7 Common Pitfalls of CRM Adoption

Learn the CRM pitfalls + how to avoid them

Over 65% of CRM installations stall due to failed implementation or lack of adoption.”

Using any new system requires your team to embrace a new learning curve and change old habits. The stakes are higher when the new system is a CRM – the literal heart of your business.

Join this webinar to create a rollout plan that supports your team and gets them excited about the change. You will learn:

  1. How to gamify a rollout
  2. Why you need champions (& how to find them)
  3. How custom training helps you win


Preview Erin’s full list of pitfalls: 

  1. Don’t assume the team sees your vision (Pitfall 1: Assuming everyone has your vision.)
    • Understand the change impact and learning curve
    • Help them see the big why and gains for them
  2. Select your champions (Pitfall 2: Not having champions)
    • Identify who can get the excitement up and set the tone
    • Roll out to champions for testing and feedback before introducing it to the team
  3. Create training materials on YOUR system (Pitfall 3: Failing to create training materials on YOUR system
    • Tools to support the training
    • Bonus: training can be used to train new employees in the future
  4. Define what implementation success looks like (Pitfall 4: Not defining what implementation success looks like)
    • Clearly identify the path to full utilization
    • What does utilization look like?
      • Number of logins
      • Number of records created
  5. Hands-On Training (Pitfall 5: Not providing hands-on training)
    • Wean them off support with scheduled Q&A and implementation sessions
  6. Gamify the rollout (Pitfall 6: Boring rollout)
    • Make it fun
    • Emphasize the why
  7. Ask for feedback (Pitfall 7: Forgetting to ask for feedback)
    • Evaluate where the holes are and create training to fill them
    • Evaluate suggestions for change