CRM For QuickBooks

Insightly CRM and QuickBooks Integration Options

QuickBooks is the industry-standard accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses. It’s built to manage income and expenses while giving you a complete view of your business finances. Thousands of Insightly users count on QuickBooks to send invoices, create budgets, and prepare taxes, and more. The software is flexible and scalable with affordable pricing.

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Two Ways to Integrate QuickBooks and Insightly

Option 1: Use the native product integration

An administrator with an Intuit login can connect Insightly to the QuickBooks Online accounting program. It’s just a few steps under your Insightly System Settings.

This will allow you to display customer summaries and the status of individual invoices, payments, or estimates to selected Insightly users. Once you’re set up, you’ll be able to use QuickBooks Online with Insightly.

Note that the Insightly QuickBooks integration only supports the connection of one Quickbooks account. To connect additional accounts, please refer to integration option 2 below.

Option 2: Use Insightly AppConnect

AppConnect is a powerful workflow automation tool that empowers you to easily integrate the Insightly platform with platforms like QuickBooks Online.

AppConnect uses drag and drop simplicity, automated error handling, built-in versioning, and instant deployment and provisioning so anyone can build and run sophisticated integrations easily.

Since QuickBooks is a popular platform, there is a pre-built app connector for Insightly to QuickBooks.

Benefits of Quickbooks Online + Insightly CRM Integration

Whichever option you choose, you’ll get these benefits and more when you integrate QuickBooks and Insightly.
Customer-centric financial view
View your entire customer base and their account status, invoices and payments, all without leaving Insightly CRM.
Efficient recordkeeping
Eliminate dual data entry by linking invoices, payments and estimates to customer contacts, opportunities or projects.
Payment details at your fingertips
See open, overdue and income payment details directly within the Insightly contact record.
Keep tabs on due dates
Link specific QuickBooks records to contacts based on Invoice Date, Payment Date, Estimate Date, or document numbers.

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Webinar: Integrate to save time and grow revenue.

See a live demo of the two integration options between QBO and Insightly – native and via AppConnect. Hear the benefits from a real customer.

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Use Cases: Integrating Insightly and QuickBooks with AppConnect

Automate QuickBooks invoicing when an opportunity is closed/won in Insightly

Streamline and speed up your invoicing process. Once you move an opportunity to closed/won, automatically generate a QuickBooks invoice. Changes across applications will be synced, meaning that there’s no delay between these two steps that are mission-critical to your business.

Automatically sync customer data between Insightly and QuickBooks when an account is created or updated

Insightly should be the central hub of all of your customer information and should drive a single source of truth across all data sources. As new prospects transition to customers, their data must flow between Insightly and QBO to ensure that all data is aligned. By integrating Insightly and QuickBooks, data transfer is automated and you won’t have to duplicate work to replicate data manually across applications.

View and manage accounting records within Insightly

With a QBO integration, you can view your accounting data directly in Insightly. The platform displays an overview from QBO, including contact information and a financial summary. You can copy details such as contact names and phone numbers from an Insightly record to the corresponding QBO contact to avoid moving between systems.

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