• Custom objects allow businesses to extend Insightly CRM functionality to meet their specific needs and deliver the flexibility to evolve their implementations over time
  • Custom apps allow Insightly CRM users to personalize their experiences to meet their daily preferences, on any device, ensuring greater adoption and boosting productivity
  • New metadata-driven API further strengthens Insightly’s Customer Relationship Platform for custom application development


SAN FRANCISCO—September 19, 2018Insightly, the CRM for building lifelong customer relationships, today announced the availability of new capabilities that allow companies of all sizes to tailor their CRM implementations to the specific needs of their businesses and of the industries in which they operate.

“Every business, no matter what size, has its own unique set of challenges and needs, and the software services they choose must be able to adapt to these needs as they evolve,” said Anthony Smith, founder and CEO, Insightly. “Gone is the era of one-size-fits-all applications. We hear this loud and clear from our customers every day and this new functionality gives them the total flexibility they need to implement their CRM exactly the way they want to.”

Customizable CRM Drives Broader Adoption and Higher Sales Productivity

A principal concern with a significant number of CRM implementations, particularly for growing and larger businesses, is whether the sales and delivery teams will actually use it as intended, which can translate into a considerable waste of time and money. According to a 2017 Forrester CustomerThink survey, 43 percent of respondents didn’t understand the challenges of gaining acceptance of the new CRM.

“CRM initiatives can spiral out of control into multimillion-dollar investments that negatively affect your customers and the employees who serve them. The cost of poor adoption is twofold: underutilized investment and unmet business objectives,” write Kate Leggett and John Bruno in the March 2018 Forrester report, CRM Success Hinges On Effective Change Management.

Insightly CRM considers usability and user adoption as important as the richness of its feature sets. Allowing businesses to customize their implementations in any way they chose, mitigates the perceived risk of a CRM implementation, as the propensity of the users to use it regularly, grows significantly. The latest release of Insightly CRM includes:

  • Custom Objects – Allows businesses to extend an already feature-rich application by modeling unique aspects of their business into the CRM for everyday use; industry specific use cases can be managed from right within the application.
  • Custom Apps – Allows CRM users to tailor their day-to-day experiences of working within the application by creating views that are specific to their personal preferences; users can add custom objects to further personalize their custom views; the custom app experience can be delivered on any device — desktop, tablet and mobile.
  • Custom Reports and Dashboards – New version of the Insightly API allows users to build custom reports and dashboards on custom objects; CRM users can now make better decisions, faster, using the industry’s only fully comprehensive enterprise-grade reporting engine built right into the CRM, at no extra cost.


“As we continue to quickly acquire larger-sized customers, they are flat-out demanding that we offer these types of capabilities right out-of-the-box, or else they simply don’t consider us a viable CRM alternative for the long term,” said Smith. “This latest release of our software is a game changer for our customers and for us.”

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Insightly, the new breed of CRM, helps modern businesses of all sizes build lifelong customer relationships and grow faster than ever before. Insightly offers out of the box capabilities that allow you to tailor users’ experience for every customer facing role. It is easy to use, easy to set up, highly customizable to your industry, and offers fast time to value at a low total cost of ownership. Join more than 1.5M Insightly users who are already building better customer relationships. Request a demo today.

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