Your MarTech Stack in 2024


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If 2023 was all about AI, vendor consolidation, and machine learning, what trends will dominate MarTech in 2024? Watch this panel discussion webinar-on-demand that draws on data from two newly-published research studies.

Big takeaways:

1. You can shift your perception of AI in 2024 (& relax a bit). AI caused a panic in 2023. In 2024, you’ll see that subside. AI is an ingredient, not an entree per Jay Baer. It’s what you DO with AI that makes a difference. We’ll see more apps incorporating AI for you in 2024.

2. Is ‘The Great App Layoff’ over? Maybe. Many businesses shed about 10% of their apps last year in a quick cost-cutting move. Apps that bring true, repeated value to businesses were safe, though and will continue to be.

3. Fewer vendors serving multiple teams is still winning…for now. As buying committees have grown, it’s important for apps to benefit multiple teams.

4. Yes, customer experience will still reign. Businesses consistently rank their customer experience higher than their customers do. There aer important lessons to learn from this phenomenon. Businesses that work on closing this gap are the ones that will win in 2024.

Clip: "Easy" will always win

Companies are quick to say their product or app is ‘easy to use’ but of course it is to them…they built it! In this clip, Jay talks about making stuff truly easy for your customers in order to win in customer experience and beat out competitors.

Transcript: Your MarTech Stack in 2024

Val: Thank you so much for choosing to spend a part of your day with us. Here in the US we are in the cusp of Thanksgiving week so I hope you all are having a nice Friday and some of you are maybe getting ready for the holiday ahead.

My name is Val Riley I’m head of content and digital marketing at Insightly CRM and I’m going to be your host for today’s webinar. For those of you who are Insightly customers thank you so much and I hope there are a few future customers out there as well.

First please say hi to Lindsay Cordell. Lindsay helps bus businesses make go to market simple as an industry analyst and founding partner at GTM Partners she has expertise in all areas of go to market sales operations, CRM, product development, and digital advertising.

Please also say hello to Jay Baer. Jay is a business growth and customer experienced strategist and researcher and author he is a seventh – yes I said – seventh generation entrepreneur author of seven best-selling books and the founder of five multi million dollar companies.

He is also the second most popular Tequila influencer in the world. Jay has advised hundreds of major brands worldwide on how to acquire more customers and how to maintain customer relationships they’ve already earned.

Well after that it’s a little bit hard to introduce anyone else but I’d like you to meet our moderator for today Chip House. Chip is CMO of Insightly (he’s also my boss) He’s responsible for Insightly’s marketing straty messaging content digital marketing and lead generation for the company. He has more than 25 years experience in senior marketing roles at fast growth SaaS companies and he’s led Insightly CRM for marketing at Insightly CRM for two years.

I’m Val you’ve already met me I’m here to ensure we have a smooth show we also had a poll open and I’d like to go ahead and reveal those results. Chip it looks like all of the above because everybody wants those tequila recs!

Chip: I do recommend them because Jay I think even released his own tequila at some point this year so Jay you can talk about that more later but like clearly AI is going to be big this year so well let’s let’s get kicked off. Thanks so much Val. So as Val mentioned we’re we’re hoping to talk about small and midsize businesses today and some great new research that we just conducted but they rely heavily on marketing technology or mtech to enable efficiencies of smaller teams as well as to improve overall marketing performance well what kind of impact can mtech have on midsized businesses also how can marketers overcome challenges by harnessing the power of mtech and so to help you answer this question we worked with a S 2 and we conducted some research called the future of mtech 2024 and we launched that survey in just in September of this year and we’re going to be sharing some of those results in addition to some other research that we’ve done and that GTM Partners has done as well as other data from across the space.

This report titled “The future of martech 24” represents the opin opinions of 310 marketing professionals responding to the survey who represent companies with fewer than 500 employees so MarTech stack really is a pretty significant investment for most marketers this is one of the questions we asked most marketers spend at least 10% of their revenue or of their their spend rather on the marketing stack and many as you can see spend more than 20% of their budget so it is a pretty significant spend and so hopefully there’s going to be some important takeaways for you today.

