• Modern enterprises face a fundamental shift in customer expectations and a greater willingness to switch brands, and therefore must deliver personalized engagement at every step of the customer journey
  • New Insightly CRM capabilities enable customized data capture, data display and data validation based on how users, teams and organizations handle customer and business information
  • Insightly’s metadata-driven architecture allows for rapid innovation on its Customer Relationship Platform, outpacing that of legacy CRM


SAN FRANCISCO—April 12, 2018Insightly, the CRM for building lifelong customer relationships, today announced its latest product release designed for modern enterprises whose unique business dynamics require greater flexibility in how they structure and access their customer data.

“This product release is about customization and personalization of Insightly for you, your coworkers and the way your business works,” said Anthony Smith, CEO and founder, Insightly. “Today’s new features give you an incredible amount of fine grain control over what data to show each individual role in every stage of the customer engagement lifecycle, across marketing, sales, delivery, service and support.”

Modern Enterprises Face New Pressures Around Customer Expectations

Over the past five years, customer expectations have radically changed. They are now more connected, more social, more mobile, have more choices than ever before and a greater willingness to switch brands. A sea of options and the instant-access nature of digital environments have empowered customers to constantly explore alternatives. In order to satisfy these expectations and retain customers, each individual CRM user must view the customer’s data in the context of their specific role.

Availability And Key Functionality

The latest version of Insightly is available now for customers across all paid plans. The new release offers the following capabilities:

  • Data Capture: five new custom fields give more flexibility over the data users capture and store in Insightly, including a relationship-lookup field which allows users to link any object with another, allowing deeper reporting on connections between contacts, organizations and other records
  • Data Display: dynamic page layout editor gives total control of virtually every screen within Insightly on a user, team or department basis; the editor applies business and display rules using a custom built composition engine to generate screens dynamically in less than 80 milliseconds
  • Data Validation: drag and drop editor allows users to configure every part of each page by adding, editing and removing different sections of each page, including individual fields and the order in which they appear; this helps ensure data validation and integrity to show only the information users must fill out or need to access based on their role
  • Mobile: Insightly’s fully customizable mobile CRM allows users to access critical customer and business data such as leads, contacts, projects and reports however and wherever they go, with a consistent experience to their tailored desktop environment


Enterprise-Grade Business Intelligence And Customer Relationship Platform

Last month, Insightly delivered integrated, enterprise-grade data visualization dashboards that allow companies to uncover new insights about their business, track important projects and share information seamlessly. Using data drawn from Insightly’s Customer Relationship Platform, users can surface rich, customizable dashboards, as well as tailor the underlying CRM data to meet their specific business requirements.

The building blocks of Insightly CRM are fundamentally different to those of other legacy CRMs due to its underlying Customer Relationship Platform. This platform has been purposely built using a metadata-driven architecture, which allows for the dynamic rendering of the CRM’s user interface, in accordance to the specific requirements of each individual user. This personalized experience, coupled with dashboards and Insight Cards delivered by the analytics engine, ensure higher levels of adoption and increased productivity across all types of users.

About Insightly
Insightly, the new breed of CRM, helps modern businesses of all sizes build lifelong customer relationships and grow faster than ever before. Insightly offers out of the box capabilities that allow you to tailor users’ experience for every customer facing role. It is easy to use, easy to set up, highly customizable to your industry, and offers fast time to value at a low total cost of ownership. Join more than 1.5M Insightly users who are already building better customer relationships. Request a demo today.

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