Manufacturing + CRM: a path to growth

Watch this webinar from November 3rd, 2022

Webinar: Manufacturing  + CRM

Grow your business with the right CRM

Labor shortages, shrinking margins, fuel costs…manufacturers are feeling the pain. You’ve got to gain efficiency today to sustain your business for the future. Can the right Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) be the answer?

In this live webinar and demonstration, you can see how Insightly CRM is helping manufacturers sell smarter and grow faster.

You’ll learn the ways to customize a CRM to fit your specific business and how typical roles use a CRM – from leadership, to sales, to warehouse and installation. You’ll also see some data on how long it takes manufacturers to typically see ROI on a new CRM.

Whether you are currently using spreadsheets, a home-grown app, or another tool to manage your business, you’ll come away with new insights into your business processes.