Let’s look at the agenda so we promised you six takeaways for 2024 so you can start your planning and budgeting to and feeling prepared so let’s launch into this and bring up. My co-panelists here so our first takeaway for 2023 is about of course Ai and so AI caused a panic in 2023 or lots of excitement in addition to panic but if you weren’t prepared it seemed like a panic but we’ll see even more changes in 2024 and so two data points emerged about a AI in this research. You can see we asked which trend will have the most impact and AI artificial intelligence showed up n ber one personalization n ber two data privacy and compliance n ber three so he Jay does this surprise you?

Jay: No I think everybody’s default answer is AI even if they don’t really know what that means or or how it will impact their actual job it’s sort of a a reflex answer because working with a lot of of different brands and also a lot of Professional Services firms on the marketing Consulting side now there’s there’s really only two things that AI can do for you it can either allow you to make more at the current cost or make the same at less cost right that’s the only two options right and so you almost have to kind of through as an organization which of those makes the most sense to you are you trying to increase output or decrease time and cost in order to create the output you already have.

To me AI is a little bit like social media in that it is an ‘ingredient’ it’s not it’s not the ‘entree’ when when Business Leaders say what we need is more AI I kind of laugh at that I’m like to do what exactly like what yes it’s amazing technology and it’s going to get more amazing like granted I’m not anti- AI or I’m not bullish on it I am but but I think we got to be really careful that we don’t just say bring me some of that AI like it’s it’s just it’s such a such an abstract concept right just be like give me artificial intelligence I don’t know Lindsay what do you think?

Lindsay: I apologize for my voice everybody the AI in particular is interesting because people are need ways of scaling labor continues to be very expensive and that’s where these companies are really leaning in to the opportunity of scaling in a much bigger way we know how important personalization is we also know that very expensive to do it without the machine supporting us so AIs are going to be that scaling machine that helps you take your already fantastic Concepts to the next level if you’re starting without a fantastic concept it’s not going to deliver it to you it is going to create some pretty interesting garbage that you definitely should not Market with well yeah and see now is a lot of Brands big companies in particular because as I think we’ve all heard or experienced ourselves AI can hallucinate AI can give you information that is absolutely incorrect dangerously wrong right.

A lot of big Brands Apple Samsung, Spotify, Bank of America, etc. have flat out banned the use of AI in their in their Workforce because they’re concerned about accidentally leaking corporate Secrets giving a cons er something that’s that’s incorrect and somehow harmful and and to me that’s going to be really interesting over the next say six months to sort of see how how that shakes out a lot of smart people are working on this idea of kind of AI with guard rails right so so AI with a with a dull knife and and so it’ll be interesting to see what implications are that

