Email Deliverability 101

Expert strategies to hit the inbox every time

Email Deliverability 101

Email deliverability is one of the most important drivers in the success of your email program. You can have the most incredible design and content, but If your audiences aren’t receiving your emails, your time, effort, and budget are wasted.

In this session, Al Iverson, Director of Deliverability Products and Services for Kickbox, will show you the basics of great email deliverability and how to avoid the spam folder for good. 

He’ll cover:

  • A good send vs a bad send – what are the factors
  • Building lists – do it the right way for the long haul
  • Measuring delivery – what are the stats you need to focus on

There is art and science to email deliverability, so get ready to open both sides of your brain in this session with Al. You need to have fun, engaging emails that break the mold, but you also need to understand how ISPs work, what CAN-SPAM is, and how list hygiene is vital to your email sending program.

Bonus – While KickBox is a paid email verification service, Al provides information about a free Kickbox tool to check your emails before sending. Get the details when you watch and learn all about email deliverability in this webinar.