Is Marketing Automation Right for Your Business?

New research on how it helps you close more business

Stellar Health

Explore this webinar featuring new marketing automation research plus a real live customer case study from the health care industry. See how the team from Stellar Health was able to build customer journeys that took their email marketing program to the next level with record engagement.

Explore new research and see a live journey build

What are the indicators that it’s time to add marketing automation to your tech stack? This is a powerful technology that typically pays for itself over time, but you must have the right plans in place to get the most from it.

This webinar explores new research on the marketing automation challenges and wins that businesses like yours are experiencing today. The data is based on a 2023 survey of B2B marketers using one of the many marketing automation platforms on the market today.
The webinar presenters discuss:

  • When and why marketing automation is a fit
  • What are the most powerful marketing automation features.
  • How marketers are seeing marketing automation in 2023 and beyond

As a special bonus, you will see a live build of an email journey – one feature that was identified in the research as being a pain point for marketers. Email journeys are vital to your organization’s ability to nurture leads hands-free and get them warmed up to eventually become a customers. They can appear to be complex at first glance, so viewing this webinar will show you how easy it can be to create journeys for all of your different types of prospects.

After reviewing the research and seeing the live demo, Insightly customer Stellar Health joins in to discuss how they are using Insightly Marketing along with Insightly CRM to drive awareness of their value-based healthcare platform. They discuss email journeys they have created in order to drive more engagement through their email marketing program. The team will also share their results and how they are engaging significantly more prospects with their list segmentation and journey-building functions.

Clip: Quick demo of a customer journey build

Building customer journeys is a challenge for 73% of marketers, according a recent survey about marketing automation platforms. Check out this short demo of the process in Insightly Marketing to see how easy it can be with the right tool.

Transcript: Is marketing automation right for your business

Val: Hi everyone thanks for choosing to spend  a part of your day together as we talk  all about marketing automation. I’m Val  Reilly, head of content marketing at    Insightly and I’ll be your host for  today’s webinar. Alright let’s meet  today’s presenters. I’ve already  introduced myself it’s my pleasure to  serve as your host today.  Please welcome  Chip house he’s the CMO at   Insightly.  He’s got more than 25 years of  experience in B2B marketing focused on  CRM and marketing Technologies. Next up  we have Travis Northup he’s also from    Insightly he’s our senior operations  marketing operations manager and he has  built his career in B2B SAS and he is  one of the most dedicated users of    Insightly marketing.


In a little while  I’m going to introduce you to Nicole  Roundsavall and Dinah Rabeella of  Stellar Health and they’re going to be  telling us all about the ways the  Stellar Health Team uses   Insightly CRM  and   Insightly marketing within their  business. So we’ll go from the  theoretical to the Practical. Let’s take  a look at today’s agenda  we’re going to start with the basics as  to what marketing automation is and why  businesses choose to invest in this  technology then we’re going to dive into  that research report where we’ll see  where marketers are having success with  marketing Automation and even a few  challenges we’re going to zero in on one  of the items that emerge from the  research it’s about making customer  Journeys and our friend Travis was going  to give us an example of building a  journey and then we’re going to hear  from that Stellar health Team.


We had a poll open I’d like to go ahead  and reveal those results  all right Chip it looks like we’ve got  folks maybe using a little bit of  marketing automation but not quite to  its fullest extent 


Chip: Yeah that’s what I’m  seeing as well 41 saying I am using  marketing automation but not to its  fullest extent and 31 are not using it  yet so anyway I think there’s something  in this presentation for everybody to  enjoy based on those responses so  excited to dig in val thanks so much  awesome okay  um well then take it away with this  slide please for sure so hey thanks for  every everybody for joining today so I  you know this one is interesting because  I’ve actually been in SAS since the 90s  so I actually saw a lot of this develop  but you know marketing automation is  really a collection of software tools  that conduct marketing tasks hand free  without the need for a person to perform  these repetitive tasks so some marketing  automation examples including sending  emails responding to email engagement  such as opens and clicks or potentially  the lack of an open  and taking actions on form completion  such as on a landing page  so some some of the benefits of  marketing automation are that these  these simple repetitive actions  automated customers needs are more  easily met and marketers are freed up to  do even more strategic work such as  optimizing their campaigns  so you know much like this cell phone  has evolved in the past over the past 30  years you know the technology of  marketing automation has really been  around on that same time period but it  became more accessible in the mid-2000s  when Cloud platforms became available at  lower price points so that’s a good  level set anyway Val. 


