than ever before. Overlay a business’ unique CRM process, combined with deep analytics, and you have tailored customer engagement playbooks that enable businesses to treat every customer like they are their only customer.

The new business intelligence features are available to Insightly customers now.

About Insightly
Insightly, a leading global CRM, helps businesses of all sizes build lifelong customer relationships, accelerate sales and ensure successful delivery of what’s sold.