Streamline business processes with automation

Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Insightly

If only you could spend all of your time on your business. Sadly, there is the business about your business – tedious tasks, time-consuming duties – that take up your day and keep you from focusing on and growing your organization.


You need to automate to save

In this webinar, we feature the advantages of adding workflow automation to scale your business. You’ll learn how simple it is to create curated workflows that drive visibility across teams and generate consistent, repeatable, error-free processes. What’s amazing about workflow automation is how easy it is to set up and how reliable it is after that. Just set-it-and-forget-it, and stop worrying if your team is remembering to follow-though. You’ve got built-in reminders to ensure they stay on task.

In some ways, the workflow automation feature is like adding an administrative team member to your organization, only it’s built right in to the CRM you’re already paying for.

Don’t just take it from us (although the Insightly team uses workflow automation in Insightly every day!). We’ll take it from the theoretical to the practical in the webinar. Join in as we showcase examples of real-world scenarios of workflow automations that have helped customers.

Meet Jennifer Nietz of COACT. They are a full service business growth firm for inside sales, lead generation, marketing strategy, sales processes and training based in Ohio. You’ll see how they are using workflow automation to improve business processes, track and approve leads for clients and create velocity across their marketing agency business.

This webinar is full of examples that will illustrate how workflow automations cab boost productivity. You’ll also see demonstrations of how to seamlessly integrate with third party tools using Insightly automations.

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