Choosing the right CRM can make or break your business. Up to 70% of CRM implementations fail or stall, so you want to make the right choice to ensure success. To help you make the right decision, check out this CRM needs assessment handbook.

It starts with a clear definition and description of what a CRM is and what it isn’t. The structure of CRMs has evolved over time, so while older systems may have more name recognition, there are newer systems with more modern features that you’ll want to explore on your buying mission.

In the guide, you’ll access a set of checklists that breakdown the standard and advanced features of a CRM, so you can determine which features are important to your business. Then, the handbook covers five key steps in performing a CRM needs assessment. This includes information on human resources, budget requirements, project management, executive buy-in and more.  Finally, you’ll get tips for evaluating CRMs.

This is a true workbook, so you’ll want to download the ebook, fill in your notes along the way, and make it your own guide to finding the best CRM for your team and business. Frankly, there are a lot of options out there, so staying organized in your quest is key. This workbook is a step in that direction. Download your copy now.