I think so we might be the only folks on  the call who recognize that phone on the  left but we’ll just gonna go ahead and  move past that I never actually had that  phone but uh yeah I do remember that  song  so what are some examples so here you’re  actually seeing an example of our get a  demo page which is built on   Insightly we  drink all of our own champagne we run  all of our marketing on our own CRM  our own marketing automation platform  but a great example that a lot of  marketers do is they will have an e-book  and they’ll do an advertisement for that  ebook uh out on social media for example  or via email but in this case we’re  going to talk about a LinkedIn ad for a  piece of content that you could tag with  a UTM link to track it  uh that could drive to a single offer  landing page with often with a call to  action and often with a form and that  form can be configured to capture  various information that you want to  collect such as you know name email  address phone number other information  that you define  um and then with my marketing automation  you can define a delivery email and have  that automated  either with a link to the content piece  or potentially even to attach the  content piece to it itself and then you  know the last phase is the email  nurturer or the drip Campaign which is a  series of follow-up emails delivered to  that leads to kind of warm them up over  time and you know that has been part of  the magic of marketing automation over  the past several years yeah I think Chip  this is just a solid example you know  like you said marketing automation is  such a large collection of tools and it  can do so many things but just to say  hey here’s one thing it can do I think  this is a nice visual but let’s talk a  little bit about this research report  that I’m   Insightly commissioned along  with our friends over at Ascend two yeah  so to talk more through the research  that we’re going to talk about here we  worked with an independent research  company as Val mentioned us into they  surveyed just this spring 198 B2B  marketing professionals and the  breakdown uh which you see there is a  good distribution of company sizes and  roles but generally a pretty influenced  uh you know strong crowd of influencers  so to speak uh in or inside of  organizations so why do businesses use  marketing automation so we see from this  slide that the types of goals marketers  have differ from Tactical  uh for example more personalization to  strategic such as optimizing the overall  strategy  and marketing automation is a technology  that touches on both of these types of  goals strategic and tactical so think  about your organization and how you can  benefit from any of these goals  incidentally you know the people who  completed this survey can choose more  than one  um I thought it was interesting that  uh customer Journeys placed low Val but  what are you what are your thoughts yeah  I it’s it the response responses that  were available like you said ranged you  know from very strategic to very  tactical even that last one kind of  surprised me that um their primary goal  for this year is just getting more of  their team to use marketing automation  so I think this graph really speaks to  the different stages that folks are in  in terms of choosing and implementing a  marketing automation platform yeah makes  sense and I think all of these are super  relevant and it’s it’s good to know a  lot of people are at the point where  they’re optimizing their strategy to  just truly get better  so it kind of continues on a theme I  think to the next slide which is you  know how successful is your marketing  automation inside of your organizations  and so respondents were asked to rate  the success of their marketing  Automation in helping and achieve the  marketing outcomes  um and I think this is data is really  important especially if you’re just  getting started with marketing  automation 94 said yes to some extent  and only 29 say they are best in class  so the takeaway I think here is really  truly is to get started in your  marketing automation efforts this should  be really about progress and not  Perfection yeah I think that resonates  in this next data point to Chip yeah so  they were also asked you know what  extent are their uh Journeys automated  and I think it’s a similar takeaway you  know so for these 198 professionals  anyway only 39 were mostly or fully  automated and 48 are partially automated  so again the takeaway here is to get  started you can gain efficiency even if  you are not fully automated and start  seeing some of the benefits of marketing  automation you know like many things in  marketing it’s about  action and testing and optimizing over  time and marketing automation is no  different yeah maybe Travis can weigh in  on this one because this is you know his  role his primary role with us and um you  know we’re a larger marketing  organization but in a smaller marketing  organization you might expect that you  know maybe only portions are automated  at this at any stage yeah I mean we’re  we we sell the tools to fully automate  marketing Automation and I would  probably still put us in mostly  automated  um so it’s hard to achieve it requires  lots of work and vision for what you  want to do with your customer Journey  um so it’s good to see so many people  are are getting there though and I think  to Chip’s Point even partial automation  is better than doing everything manually  and you can see that with the 13  unfortunate percentage of a respondents  there yeah I think we’re validating all  those folks who maybe are aren’t