Introducing Insightly Service

CEO, Insightly
Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Insightly

Keeping customers happy and retaining them for the long haul is the goal of all businesses. Take a look at how Insightly Service can help your organization do just that. It’s a customer service ticketing tool that is part of the Insightly platform.


As technology advances, the differences between products and services, including software applications, gets smaller and smaller. Product developers and engineers work at similar paces and harness innovations to keep consumers supplied.

What, then are the differentiators today? If it’s no longer about ‘building a better mouse trap,’ what is it about? How do businesses stand out, cultivate great relationships and retain customers. Today’s businesses must provide exceptional service after the sale to prosper. This includes prompt and efficient responses to questions and concerns.

This is why Insightly has introduced Insightly Service. The Insightly platform can already provide an exceptional CRM to sell your products and Insightly Marketing, a powerful marketing automation application to drive more leads. Now, you can better service your customers after the sale with Insightly Service.

Watch this webinar to learn more about Insightly Service, the newest addition to the Insightly unified suite of customer relationship management applications. It’s a ticketing application designed to help you close tickets faster and deliver better customer experiences through more personalized service. By consolidating data sources, sharing ticket status, and making knowledge resources readily available, your employees are empowered with the right information at the right time to solve customer challenges.

Since Insightly Service is on the Insightly platform, your CRM users can see the status of tickets, keeping your entire team informed of the customer experience.

This webinar is a full introduction to the application and the many ways your team can use it to create exceptional customer experiences that help your business grow in today’s marketplace.

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