Chip: Jay when we were talking before you referred to AI as an ingredient not an entree and I I kind of I loved that. Val can we can we bring up the the slide to look at just how people expect the role of AI in marketing technology to evolve in the future so one of the the top things that came out was improved content personalization and so super important right I mean I think we all know that that cons ers prefer a hyper-personalized experience because it speaks to relevancy it speaks for respect for time and and as Lindsay so adroitly pointed out like personalization can be expensive and time cons ing and hard and AI can certainly help with that and you can see it’s the the n ber one expectation amongst survey participants is that AI will help with content personalization content generation makes sense to me too right because it’s like give me a blog post click done that that kind of thing and then some of these other use cases I I find pretty interesting as well customer segmentation right that’s a the last one on the list so that’s a very specific use case but I think it’s really interesting to consider how AI can make that easier for sure and I think a lot has been talked about with AI like for blog posts or web content specifically especially if you’re trying to appeal to Google you have to think about the eat acronym and just the fact that you are trying to write content that shows you have expertise in a certain topic correct yeah and and people get wrapped around the axle a lot about hey can we actually compete in an SEO world when all this content can be created so quickly by AI tools and what I like to argue is that AI doesn’t stand for artificial intellig Ence and stands for average information and and consequently like if the problem is not that that AI can do what marketers can do the problem is that most marketers are only doing stuff that’s as good as AI can do so if you want to outperform AI in search or in any context do better work right like like create interesting Dynamic creative strategic content that that a I can’t match I think look I’m just going to be honest about this there’s so much mediocre content created by h an beings and of course that’s going to be disintermediated by robots of course and it should right so I’ve been telling people for the last few months like make less stuff but make stuff better that’s that’s the secret if you ask me I I love it so much Jay I knew that you would come up with another great quotable quote and so with with that I want to make sure since we’re trying to Target 40 45 minutes here today today let’s move on to point n ber two and get your impressions about that so our business is done shedding SAS 2023 was coined the great app layoff by saster where 10% or more of many org’s app stack was cut and we have a quote from saster that reads everyone around the table just cut apps from each department not all of them but in many cases the n ber of apps Shunk by about 10% or so and for the rest the it or Finance departments tried to manage costs down right so we’re sort of in this area of martech efficiency and we expect the some of that to continue in 2024 but do we think it’s over or not so according to a report from G2 buyer behavior in the SAS paace has shifted and we have this great data from Lindsay ar Marge Simpson today Lindsay can you talk us through through this data try so the one of the most interesting things about this buyers’s Market is that I think there’s a misconception that people aren’t buying what people are they’re reticent to buy because they’re being held accountable to usage in a completely new way by their organizations and so what people are buying is things that are easy to implements that have quick Roi that can scale with the team and that aren’t going to be a headache that they’re going to have to defend in next year’s budget meetings so what’s really important for the people developing software right now is that they need to be focused on creating software that does have high usability they are focused on touting the adoption of their current customers you need to be focused on continuing driving adoption in their current customers because that’s where people are shopping and that’s where we’re going to win to be clear we have not seen intent decline at all on G2 it is higher every year and while G2 is continuing to be pretty popular and increasing their base the fact that we’re not seeing drop offs in intent interest we’re seeing new categories get developed monthly there are still shoppers out there who just being held to a standard internally that’s impacting the decisions they’re making at the buying time yeah there’s an element here that I thought was really interesting there because you highlight risk reduction right so in in in a time where people are trying to be just more efficient with their spend I I heard the term fear of effing up recently as a as a a strong impactor of buyers out there right they’re just afraid to make a mistake right and so that risk is really important to them but Jay what are your thoughts when you look at this well especially in an uncertain economy and there’s a lot of crazy stuff going on in the world I think the tendency is to is to shed yourself but you got to make got to make sure that you’re not shed shedding the bed as well because yes I think we are exiting an era where we looked at sort of SAS ownership as the goal like look at how many things we acquired we we’ve got this amazing Tech stack would say like look at the size of our Tech stack right like like it’s the size of a house or an RV or something right like I don’t know that that’s necessarily A a badge of honor to have more software but that’s why this this kind of pivot as Lindsay pointed out to to usage right it’s not about what you own it’s about what do you use as probably it always should have been but it wasn’t we got a little over our skis I think a little bit there so I love seeing that first one right that that the primary consideration or the first consideration is ease of implementation now again ease of implementation