feeling  like they’re up to Snuff we’re all we’re  all still works in progress I guess  maybe that’s the best message here no  question this one really surprised me so  given the economic environment when a  lot of marketing budgets are being cut  I found this surprising so overall  budgets for marketing automation are  trending upward for the respondents  according to 70 of B2B marketing  professionals surveyed another 21 say  that they’re marketing automation budget  for the coming year will be basically  staying the same  and just one in ten about nine percent  let’s say uh that their budgets for  marketing automation will be declining  so even in the current economic climate  investments in marketing automation are  growing for the majority of companies  and you know I think it just really  speaks to the efficiency and growth of  marketing automation  uh and you know those are two qualities  that a lot of companies actually need  more of now  and you know I don’t know Travis do you  have any other takeaways to this slide  I’m happy to see that uh people’s  budgets are increasing that certainly is  helpful for us  um but uh yeah I’m not particularly  surprising in leaner years when uh  people are looking for for ways to do  more with less I think marketing  automation is a good good place to put  your money right well let’s let’s see  how uh the audience responded here and I  guess it’s similar so we have 41 with  that said their marketing automation  budgets are increasing from what they  were last year 27 saved stayed the same  and 14 are decreasing so I guess also  here more people are looking to invest  in marketing Automation and the benefits  that provides which I think is great to  clarify Chip that was the marketing  budget overall not necessarily yeah but  I think still an indicator like you said  well that’s an especially good sign then  you know building effective customer  Journeys is so important and as part of  the survey they were asked my architect  my marketing automation platform makes  it easy to build customer Journeys and  I’d like to dig into this a little bit  more marketing automation platforms  should facilitate the development of  engaging customer Journeys but only 27  of B2B marketers surveyed strongly agree  that their automation tool does this  easily and just over half 53 of those  surveyed somewhat agree to uh  and you know one in five pdb marketers  who have marketing automation platforms  that do not make it easy to build  effective customer Journeys and to me  this is  what you’re looking for in a platform  and being able to build an intuitive  customer Journey that’s easy to set up  is really really critical and that’s  something I think that our platform does  especially well and so I’m excited to be  able to bring Travis up here who is an    Insightly marketing application expert  and does a lot of the uh the Journeys  for us  and have him take us through a quick  demo Travis uh the interesting thing  about that survey is um you know the two  operative words to me are easy and  effective and maybe it does them easily  but they’re not effective or or it does  them effectively but they’re not easy  and uh and   Insightly we try to do both  of those which I’m just going to build a  journey right now so that you can see  exactly how easy this stuff is first you  just go to the journeys tab here which  is very easy to find and then slightly  marketing and we’re going to create a  journey in this case we’re going to call  this the Evergreen onboarding journey  and um obviously this is a test so we’re  just going to label a test so I don’t  get confused with real Journeys we’ve  got running  um basically the the purpose of the the  journey that we’re going to build is  imagine that we’ve got a bunch of new  customers and we’re trying to onboard  them to using uh the product that we  sell in our case uh   Insightly marketing  um here we’re going to uh grab a list of  recent customers and when you build a  journey uh recipient lists can either be  static or dynamic static means it’s a  list of of people that never changes  like for example if you have a list of  people that you met at a trade show um  that list would would never change if  it’s specific to one trade show that  already happened but the other type of  list is dynamic which are based on  filters and the list changes  automatically over time in this case  it’s recent customers so I’ve built a  dynamic list that just shows customers  that bought our product in the last 30  days and so as new customers come in  they get added to the list and then as  customers age and get past 30 days  they’re removed from the list and so  with that we’re just going to go ahead  and save the journey and then start  building and so this is the journey  Builder it starts with the list which we  can click here and take a look at the  list if we want to  um and then this plus sign is how you  actually start adding things and so  there’s three types of steps you can add  to a journey the first one is an action  where you do something like send an  email or add a tag this is when you want  the journey to uh to do something for  the purpose of automation actually doing  something that a human would normally  have to do second there are triggers a  trigger is when you wait for an event to  occur like an email click or an open  this is something where you you you want  to make an automation happen after this  step occurs and then finally there’s a  check checking something like a prospect  field value and so this is a a condition  that creates a split in the journey  based on a fact about that person like  if