AppConnect Masterclass Vol. 1

Get hands on with two AppConnect recipes for MixMax and Jira

Technical Account Director, Insightly
Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Insightly

Your CRM delivers way more value when you integrate it with the other software tools that you use to run your organization. Explore how easy it is to connect Insightly Service with Jira and MixMax in this webinar using AppConnect, a low-code/no-code integration tool.


Get ready to spark ideas on how you can use AppConnect to improve processes and gain efficiencies in your business. This is the first of three webinars in a series designed to get you hands-on with AppConnect.

In this session, you’ll get a live demo of the ways that Insightly customer success experts Andrea Lodigiani and Dan Phillips have created integrations that help their teams move faster and communicate more effectively. We’ll explore these two AppConnect recipes:

  1. Connecting Jira to the CRM – Formerly relying on email to tell the documentation team it was time to start working on help content for a new feature or release, now AppConnect passes the information and speeds the process.
  2. Connecting MixMax to Insightly Service – This recipe saves administrative time so that Insightly customer service reps can focus on serving customers rather than documentation

It all starts with an idea – what processes do we have that are manual and can be improved? What apps are we using that can be connected to Insightly? Let your mind wander and then bring in AppConnect to make it happen.

Watch this webinar to gain unique insights into the ways that business experts just like you are maximizing the benefits of Insightly’s low code/no code integration engine. 

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