doesn’t have Net Present Value either it’s only because if it’s easier to implement you can spin it up faster and pres ably you will use it faster and more often and more consistently so I think everybody’s instincts are actually pretty sound here it’s like hey let’s figure out what is integral to the business like CRM right that’s not one that you’re going to be like well we just don’t need a CRM anymore it’s so fundamental like the nerve center of the whole operation so I think that’s the thing start to see some of these Point Solutions which do a tiny thing that maybe you don’t need to do that often in your business I think that’s kind of a tough road to hope for those kind of companies makes good sense what one of the things I love about this G2 research is it’s all driven by customers right and I I I know at GTM Partners you get a lot of your data in that way Lindsay and it was really interesting to me that time to Roi showed up as a heavily driving Factor now for where people are spending their money and I know that we did a study with you or you rather you did a study on the ROI of Insightly this s mer do do you can you comment on that really quickly yeah absolutely so we love working with partner vendors and SAS and Sly is one of them but we’re not just going to trust you when you tell us your customers love us so we look in the backend data of G2 so these are not handpicked customers that you gave to us to understand their experience and value these are all of your customers that have gone on G2 taken the time and have answered specific questions about their experience and we love seeing a go livetime I was a head of revops and have installed Salesforce five times now and I can’t even imagine a CRM go live of 1.1 months so so it’s really impressive to see this type of Roi and go live and just I love that customers are really pushing their technology partners that we can’t get away with 12 month installs anymore business moves too quickly the need is too great if you’re in a buying cycle so it’s really impressive what you and the team have done and you guys should be very proud thank you Lindsay and I know you have some more data on the next slide to to talk to I do if you guys can Baer to hear me talk so bad no you’re doing great you’re doing great kind so when it comes to what people are focused on in growth an interesting total relevant Market is continuing people are trying to figure out where to spend money where to draw the where to draw their Market Potential from so we love that that continues to be a focus bring in demand also continues to be a focus however I think one of the things that’s most interesting if we look at the growth in Revenue operations over the past two years has continued to be extremely high and the other area of great interest to us is that the pipeline velocity continues to be of interest but it’s starting to to tick down but it’s a major issue that’s still occurring so I’m very excited to get our 23 2023 data set from G2 because it’s been a wild year in terms of adoption and usage but as I said before adoption and usage is higher today than it was in 2022 versus 21 and 20 so technology is not going anywhere so while people are selecting their vendors and their Partners more carefully I don’t know that the shedding of sass is going to be a long-term plan given how much buyer we’re observing makes sense so I mean there’s in general there’s pressure to have fewer vendors I mean that’s one of the things that emerges from this and also from the research we looked at Integrations and we asked about that and so this the chart on the next slide here you can see that 88% say that their Integrations are very very important to their business strongly agree or at least somewhat agree that the Integrations are really really important so if you’re willing to have one platform for multiple uses it truly just has to be effective meaning that an app rollup via acquisition where there’s all different data sets really isn’t the same as a modern platform designed to work together from the ground up with the same database sort of the same view of the customer if you will and some businesses are willing to give up functionality to have functionality to have one platform across all functions it puts them in a better position to negotiate deals payment plans with one vendor versus many right I mean so that just makes it easier probably easier on your CFO as weather or or as well Jay you we talked about this I thought it was funny you said you’ve seen this movie before yeah I I feel like this is a a cyclical business premise where we go into a period of I don’t know Lindsay’s probably get a better handle on than I do I don’t know three to five year cycle Maybe where it’s like okay the best way to run your marketing is to have sort of this super app that does all the things right and we’re only paying for one company but it does everything we got one login we got one contract and then people say actually it’s impossible to be best breed at everything inside one piece of software so maybe we should decouple all of that and and have five different licenses doing five different things instead of one license doing five things things and then people do that for a while and they’re like boy this is sure hassle to have so many vendors and different contracts for SAS and we got to learn different uxs and uis let’s just go back to having won right and I feel like we just go back and forth back and forth back and forth o over time and maybe it’s because I’m old now I just that’s why I say I like I feel like I’ve seen this movie before and it’s the same movie that actually happens on the services side too right there’s always this like Push Pull between you should have one marketing Services firm doing everything or you need to have SEO firm and a Content firm and a social firm right and a copywriting firm and a video firm or one that does everything right it’s the same kind of back and forth so I I I suspect well actually I don’t know I don’t know with with with AI I I like the idea where AI isn’t necessarily a bunch