San Francisco, CA—June 18, 2019—Studies show that businesses using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution see a 30 percent increase in sales – so it’s no surprise that 91 percent of North American firms with more than 10 employees are leveraging CRM today. Insightly, innovator of scalable CRM for companies of all sizes, is experiencing this market momentum first-hand – the company is reporting a 113 percent increase in mid-sized customers (businesses with 100-500 employees) year over year, along with a 30 percent increase in revenue.

“Insightly is focused on strategic growth that reinforces our commitment to scaling with our customers by supporting business as they move up-market,” said Anthony Smith, CEO of Insightly. “Today’s companies must evolve with their customers to ensure they’re meeting changing expectations by delivering a relationship-focused experience. Those that want to remain competitive must gain better insight into the complete customer.”

“Vendors that consistently receive favorable ratings from MSEs engage regularly, regardless of the level of spend. A key to maintaining a solid relationship is providing dedicated and consistent account management that supports a sense of shared value with the customer,”  Gartner, James Browning, Mike Cisek and Mark Fabbi “What Midsize Enterprises Want From Their IT Vendors”, 25 May 2018

To help mid-sized businesses make the most of customer relationships, Insightly is revealing its top five tips for successfully managing and maintaining the customer experience:

  1. Develop a High-Def Data Profile: Build a complete picture of your customers to reach them with the right message at the right time and solve their actual needs.
  2. Forget the Funnel: Leave the “marketing funnel” behind. The funnel was created to organize sales and marketing teams and doesn’t reflect or predict buyer behavior. Adopt a “customer journey” approach to give you more flexibility and better understanding of your customers’ behavior, including triggers for action. It also acknowledges the customer as a decision-maker and in today’s subscription economy, customers are seeking partners and not just products.
  3. Get Aligned: Ensure your sales and marketing teams are collaborating at the planning and operational levels. To your customers, you’re one company and one brand. They don’t care where and how you initiate outreach and who’s responsible for it on the inside, they do care about a consistent message and brand experience from the first touch through their entire journey with you.
  4. Continue the Courtship: If you want to build long-lasting customer relationships, understand that your first conversation is only the beginning. Treat every interaction, across every department, with the same attention as you do when you’re trying to win them over for the very first time. Leverage data, team alignment and a unified CRM platform to strengthen customer relationships and ultimately, reach your business goals.
  5. Make it Personal: Over the years, the concept of “customer relationships” has become a clinical definition for sales and marketing teams, who are expected to hit numbers and often talk about customers in terms of clicks, conversions, MQLs/SQLs, and closed-won opportunities. “Inbound marketing” created even more distance and detachment between businesses and their customers, so as outbound marketing reclaims center stage, focus on creating  a more personal experience for future and existing customers. Whether you’re B2C or B2B, customers are people, so treat them as such by bringing meaning to every interaction, establishing trust, and building long-lasting customer relationships.

“Insightly’s best selling point is its flexibility and its ability to scale with us to meet our evolving needs,” said Nell Jungels, Director of IT, Bright Planet Solar, a company that delivers the highest quality, American made PV systems on the market with a team of 200 employees. “Features such as custom fields, workflow automation, email templates, record linking, and advanced reporting have helped us grow, and they’ll continue to do so in the future.”

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Insightly is the innovator of scalable customer relationship management that enables companies of all sizes to go beyond the transaction. Built by pioneers in CRM with a modern approach, Insightly is easily integrated with existing applications, and delivers project management, relationship linking and an intuitive user interface to solve enterprise-sized challenges for every business. Insightly helps more than 25,000 companies worldwide evolve with their customers by driving long-standing relationships and as a result, revenue. For more information visit

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