they are in a certain country or if  there are of certain uh company size and  then you can split the journey and so in  this case uh we are going to uh send  emails to people who recently became  customers and so in this case we want to  send them uh an onboarding email uh  we’ve got a whole bunch here I’m going  to choose onboarding email once and uh  we’re gonna do it after a wait so that  they don’t become customers and then  immediately I get an email from us so in  this case uh let’s wait two days I think  that’s fair they can dip their toes in  the water a little bit as a customer and  then we’ll send them this email and then  going from then we can do things like  add checks to see uh you know we want to  make sure that they open the email uh  which email is it well it’s the one that  we just uh said that that we want to  send them so that would be this one and  we’re going to wait a maximum of three  days for them to read the email and then  as you can see here it creates a split  and so let’s say that you know they  didn’t open the email and so we want to  send them a second one we can go ahead  and grab a second email here uh and then  there we go we’ve got email two and uh  let’s do that after a weight of another  three days right  uh and so as you can see now we’re going  in here and we’re just sort of deciding  and then I can decide what happens if  they do open the email and what if they  open it but they don’t click or they  don’t convert and so you can continue to  Branch this thing out and what’s cool  about Journeys is you can also get the  information as you’re doing it we have  reporting tabs which you can’t see here  because this isn’t a live Journey it  hasn’t done anything yet but once it  does it’ll have stats populated and you  can also do things like click through  and see the actual email so I can see  what I’m sending them and this is a real  email we use when we onboard new  customers and it tells them like hey you  know here’s some webinars you can attend  here’s a beginner’s guide if you’re an  admin here’s some best practices for  using the tool and it’s just got a bunch  of Handy tips to get started and so this  is the sort of email that we would send  to our customers and as you get more in  depth you can eventually build something  like this which is a Evergreen  onboarding Journey that I built earlier  today and we can zoom out here to just  see how um Advanced and sophisticated is  but this is a a journey I made to send a  series of emails to recent customers  um to show as an example today and as  you can see it can get really  complicated and this is all stuff that I  no longer have to do manually which is  pretty darn cool and that’s the power of  Journeys is doing less uh making sure  that things happen at a particular point  in the customer Journey automatically to  the Right audience and all of that is  automated with our tool and I I was able  to build this journey yesterday in about  20 minutes  um and and that from beginning to end  including designing the emails building  the list and all that stuff so that’s  just a snapshot of what you can do with  our tool which I obviously think is the  best in the business and I’m not at all  biased by the way  um and so there you go that’s that’s uh    Insightly marketing Journeys  much Travis  um hopefully we Crush that data point  about marketing uh email Journeys being  difficult but but let’s talk to some  real customers  um and we’ve talked a lot about  marketing automation we’ve looked at  some data you gave us a sneak peek but  we’re going to hear about what it’s like  in the real world now as I mentioned up  top we invited uh Nicole rounds of all  and Dinah rabiella from Stellar Health  if you haven’t heard of Stellar Health  you probably should have it’s rated  number 56 on the Forbes list of top  startup employers and it’s on the New  York digital Health top 100 so seller  health is a healthcare technology  company focused on enabling success  across the value-based healthcare  Continuum by Bridging the incentive gap  between providers and payers  Stellar uses both   Insightly CRM and    Insightly marketing and as I mentioned  we have Dinah she’s the director of  growth operations and she’s going to  talk us through the CRM side and we have  Nicole who is the marketing lead and she  focuses on all things marketing  including   Insightly marketing so Dinah  Nicole I’m going to pass it to you can  you share a little bit about how you use    Insightly CRM and   Insightly marketing  together in your organization yeah of  course and then thank you again for  having us here we’re really excited um  for all of this  um but we actually do have a true sales  and marketing integration and for  instance we get contact data from  campaigns within   Insightly marketing  like form fills asset downloads webinars  kind of you name it and then we push  that contact data out to our sales  within the CRM for follow-up as well we  have a SLA within our sales team that  has um we give them within like a 72  hours to engage within those leads and  contacts that we then get as well I want  to add that marketing automation can be  a pretty powerful tool when combined  with the   Insightly CRM as Nicole  described our marketing and CRM  integration allows our sales team to  really gain those valuable insights into  contact and Prospect behavior and  interest so that leads them to more  effective engagement with leads and  contacts for example as Nicole described  if a contact has received an email  through one of our campaigns and  subsequently visits a landing page or  fills out our website form fill