of different nodes it’s baked into all the different software itself right so maybe that means that that it makes more sense to have sort of one super app but I don’t know it’s probably depends on the CMO and what they think too Lindsay what do you say yeah I mean the way I look at it is if you are coming to the table with a need for your business that’s very clear and you can say I can hire a $70,000 resource or I can buy an $8,000 app what do you think they’re gonna do so as long as you can prove the need if there’s a specialized app that supports that need they’re going to go for the cheaper option so it’s a little bit of a pipe dream this idea of one contract will reduce our Tech Bend if you need to hire people to replace what that app can do then that’s going to cost you way more money so that’s a really at the end of the day I think the push towards defining your need in a very explicit way so the business can understand it and really calculate the ROI that’s what needs to happen and if it is one big app that can do it all great that’s amazing if it’s 10 apps because your business has specific needs that are niche in the way it behaves then that’s great too as long as you’re not hiring h an resources to do what technology can because the risk there is is that two years from now you’re laying off those resources because the business got too expensive to support how much revenue you actually generate so I think it always comes down to money I just don’t think it has anything to do with the n ber of contracts that the finance team has to field this year or next right but in many ways winning apps will be able to impact multiple teams right and that seems to be also emerging from the research as being sort of a consistent Point so let’s make sure we move on here because I I want to make sure that we get to all six points here and but you can see see see there in the research that it is important that the apps that are getting chosen do provide value for multiple teams but I’m I’m a little bit with UJ though it’s like not all movies age with time right so they’re often worse the second time around I just watched the original Halloween and it was nowhere near as good as it was when I was 12 years old yeah anyway yeah and some movies now are problematic too right you watch like Revenge of the Nerds you’re like oh my that is not okay to say anymore just a little cringe times are times are changing okay so that’s a good SE to talking about people and just to make sure everyone out there is still awake let’s do a quick question to the group drop a n ber in the chat if all of you will for how many you people or ex excuse me how many people you think are in a typical buying Committee in a B2B setting in 2023 and I’ll just pause for a second while people plop that in so how many people do you think sales people are trying to impact in a B2B sale some good answers 3 2 5 10 and there’s different research out here I’ve seen Forester I’ve seen but according to G2 it’s growing in 2021 the average size was 6.8 people and in 2022 it was 7.1 so it’s actually gone up and let’s get into those dreaded buying committees that popped up with the vengance Vengeance in the last couple of years as indicated by this graph Rising costs and staying within budget will continue to be a top concern so in 2024 a good way to ensure your apps make it into the budget is is to show value for multiple teams like we like we talked about and being able to drisk it so but if you’ve got multiple teams who are going to benefit from it each of those teams wants to have a seat in the meeting right so it ipso facto cat the size of the buying committee what’s interesting is a lot of apps are creating I mean there’s a lot of what happens inside of Marketing Solutions that can benefit a CS team or it can benefit a sales team what’s different this year compared to years past is that if there is a benefit to another team instead of it just being a note of like oh yeah that’s cool if I ever want to you do that one day as a CST team marketing I might use this tool one day you are blessed you may buy this solution now when that solution is being purchased the CFO is demanding look if it has functionality for CS you’ve got to use it CS I’m going to hold you accountable to that so it’s completely changed the dynamic of what we used to refer to as the appro in the buying committee they weren’t like an active participant in the sales cycle they just needed to Greenlight it in the event that they weren’t also trying to buy a competing piece of software but in this day and age the expectation is is there are no approvers if there is CS Tech infused in the CRM purchase you’re making then C the Cs team has to change the way they work they have to adopt the new technology it has to be a goto Market decision and so that’s what’s really changed and what’s elongating a lot of sales Cycles is the fact that we’re expected to use all pieces of the software these days and CFOs won’t say yes unless the entire buying committee agrees to participate so I don’t know if any of you all are experiencing that right now but that’s a lot of what our customers and our research is telling us makes sense Jay you talked about like the riches and the niches are maybe becoming less relevant do you want to talk more about that yeah I mean there there’s always been this notion that that you can make a super finely tuned piece of software that s that serves a very specific function or maybe even a less specific function but a very specific industry and I feel like that’s a trickier position especially in an uncertain economy partially because it it it isn’t dris right A lot of times those are are so Niche and so specialty there isn’t a ton of customer feedback present and so you’re sort of taking a a wish on making sure that that software is going to do what it says it does and and look when when people are not super confident in budgets they just take fewer chances I mean it’s it’s sealed nobody gets fired for hiring IBM idea right so there there are definitely riches in the niches but you’ve got to