Make better decisions by visualizing your data

Founder/CEO, Agrando
Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Insightly

The power to get an at-a-glance, visual status of your business and to drive better decisions. That’s what Insightly’s dashboards and reporting offer.

Every business owner wants this information but how many actually have it? You need the right CRM and the right processes in place to get accurate reliable reporting.

See how it’s done!

This webinar feature the advantages of using Insightly dashboards to improve your business performance. Insightly is full of data that holds critical information about the health of your business. You can use Insightly’s dashboards right out of the box to start gleaning insights into your business. Or, you can make them your own with customized views based on the intricacies of your business. This webinar shows you how you can use Insightly dashboards to beautifully visualize that data to gain actionable insights.

During this webinar, we:

  • Step you through some of the best of the 50+ visualization charts available
  • Deep dive into some of the more advanced visualization options
  • Share our favorite tips and tricks
  • Showcase how you can get the most out of our dashboards by sharing them with others

You’ll meet Jonathan Bernwieser, Founder and CEO of Agrando. Agrando is a leading independent digital trading partner serving farmers, retailers and producers. Jonathan’s team uses Insightly CRM daily and the dashboards allow the team to measure business performance, align marketing and sales activities, track and forecast sales, and frame new business development.

Give your business the power of at-a-glance status updates that you can monitor at a moment’s notice. Learn about the power of Insightly dashboards and reporting today in this webinar.

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