we  receive that notification automatically  and can view all of the emails that  contact has interacted with so this is a  really great tool I think and really  helps us be successful as we’re  targeting certain segments great you  know we’ve we talked Travis showed us  that excellent example of a customer  journey and you kind of alluded to how  you’re using customer Journeys can you  just maybe describe one in a little more  detail one that’s currently in use at  Stellar health yeah so we actually have  a larger campaign that we’ve been  working on since Q4 of last year  um it’s meant to both base around brand  awareness and then also generate  interest to our specific audience which  within Healthcare would be our health  system leaders  um within that Journey before we even  get to it we kind of segment out who  we’re talking to within the audience and  then also really really make targeted  messages to who goes to these  um messages so for one instance um we  are trying to Target like medical  assistance for within the us and we  create a journey within that list that  we upload to   Insightly build out a drip  email campaign and then kind of Let It  Go as what Travis kind of showed the  break-off of it isn’t as intelligent as  that but kind of if someone doesn’t  answer an email what do you do next it’s  kind of you build it and then you don’t  have to think about it on a Tuesday  Morning of like oh shoot I forgot to  email my my list there it’s kind of you  build it super easy and then you press  start and kind of Let It Go  I like how you mentioned segmentation  and emails because obviously those are  big important ingredients here right you  can’t have a great customer Journey if  you don’t have segmentation so that  you’re talking to people and  specifically personalizing messages and  you’re writing great emails to reach  them so  um I appreciate you bringing that up  because it is an important ingredient  um it sounds like you have a few  campaigns running and you pass those  leads to sales can you provide us with  an example of a campaign like how you  Source the data and executed it across  marketing and sales  yeah so we we Source our data kind of on  all fronts of incoming leads from our  website form fills as well as other  platforms such as like Zoom info um but  we also really um house a lot of our  data within in   Insightly so all of our  contacts that we have there  um within our campaigns we then kind of  segment out those contacts of like okay  who do we really want to Target who are  the people that will really have this  message resonate with right so then  segmenting those out and then kind of  pushing it Forward onto  um a journey or campaign that we then  launch  yeah and we feel that segmentation we  have tested this a bit since we started  using Journeys  um and we would just blanket email some  of our our contacts but we find that  segmentation really leads to more  success rates  um and again that that integration with  the CRM is really key for us to be able  to understand what the response is to  this to the drift campaign so it’s been  really successful recently as we’ve  began to segment and as Travis had  described you can either set a static  list or a dynamic list we mostly stick  with static lists so that we can control  who gets each campaign but I can see  sometime in the future as we get even  better at tagging our CRM records our  contact records to have a dynamic  approach to those lists  yeah I appreciate you sharing that  because like that research showed you  know some folks are just using some  aspects of their marketing automation  platform and static versus Dynamic list  is an area of growth for a lot of people  so thanks for sharing that um so you  know once those Journeys are running  it’s great but getting them running you  know it can be a little bit daunting can  you guys talk about your experience I  mean Travis did it for us in just a few  minutes there but you know it can be  difficult to get started as the research  showed  yeah and for Stellar Health you know we  did need some help getting started it  was sort of daunting for us as well we  had a campaign that we wanted to launch  and we definitely leaned on our customer  success team to really help us answer  some questions as we were getting  started I think when you’re dealing with  campaigns and prospectively emailing  some of your external contacts you know  you don’t want to make a mistake there  right you don’t want to accidentally  send out something and have to backtrack  that so we wanted to get it right and  feel really confident about the  execution of the journey so we did have  the support of our customer success team  and we tested it internally as well to  make sure that it was running the way we  wanted it to  yeah it definitely wasn’t like we were  jumping in the pool and starting to swim  laps right like we jumped in with our  floaties we had the instructor there  helping us and then and then we were  able to then take those off and now  we’re now we’re swimming uh 100 meter  laps all the time I love the metaphor  um you had shared with me in our  pre-call some pretty great statistics so  uh before we wrap up can you share some  of those some of the results you’re  getting like before and after yeah so a  lot of our times especially after  segmenting um our emails we were getting  just basic rates um we kind of set our  kpis around 20 open rates 18 click rates  based on like industry averages but now  we’re seeing 30 40 open rates 40 50  click rates so it’s it’s gone up ex  expansion excuse me exponentially and  um we might need to change our