Is Marketing Automation Right for Your Business?

New research on how it helps you close more business

Explore new research and see a live journey build

What are the indicators that it’s time to add marketing automation to your tech stack? This is a powerful technology that typically pays for itself over time, but you must have the right plans in place to get the most from it.
This webinar explores new research on the marketing automation challenges and wins that businesses like yours are experiencing today. The data is based on a 2023 survey of B2B marketers using one of the many marketing automation platforms on the market today.
The webinar presenters discuss:
  • When and why marketing automation is a fit
  • What are the most powerful marketing automation features.
  • How marketers are seeing marketing automation in 2023 and beyond
As a special bonus, you will see a live build of an email journey – one feature that was identified in the research as being a pain point for marketers. Email journeys are vital to your organization’s ability to nurture leads hands-free and get them warmed up to eventually become a customers. They can appear to be complex at first glance, so viewing this webinar will show you how easy it can be to create journeys for all of your different types of prospects.
After reviewing the research and seeing the live demo, Insightly customer Stellar Health joins in to discuss how they are using Insightly Marketing along with Insightly CRM to drive awareness of their value-based healthcare platform. They discuss email journeys they have created in order to drive more engagement through their email marketing program. The team will also share their results and how they are engaging significantly more prospects with their list segmentation and journey-building functions.