be better than ever I think as a software company at explaining to people why that Niche is right for the buyer right like like okay we we built this just for your exact use case because I don’t think they’ll take it on face value right now yeah I totally agreed and I want to make sure that we can take that thought and move to the next one because the other thing that’s emerging is apps that are actually improving the customer experience seemed to be winning based on the the research and this in this situation we’re quoting from some other research we did with Ascend to earlier last year and it it it basically says that those organizations with the best customer experiences are two and a half times more likely to report significant growth than all others but we have some other data that you shared Lindsay that shows there’s actually a dip in customer satis satisfaction and experience can you talk more to that yeah so what we’re seeing here is that customer satisfaction is greatly connected to our ability to retain these customers doesn’t seem crazy does it but it’s interesting because that UI people are less likely to fight software today and I don’t know if it’s just as gen Z whose experience much of their use of Technology through their phones and through apps and through ease of use and through Simplicity have a higher expectation but people are not sitting there going through web going through help articles to try and figure out how to use their CRM anymore they’re calling somebody or they’re just not using it and so it’s really imperative that as we look at the customer satisfaction index and as we see this improve over time the more relying on technology we became after Co the higher our expectations became on that technology supporting us and supporting us without us having to take eight trail head courses in order for us to use a piece of technology so it’s really critical that this be infused in the work that you’re doing today yeah Jay you had a quote from a book you wrote called hug your haters show show that 80% of companies say they deliver outstanding customer service but only 8% of their customers agree what do you think about that same is still true now sadly that was Gartner’s research initially and I think the acsi kind of shows it here businesses always especially software companies always think that their stuff is easier to use than it is because they know where all the buttons go because they built it right like like of course of course it’s easy for you you in this tool all day and or you designed this tool so shocking that you think well all you got to do is know that this pull down menu does this other pull down menu it’s like bro nobody’s gonna figure that out other than you and you work here so I think that’s the fundamental issue but I love that that customers are now saying in all these different research studies hey this matters to us because I got to tell you when we’re coming out of a period covid where everything was hard the one thing we can all agree on is now we want easy and the easiest business will win it doesn’t matter if it’s software or you’re selling trucks or rutabagas or whatever it doesn’t matter the easiest business will win eventually look at music okay Spotify sounds like crap it’s terrible it’s way worse than CDs it’s way worse than records it’s way worse than cassette that’s it’s probably worse than eight TRX but it’s globally dominant because it’s the easiest like easy will always win eventually and it wins faster in an era where people are just sick and tired of being sick and tired so I think software companies need to really lean into ease of use even if they got to strip out some lesser use features because I think it’s a net positive and I got to tell you just unsolicited commercial this is why I use insight every single day because for me it’s the easiest to use and if I can save 10 seconds every time I put in a record into my CRM over the course of a year that’s real money that’s real money real savings so I I love this trend as a CX professional and I hope it continues yeah our our CEO singer has the best quote I feel like make it don’t make your customers burn earn calories to get something done and I just think that that’s such a good perspective to have is if you are making your customers have to really think to accomplish a task they get exhausted at the end of the day take the decision fatigue from them and they will thank you and they will be committed to you as a partner and so always think that am I burn am I forcing my customers to burn calories to get this thing done and if the answer that is yes try harder make it easier for them they will thank you thank you through R and through price and through speed to purchase and all the things that matter most today that’s a great segue Lindsay be be to the last and final Point here is just the the benefit by treating your customers well and making it easy for them which is why in the CX space there’s a scoring methodology called the customer effort score right because simply making it easier makes it better on your customers and their more likely to refer you and recommend you to Via word of mouth and Jay you’ve written a ton about this right you’re seeing data here from customer referrals former users Partners but what what’s your thought about this this current data I mean it’s it’s not surprising at all is it I I said this the other day in a presentation on stage that because of the way AI is going to change how people access information and how they search for information I believe that everybody’s website will become steadily less important from this day forward your website will be less important tomorrow than it is today and less important the day after that what will become more important every day for the rest of Eternity is word of mouth because the one thing that AI can’t disrupt is honest h an recommendations and referrals it can’t fake that your customer is going out of their way to say what you should buy Insightly because Jay says it’s the easiest to use and saves him time you you can’t fake