Validation Rules and Advanced Permissions

Explore Validation rules and advanced permissions in Insightly CRM

Optimize data permissions, data format, and data compliance

Validation rules and advanced permissions in Insightly CRM play pivotal roles in enhancing data integrity and ensuring the capture of high-quality information. By implementing robust validation rules, businesses can safeguard against inaccuracies and inconsistencies in critical fields and objects. This proactive approach not only preserves data integrity but also contributes to effective reporting and exceptional customer experiences. With validation rules in place, the CRM system acts as a gatekeeper, allowing only accurate and compliant data to be entered, thereby mitigating the risk of errors that could potentially impact decision-making processes.

By providing data access based on roles and profiles in Insightly, advanced permissions ensure that each team member has access to the information relevant to their responsibilities. This granular control fosters collaboration and safeguards sensitive data by limiting access to the personnel you authorize. The ability to fine-tune permissions helps you take control of your data, ensuring that only the right individuals have access to specific information, bolstering security, and fostering a more organized approach to data management within the CRM system.

Ensure business-critical fields are updated and validated

Configure validation rules tailored to specific CRM fields, guaranteeing the accuracy and completeness of crucial information. Insightly helps you validate and update business-critical fields such that organizations can rely on a trustworthy and up-to-date repository of information. This fosters confidence in the reliability of data-driven insights and ultimately contributes to the overall success of any CRM implementation.

Ensure accuracy and data compliance

Validation rules in Insightly help you avoid the impact of human error in data entry or upload. This keeps your data sound and in the expected format. For example, an email field can be configured to check for the presence of an ‘@’ sign and show an error if it is not present. Similar rules can be applied to date fields, phone number fields, and many other types of data that require specific and consistent formatting.

You can also ensure data accuracy and prevent duplicate data with validation rules. For example, a validation rule can be set to prevent a sales opportunity with the same name from being entered, and the user is shown a warning on the screen, such as, “an opportunity with that name already exists.” 

Deliver data access to the right roles and profiles with advanced permissions

With Insightly’s Advanced Permissions, you can create layers of CRM permissions based on groups of users so that the right people can get to the right records without compromising their data security or their focus.

You can configure Insightly permissions to optimize:

  • Profiles: Control which objects users can see and change. They include read, create, edit, and delete actions for objects, which means you can hide entire tabs from groups of users by removing read permissions.
  • Organization-Wide Sharing: Define the default level for sharing objects. You can open an object to all your users (Public) or keep access restricted to record owners and assignees.
  • Roles: Control which records users can see through a sharing hierarchy, allowing records to be viewed by other users, as with a manager overseeing the work of employees.
  • Sharing Rules: Expand record visibility by sharing access across or up the role hierarchy. This allows different roles to view each other’s records, as with managers who want to share their views with other managers or with their reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all Insightly plans include role-based permissions?

Yes, all Insightly plans allow role-based permissions. Plus plan offers 2, and Professional and Enterprise plans offer unlimited role-based permissions.

Which Insightly plans include field-based permissions or custom validation rules?

Both field-based permissions and custom validation rules are included in our Enterprise plan.

How many custom fields are allowed in Insightly CRM?

You can create 50 custom fields with an Insightly Plus plan, 100 with the Professional plan, and 200 custom fields with Insightly’s Enterprise plan.