Advanced list segmentation: From first touch to conversion

Webinar from June 9, 2021

Every marketer knows how important it is to get the right message to the right customer at the right time to drive loyalty, response, and sales. But how exactly can you do it? The answer lies in list segmentation.

With list segmentation, you can send messages to subgroups of your list to drive home a customized, personalized message and make the recipients feel that you know, hear, and understand them. Lists can be static or dynamic. Static lists must be added to manually or they stay the same, while dynamic lists can be automatically added to based on, for example, lead behavior. Your marketing automation platform should allow for both static and dynamic lists, and should also allow leads to be members of multiple lists at once.

Watch this marketing automation webinar to learn how important advanced list segmentation is to nurture customer relationships all the way through the customer journey from first touch to conversion.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Why advanced list segmentation is so important to your marketing strategy
  • How to build the right audiences using the data you already have in Insightly
  • Best practices to boost your success

List segmentation doesn’t sound like the most interesting or exciting feature, it packs a punch towards moving leads down your funnel and converting them to sales. Don’t miss this webinar!

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