that you can’t robot that and and the challenge is that most businesses either don’t put sufficient emphasis on Word of Mouth and referrals or they believe that referrals will come slick strictly because they do a good job and and that’s not how referrals work right you have to have a story to tell that’s beyond just hey I paid for software and it was pretty good it did exactly what I thought that’s not a story no one’s going to go out of their way to tell that right so there’s got to be something that happens that’s outside the frame of reference frame of expertise frame of expectation that’s what the story becomes and and that is that is you can do all of that proactively you just have to understand its importance inside your organization and then build a program that actually creates a disproportionate n ber of honest referrals from your customers I love that perspective Jay so we preach this a lot obviously I spend a lot of time in G2 data and I can tell as an analyst when companies have taught their customers how to talk about the value they experienced versus customers that are just letting their customers figure it out on their own and so if you’re not helping your customers understand your value because you’re the expert in your value they are not they’re just your users so if you can help them understand it they will talk about it they’ll talk about it in a meaningful way that’s helpful to other Shoppers if you just let them go and just ask them to do it without any guidance you’re going to get watered down responses that are in categories that maybe don’t quite match who you are and it’s very clear in the data the companies that are winning at helping their customers see value and the custom and the CL cents out there that are making their customers burn calories to talk about them so help your customers help you create programming that can support this motion they want to do it they’re spending their time help them do it well so that you’re both benefited from that time and effort and Lindsay didn’t you say that that those leads that come from a customer referral closes like way faster like there’s actually I mean I’ve got date on this in my books but not like you have for B2B that like it actually has like a material Financial impact it does like there are some companies it kind of varies from company to company but there are some companies saying that closed 50 to 70% faster we’ve got some customers that tell us that they’re 3x more likely to close a deal from a previous buyer versus someone who’s cold off the street yeah and when we look at the partner results in a recent study that we’ve launched on Partner leg growth we’re seeing higher opportunity win rate for cut for customer sourced opportunities and influenced so even if your partner is just handing off an opportunity it’s closing half as it’s closing 50% faster if they are generating the opportunity it’s closing twice as fast and in this day and age with the sales velocity being where it is for a lot of companies that’s just emot that we can’t afford to ignore anymore so definitely check out that research on Partner Le growth from go market Partners it’s going to be really eye openening in the value Partnerships I’ll drop the link in a minute so yeah thank that’s awesome well Lindsay and Jay thank you so much that was awesome really appreciated your thoughts I think let’s pass it back to Val and we’ll see if there’s any other questions but help us Val help us wrap up yeah sure so I’m gonna give a quick commercial for Insightly and but on the other side we’re going to hear I think Jay’s going to give us one or two tequila recommendations and I think everyone’s stick around to see if Lindsay’s voice actually does hold out so anyway but Insightly is the modern scalable CRM that we like to say that teams love it it’s super easy to adopt customizable integrates with every other application to run your business and we hear from customers as that Roi study showed that they’re fully up and running within sightly within weeks and growing 3x Revenue we also hear that they’re significantly able to improve key sales metrics increase pipeline velocity deal size and deal predictability they also love how customizable those dashboards are they can report more easily share company performance with leadership in a way that’s consistent to understand and easy to interpret they’re reducing errors and improving efficiency with some workflow automations it’s very customizable platform so with that I will pass it back and see if we can get those tequila recommendations and by the way I think it’s Marge Simpson’s sister that has the voice not March Simpson so we’ll see yes that’s true I think that’s that’s accurate I actually just put out a video on my Instagram Channel my te Instagram I’ll put in the chat it’s Instagram .com tequila J Baer on six reposados for Thanksgiving turkey and all the kind of Thanksgiving Foods actually pair terrifically with tequila so I would if you can grab one I really really like the brand casanes it’s delicious I’ll put that in the chat as well they have a n ber seven Reposado which I absolutely highly recommend another brand that you can find fairly consistently now because their distribution is growing big recommendation for me is tequila oo OC C ho o their 2023 Blanco is they do it annual almost like wine 2023 2022 2021 the 2023 Blanco is spectacular and it’s like 40 bucks or something so pretty reasonable so there you go there’s two great stuff I like I like like them all Chip any closing thoughts tequila out my throat J question no it’s not gonna hurt your throat I can it won’t hurt I can’t promise you it’s gonna help but definitely can make it worse well yeah thank you thank you so much I mean where can you talk about mtek and The Simpsons and Tequila all of the same spot and we have the answer for you today so glad you all showed up like I’ll leave it to you Val to let wrap up nope I appreciate everyone joining us today and enjoy the rest of your Friday thanks so much everyone bye

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