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Why choose Insightly over HubSpot?

  • Seamless integrations

    Insightly integrates with hundreds of the apps and platforms you’re already using without a single line of code. HubSpot is a closed system designed to upsell you to other HubSpot tools rather than integrate with what you already have.

  • Easy reporting

    Building reports in HubSpot can be a challenge, so you may need to have some expertise on your team or hire an external integrator to get the most from the system. Insightly’s reporting tools are intuitive and simple.

  • CRM first

    HubSpot started as a marketing platform and then moved into the CRM space. Insightly was built from the ground up as a CRM platform designed for sales leaders.

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G2 Rating
TrustRadius Rating
Best Feature (Per TrustRadius)
Customer Data Management
Customer Data Management
Best Feature (per G2)
Contact & Account Management
Email Marketing


Project Management
Service Management
Additional Fee
Additional fee
Task and Event Management
Contact & Account Management
Opportunity & Pipeline Management


Marketing Automation
Additional fee
Additional fee
Workflow Automations
Available for all levels
Enterprise-level only
Dynamic Page Layout Rules
Available for Enterprise
Dashboard Views
Configurable Profiles & Page Layouts
Enterprise-level only
Role-based Permissions
1-click, no code


Mobile App
Business Card Scanner
Available for all levels


$0-$99 Per user, per month
$0-$120 Per User, per month
Free Trial
Yes, limited
Yes, limited

Why Sales Leaders Choose Insightly

Successful Sales Leaders Choose Insightly

Get complete visibility of your entire sales pipeline as soon as you start

1. Fastest & easiest set-up

Get complete visibility of your entire sales pipeline as soon as you start

  • Onboard instantly. Seamless out-of-the-box set-up and syncing. Get up and running immediately. No hassle or hidden costs.

2. Grow high quality pipeline

Automation that convert leads into deals with ease

  • Automatically create tasks and events to pipeline stages. Include automated “Probability of Winning.” Track changes with reporting and deliver Smart Alerts.

Automation that convert leads into deals with ease

See, manage, and optimize on the metrics that matter most

3. Dashboards & analytics

See, manage, and optimize on the metrics that matter most

  • Accurate and insightful metrics. Analyze, visualize, and share insights about prospects to focus on what’s working best. Includes 40 different chart types and drag-and-drop configurable layouts.

  • Schedule reports to run at any time and have the results emailed to the right people.

Switching from HubSpot to Insightly is easy

Afraid to switch CRMs? It’s easier than you think.

The Insightly team will guide you through 5 simple steps.

You’ll assess your CRM needs, clean and structure your data, define roles & permissions, migrate your data, and review. That’s it!

More than 25,000 companies rely on Insightly to sell smarter and
grow faster.

See why sales leaders choose Insightly

4.2 (707 reviews)

See how Insightly can align your teams and deliver better customer experiences.

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Best HubSpot Alternative in 2024

What is the best HubSpot alternative for my business?

CRM and marketing automation go together like peanut butter and jelly or peas and carrots. Each is good, but together they are great.

HubSpot emerged in the 2000s as a marketing automation platform with a seemingly attractive set of features. It quickly became a strong tech platform contender for marketing teams. Later, it added a rudimentary CRM to complement the marketing automation features but continued to innovate on the marketing side. 

The opposite is true for Insightly. Insightly started in 2011 as a CRM that was tightly coupled with Google Workspace. It was quickly embraced by sales teams looking for a powerful tool to manage their businesses – contacts, leads, sales, and projects. When customers asked for a marketing automation tool on the same platform, Insightly Marketing was born. 

So both offer CRM + marketing automation, but one stands out for other reasons – and that one is Insightly. Let’s dig into why.

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Insightly platform vs. HubSpot platform

Insightly and HubSpot are both prominent CRM + marketing automation platforms designed to drive leads, enhance customer interactions, and streamline business processes. While they share the common goal of serving growing businesses, each platform has its own unique features and strengths.

HubSpot is generally considered a ‘closed’ system, meaning that the platform is designed for you to use all of it – CRM, marketing automation, social posting, website management, etc. While this can seem fine for a while, once your business begins to outgrow HubSpot, you’ll be faced with some difficult decisions. 

For example, let’s say that your social media game is strong, and you want to start using HootSuite for posting. Or, you decide you want more from your website, and you move to WordPress. You’ll continue to pay for these features under HubSpot, and you’ll need to set up integrations to manage them. HubSpot works best and provides the most value when your business is contained within it. 

Insightly, on the other hand, is an open system that is ideal for growing businesses. You can choose whatever applications you want and use AppConnect from Insightly to connect them to your CRM. With pre-built connectors to more than 1,000 applications, you’re sure to find the connector you need with Insightly and AppConnect. Apps for HR, marketing, IT, finance, DevOps, and more can all be connected to Insightly CRM using AppConnect. Rather than limit your business to get the most value as HubSpot does, Insightly wants to give you the tools that you need to grow. 

While both platforms are built to be customized, Insightly has the ability to customize fields, pipelines, reports, objects, dashboards, and more, all without having to hire expensive integrators or developers. This is a big advantage over HubSpot which is most powerful and economical when used out of the box.

Pricing is another area to consider. A recent independent analysis of Insightly vs. HubSpot showed that Insightly had a faster go-live time (1.1. months vs. 2.1 months) and a faster time to ROI (9 months vs. 13.8 months) over HubSpot. 

Benefits of Insightly CRM

Insightly was a CRM first, so the focus of the business is on helping sales teams and business leaders get the most from the application. Known for being intuitive and easy to use, Insightly is a strong choice for businesses in a variety of industries – professional services, manufacturing, eCommerce, agencies, insurance, finance, consulting, and more. The platform offers a user-friendly UI with a focus on contact management. All of the expected features in a CRM – pipeline management, lead management, opportunity management, quoting, emails, reporting, and more  – are all robust. And, as mentioned above, integrations via AppConnect are a breeze.

An additional feature of Insightly is project management capabilities that can be used to automate and track post-sale project delivery. Using the familiar pipeline-interface from the sales process, you can effectively manage your projects through delivery in Insightly CRM. With HubSpot, you have access to these tools as well, but the project management functions are much more powerful in Insightly CRM. 

How to choose Insightly vs. HubSpot

In comparing Insightly with HubSpot, the choice depends on the specific needs and scale of the business. Insightly is a solid choice for growing businesses seeking a user-friendly and powerful CRM with robust project management features built in. HubSpot, with its suite of tools, is ideal for small businesses looking for an all-in-one platform to manage the entire customer lifecycle.

If a business prioritizes simplicity and a focus on CRM and project management, Insightly may be the preferred choice. On the other hand, organizations looking for marketing tools first may find HubSpot to be a more comprehensive solution. Ultimately, businesses should assess their specific requirements and goals to determine which CRM aligns best with their overall strategy.