How do organizations derive value from their CRM investment?

GTM Partners, an independent go-to-market analyst firm explored this question in an ROI study of Insightly CRM. Exclusively using data from reviews written by actual Insightly customers, GTM Partners analyzed the data to focus on the top use cases for CRM and how Insightly performs for those use cases.

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Insightly outperforms the two major competitors in the CRM space in two key metrics: 1) Faster Go Live Time and 2) Lower Perceived Price. This results in a significantly shorter time to ROI – as little as half of major competitors. View the details of this analysis in the report.

Also in the report, you can explore common CRM use cases, including Sales Pipeline Management, Workflow Automation, Customization, and Team Unification, and how the analysts perceive Insightly CRM solves for them.

Insightly CRM - A Go-to-Market Perspective

Customer Use Cases & Value Definition

In reviewing feedback from hundreds of users, we have determined that Insightly’s primary value propositions are widely experienced by their customers.

Customers tell us that Insightly:

  • Is easier to use than other CRMs
  • Molds to your business
  • Is the best CRM for project delivery
  • Doesn’t require admins or IT
  • Makes the reporting process simple
  • AppConnect (Insightly’s no code/low code integration tool) easily connects CRM with your business tech stack
  • Enables better customer relationships & improves productivity

Manage your sales pipeline – If you need an easy to implement and scale CRM, modern CRMs like Insightly help sales teams more efficiently manage their lead and opportunity pipelines, improving lead qualification & routing, deal visibility, deal velocity, and accurate forecasting.

Automate workflows & project delivery – Automation decreases errors, eliminates paperwork, and keeps teams focused on selling. Having a CRM with built-in project management helps deliver on time and keeps the tech stack manageable.

Molds to your business – Legacy CRMs force you to do business their way, modern CRMs mold to the way your business runs. Removing the need for IT & admins lowers the total cost of ownership and speeds up user adoption and time-to-value.

Unify Go-to-Market teams – Having CRM, marketing automation, and customer service on the same platform and dataset, plus easy integration across the tech stack ensures GTM teams stay connected.

Insightly’s ROI

Compared to the CRM market leaders, customers tell us that Insightly offers friendly contract terms, faster go-live, and quicker payback

Customer quotes:

“Everything you need in a CRM is all here”

“Insightly CRM revolutionized how we manage clients & streamlined our process”

“Much lighter to use than competitors but still packed with features”

“As a CRM expert who helps clients implement CRM systems, Insightly is my go-to”

“So easy a beginner can use, yet the software has features even a data nerd appreciates”

“Makes it easier for us to deliver great customer experiences in a way other CRMs just can’t”

Revenue Outcomes with Insightly

Insightly customers report improved growth rates compared to prior approach to CRM

242% Growth in Revenue – Sport Court LV

360% Growth of installations in 3 months – Better Earth Solar

6,000 – New customers onboarded using project pipelines – We Got POP

* Quotes and stats are from our research, customer interviews and reviews submitted through

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More on GTM Perspectives

GTM Perspectives are third-party validated assessments of Go-to-Market Vendor Solutions that are primarily focused on how to get the most out of an investment in technology. Centered around use cases (as opposed to vendor stack ranking), these guides are intended to provide readers with a data-driven analysis of what problems the solution is intended to solve and how well it delivers on those promises. Perspectives are developed in three stages. First, we will work with the vendor to learn about their capabilities. The vendor must respond to a use-case-driven market survey, provide a demo and give us insight into their roadmap. Next, we analyze G2 data to understand how the market at large is using the solution and what they find to be most valuable. We also review feedback on the entire segment to understand how that vendor performs against its competitors or similar solutions in the use cases specified. Finally, we speak with three customers to better understand their primary use cases, get an understanding of any additional investment outside of the cost of the solution and confirm any need for additional investment in companion solutions required for the use cases to be performed. GTM Perspectives are developed at the request of our Vendor Partners, who provide us access to their customers and support our understanding of the solution we are validating. GTM Vendor Partners are held at an arm’s length during the development of the perspective to ensure we produce an unbiased, data- driven review.

GTM Partners is committed to improving the lives of Go-to-Market teams through the development of frameworks, guides, tools, and perspectives.

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