kpis it’s  coming soon with Oliver  um with our success on there yeah I  would say the fact that we are  outperforming industry standards is a  really strong indication to us that our  campaigns are resonating and I think  it’s a couple of things not just maybe  just creating the journey right but  thinking about that segmentation piece  of it and early we had that pull of the  success of marketing Automation in  achieving marketing outcomes and I think  there’s a lot of parts to that not just  getting that automation piece right and  like knowing how to do it but also  really tying that to the larger strategy  is very important  um and so with the reporting which is  also part of the marketing platform so  you not just get the ability to create a  journey but also to see how that  performs right how the how many clicks  how many bounces  um and compare that to other campaigns  that you’ve run we can continue to  Monitor and analyze our performance and  really make some adjustments there that  sounds great um so Chip is is me and  Travis’s boss so now I think he’s going  to be upping our kpis after hearing this  story hey Chip Travis any thoughts I  think um Dinah your last point was a  really good one because  you know with marketing automation you  could set it and forget it right if you  wanted to but  most marketers should do that right so  you have the the tracking and the data  inside of the platform to just optimize  and get better and you’re you’re after  you’re increasing your kpis is a great  example of your content being great your  strategy being really really on point  and there’s it’s only up from here  um I think the other point that you made  is just you know Journeys also are often  working across the organization right so  they’re impacting sales they’re  impacting customer success at teams as  well and so you’re partnering with them  and making them you know perfectly on  point and improving over time is really  a huge opportunity Nicole and then  thanks again that was Stellar  um I’ll be the first to use the pun  today anyway so I I think  big takeaways for me are number one just  get started so really just even the best  marketers and teams aren’t using this  technology to its full potential and you  can often just pick two to three  features and get started maybe it’s a  landing page with a form and an auto  response email and a small nurturing  campaign uh which as you saw from Travis  can be quite responsive  it’s great to know that budgets are  growing and more marketers are seeing  the value here for optimization of their  team’s time but also optimization of  their kpis frankly  and really Journeys don’t don’t have to  be difficult you know with the right  tool they can be pretty intuitive to  build as you just saw Travis doing so  uh there we have it Val uh I think that  we’re seeing some questions come in but  uh anything else to talk about there  well yeah let’s give some folks a couple  of minutes to maybe use that q a panel  in the meantime maybe you can give a  short commercial for   Insightly marketing  yeah happy to uh of course so in  slightly marketing uh is our marketing  automation application and it’s designed  to help you build more pipeline for  sales by attracting engaging and help  you drive  high quality leads right to your sales  team and secondly marketing is built on  the same platform as   Insightly CRM  meaning that it’s much easier to align  and cross the entire sales and marketing  funnel  uh and like I said our sales team  depends heavily on all of the things  that we do in marketing to automate that  Journey uh and slightly marketing is a  robust marketing automation platform  comparable to others in the market you  might be familiar with like pardot or  HubSpot and others as well it includes  everything your marketing team needs  including the an intuitive Journey  Builder that you just saw which will  help you read the write-on audiences  with the right message at the right time  uh it also features Advanced features  like a b testing multivariate testing  for more complex testing that you might  want to do  um you know which we didn’t cover but  it’s you know obviously more pretty  important for optimization of your  marketing over time  and you know Travis showed it really  quickly there but you can choose from  great looking easy to build email  templates it’s you know much of it is  drag and drop  uh landing pages work similarly plus  Enterprise grade  dashboards which are really excellent we  use them all the time to help you track  and report on performance  um so I would summarize your marketing  teams appreciate the breadth of features  that we have and then certainly  marketing while sales teams enjoy seeing  the information about the campaigns that  marketing is running and the results  that are coming in from those campaigns  you know we just had a number of updates  to our marketing application so if you  are a current uh user of   Insightly  marketing you might be interested in  this but Travis I’m going to go to you  here so what of these things here what  are you most excited I am very excited  for the top two items here uh UTM  management to track and optimize  marketing campaigns and the redirect  links feature the first one for UTM  management is really exciting because  every marketer knows about utms and  probably uses them and now uh   Insightly  marketing has a really great way of  tracking that back to individual  prospects and it does so in the um by  creating a field history a timeline  basically of all the utms that a certain  Prospect touched which is super useful  if you’re trying to look at