Email Management

Explore email management in Insightly CRM

Stay connected with efficient email tools 

If you ask salespeople what tools they use most often, you’ll likely hear CRM and email client as the answers. Email is the top communication method today and isn’t likely to get unseated any time soon. With a mix of precision and personalization, salespeople can leverage the power of email within Insightly.

Insightly ensures that your CRM and email client work together to create efficiencies for sellers and keep communications streamlined. CRM users can create templates for messages that they frequently send as either one-off or bulk emails, plus they can schedule those emails to launch at the right time. Insightly’s Sidebar Chrome browser extension is a wildly popular feature that helps reps stay up to date in both platforms seamlessly. 

Powerful email features in your CRM 

Connect to Gmail or Outlook

No more toggling back and forth from CRM to email client. Install the Insightly Sidebar Chrome browser extension and get easy access to your Insightly CRM account while you’re viewing your Gmail or Outlook inbox. Create new Insightly contacts or leads from inquiries you receive in your Gmail inbox. Save messages from your inbox or your sent folder to Insightly. And yes, it even works with Insightly’s mobile app.

Email templates that help you work efficiently

Regularly send the same email messages to leads, contacts, and other business contacts? Save time with email templates in Insightly. With templates, you set up standardized and personalized emails that are ready to go when you need them. Not sure where to start? No worries! Insightly provides a few sample templates to get you started. (Note: The number of templates is determined by your plan level.)

One-off or bulk emails

Stay in contact with ease. Once your email template is created, you can use it to send one email or up to 50 emails at once (Note: daily email limits apply depending on plan level). This frees up time for your team since they avoid having to send the same messages repeatedly. You can also enable tracking to get data points on how well your templates are performing, so you’ll know which ones are good to go and which might need some revisions.

Schedule emails to reach prospects at the right time

Want to plan out your week? You can schedule emails to be sent so you’re not tied down to your devices. Most Insightly plan levels allow you to schedule emails to be sent at a specified time and date within the next 7 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I integrate Gmail with Insightly?

Install the Insightly Sidebar Chrome browser extension for Gmail.

How do I integrate Outlook with Insightly?

View the requirements for the Outlook sidebar.

Is there a limit to the number of emails I can send per day?

The number of emails you can send per day is determined by your Insightly subscription plan. This limit is per account (i.e., for all your users), not per user. Free plans: 10; Plus Plan: 2,500; Professional Plan: 5,000; Enterprise Plan: 10,000.