attribution  or find out which of your campaigns are  successful and all that stuff there’s  always been ways to do that and inside  sightly marketing but now being able to  use kind of the universal a solution for  the sort of stuff utms and have that  work in product and it really  um just like easy to use and easily  recognizable way is great the second one  for redirect links probably less sexy  than than a UTM uh but it but I really  like it which is um we have a feature  that is super underrated and slightly  marketing if you guys aren’t using a  Nicole you guys might want to which is a  a feature that allows you to give  somebody a link and then in between the  link you you capture their activity and  you pull it into   Insightly marketing and  you can trigger finish actions off of it  and so imagine you send somebody an  email a marketing email and they’re  already a customer and you’re trying to  upsell them something you can use a  redirect link they click on the link and  without having to fill out a form they  get the thing they requested and then  you capture that request and send it to  a sales rep and so it allows you to just  like reduce friction in your guys’s  sales process and not make people fill  out forms and make the barrier of  entries as low as possible and and it’s  really cool for for automation  automation  um even if it’s you know not the the the  coolest uh sounding feature is something  that as a marketing automation nerd I  get really excited about so definitely  those first two and Travis most people  know what utms are but you’re one of the  few people I know that actually knows  specifically the words that are used can  you give it to the audience yeah it’s  urchin tracking module and urchin uh was  a a company that Google acquired who  invented the UTM uh model and and they  kept to the name and so it’s one of  those  um uh you’re one of those uh acronyms  that everybody says all the time but  nobody knows what it means like URL  um you know it was exactly people in the  world you know it yeah yeah thanks for  that marketer uh geek trivia I I dig it  um and uh Val you know I know that you  had a favorite here from the new  features as well I did it’s it’s the  fourth one and I mean we’re all being  nerdy here so I’ll continue it so you  know normally when you send an email you  think you want you press a send button  and you want like all 10 000 of your  messages to go out immediately but if  that message has an offer in it or you  don’t want to overwhelm your uh your  customer support line or your custom  customer service folks you can now batch  out those emails and the interface is so  sleek and it’s so easy to do so you can  say hey instead of sending all 10 000  right now send 1 000 an hour over the  next 10 hours so a simple feature but  really I think can help a lot of  customers yeah I totally agree and  deliverability is super super critical  on being able to you know bash the speed  is is great so let’s move on to our last  slide here and uh you know I’m excited  to announce this hot off the press is a  special incentive program so whether  you’re new to   Insightly or already using  it certainly CRM we have an option for  you to get a full year of inspecting  marketing at 25 off essentially you’re  paying for nine months and a 12-month  contract uh so uh if you weren’t  convinced to do a demo maybe now is  maybe that’s that additional incentive  will get you over  uh the the line and so Val let’s go to  questions yeah let’s do it um so this  one came in it’s the question is how do  you manage email spam filters that will  open emails several times before they  get to a real person  that might be a Travis question yeah so  there are controls in place for this and  this is something I’ve had to deal with  as well you build a journey and you say  all right if somebody opens the email  then take them to this step and then um  you have to deal with the fact that  Google has Bots that opens your emails  for you to check for the for viruses and  that sort of thing  um some of that we have automated  outside of the product so if Google uh  checks an email for a Spam or something  like that using their crawlers those  happen instantaneously and usually they  open the email a bunch of times and  there’s certain ways that we can  identify that they’re not real people  and that we just don’t count them so  there’s there’s that but even if there  are  edge cases where for some reason emails  are getting opened and you guys happen  to know that they’re not real people  there’s controls you can put in place in  your journey to ensure that it doesn’t  move on to the next step the one that I  like to use is I’ll use the um uh the  check of open an email and then  immediately after that the check of  clicked a specific link because  typically crawlers will do one or the  other they’ll either open the email and  scan it or they’ll click it without  opening it which is kind of a weird  thing but they can do that and so if you  put both steps in your journey one after  another you’ll reduce the possibility of  any Bots getting through that do that  and so we’ve used that in the past to  get rid of some of the Bots but it’s  less of a problem now we we added some  features to our product not too long ago  that allowed us to get rid of a lot of  the Bots automatically so hopefully  you’re not seeing it but if you are  there’s tricks you can do to to get  those guys out of there great here’s  another one that came in is there a way  to import MailChimp templates into    Insightly marketing there is not uh  MailChimp is kind of a competitor tune  slightly marketing so it kind of it kind  of makes sense but if you are using  MailChimp and you would prefer to be  using   Insightly marketing I’m sure our  teams would be happy to show you how to  recreate everything you’ve done in  MailChimp and art product  um but yeah MailChimp is a is a for  those who don’t know and an email tool  it’s not a full marketing automation  solution but it does uh do emails quite  well and so um some of our customers use  MailChimp as an as a legacy solution and  many of them uh once once upgrading to    Insightly marketing end up uh sunsetting  their mailchimps accounts and so a lot  of times that requires recreating but  for obvious reasons they aren’t super  incentivized to work with us on getting  their emails over to our platform since  uh we tend to take away a lot of their  business once people grow out of  MailChimp so  yeah I feel like this next question is  kind of a segue from that one but it it  is if I’m just doing email marketing and  it’s on an inexpensive platform why  should I move up to marketing Automation  and I feel like you’ve kind of answered  that a little bit but maybe you and Chip  can both weigh in yeah I guess my uh  answer if I’m being honest with you is  that if if all you need is email you  probably shouldn’t  um it it uh email tools are great and  they’re cheaper than   Insightly marketing  because they do a lot less and some for  some companies that’s fine I would say  that probably eventually you’re going to  outgrow that system as most do and also  maybe maybe you should challenge  yourself a little bit more to to find  some to ways to improve on just doing  email because there’s things like you  know lead scoring and Prospect scoring  and automation  um and list segmentation and form  handlers and all of that fancy stuff  that maybe might be a little bit  daunting um but it it is definitely  worth the squeeze to get into that stuff  and I wouldn’t care urge you to do it  and really the only way to take that  next step is to kind of take a leap of  faith and say look we want to step up  our game we want to be better at doing  this stuff and and then just jump in and  once you’re in the slightly marketing  platform it’s really easy to to learn  that stuff and you know obviously in  small bites you you take uh what you can  when you can but uh yeah if if all you  need is email uh   Insightly marketing is  definitely not the solution for you we  do a lot more than that and email we do  quite well but it’s not all we do and so  um we have plenty of uh of MailChimp  users who are not ready to go they use  this for CRM but they’re not quite ready  to to evolve to   Insightly marketing and  that’s totally fine we’ll be here when  they when it’s time for them to do that  can I just add that Stellar Health has  gone through a lot of organizational  growth through the past couple years and  I believe we’ve been an   Insightly CRM  customer since maybe 20 2019 or 2020. um  I think tools make sense when you’re a  certain size but as your organization  grows you want to reevaluate those tools  and for us using that marketing side of  the CRM is was really made sense for us  and now it’s it’s we’re finding a lot of  value with it so I would say you know if  those tools are working for you at the  present moment but as your organization  grows you might want to evaluate if  you’re already using   Insightly as a CRM  having that integration to the marketing  automation platform we’ll do this one  more  um and and Dina and Nicole can probably  weigh in the question is do I need a  person on the team dedicated to running  the marketing automation platform like  is that a full-time role and I think  that also really depends on the size of  your team definitely  um I can tell you that uh we we  certainly have users who don’t have one  dedicated person as an admin for a  full-time role but it’s definitely  better if you do you can do more with it  if you do I was hired because we  specifically needed an admin for the  tool that we had just built in slightly  marketing we needed somebody to run it  internally and so when I first started  that was my full-time job and now we  have multiple people on the team who  sort of jointly share that  responsibility but it is it is enough  work to where you could certainly give  somebody that full-time job but it does  not require it of you to get a lot of  the tools so it really just depends on  how big your organization is how  ambitious you are about your marketing  automation strategies and how quickly  you want to move  um but yeah it takes all kinds I just  want to add that you know Nicole is our  one-person marketing team I am actually  a one person  in operations  as well and we partner together very  well as far as the CRM and marketing  side I think it depends on the size and  the scope of what you’re using marketing  automation for or your CRM generally we  don’t have a dedicated CRM administrator  I suppose I am de facto  um so I don’t think that you would need  a dedicated person to run these  campaigns unless the size and the scope  of those campaigns are generally you  know very large okay any closing  thoughts from everyone from anyone.


Val: As we  wrap things up I just wanted to say  Nicole and Dinah again thanks so much  for joining us it’s such a great story  and to really appreciate your time thank  you thank you I agree yeah Nicole Dinah  Chip Travis or crack Q and A Team behind  the scenes thanks everyone for being a  part of our webinar today and enjoy the  rest of your Thursday have a great day  everyone  [Music]   

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