Workflow Automation

Explore workflow automation in Insightly CRM

Streamline processes, reduce manual tasks, and enhance your efficiency

So what exactly is workflow automation?  It’s a function in Insightly CRM that allows you to automate notifications, tasks, and triggers, update fields and objects, and fire integrations using the data you already have in Insightly — and do it quickly and easily at scale. 

Workflow automation is essential to running your business operations smoothly and maximizing the benefits of using Insightly CRM. It takes the manual work out of processes to avoid mistakes, provides updates almost instantly, and prevents important steps in a workflow from being bypassed or missed in your sales, marketing, support, and project management processes.  It delivers scale, flexibility, and the ability to customize messages and activities based on your data.  And ultimately, workflow automation can drive improved adoption of Insightly because it takes repetitive, high-effort tasks out of the hands of your team. Workflow automation is available on Insightly’s Professional and Enterprise plans

Getting the most from workflow automation

Remind your team to follow up with new leads

Make it easier to let your team know about new leads and follow up with them. You can alert sales reps to leads that are assigned to them and create a series of tasks for follow-up with that lead on specific dates.

Capture managerial approvals

In most cases, managers and leaders need to approve opportunities or other steps in a deal flow. Set up workflows that allows your sales reps to simply click a box on the opportunities they’re working, which will notify managers via email and task that the opportunity or deal step is awaiting approval. 

Create a series of defined steps in a sales process

Every company should define a set of steps that must happen when a lead becomes an opportunity, and then the opportunity is worked to close. Define your process, and then use workflow automation to auto-populate that set of tasks that should be done at every stage in the opportunity pipeline. For example, step one might be a task for the rep to contact the prospect, introduce themselves, and set up a meeting. You can assign tasks for every stage in your pipeline for maximum flexibility, and you can even set up steps to send thank you notes and other personalized greetings after meetings have been conducted and the opportunities are won. 

Add prospects to marketing lists

If you’re a user of Insightly Marketing in addition to Insightly CRM, you’re in luck. You can use workflow automation to add a prospect that is linked to a contact or lead to a static marketing list. If a linked marketing prospect does not exist for the lead or contact, a new Prospect will be created first and will be added to the list.

The possibilities are almost endless with Insightly

The four examples above are just a few of the thousands of processes that you can automate with CRM workflow automation. Whether you want to notify team members about closing a big deal, send follow-up emails after a customer submits paperwork or registers for an event, or even create an onboarding event with multiple steps such as meetings, tasks, and reports, Insightly’s workflow automation is only limited by what you can dream of next.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all Insightly plans include workflow automation?

No – workflow automation is included in Insightly’s Professional and Enterprise plans – it is not included in Insightly’s Plus plan. 

How do workflows work?

Workflows are a series of tasks you or your team need to complete in order to complete an objective. They can always be described in statements like: “If this happens, then do that.” Workflows are designed to guide you through a series of tasks without missing any key steps.

Workflows should be built for repeatable activities that take place to complete a specific task on a regular basis. This means that before an item begins the workflow, you know exactly what path it should take. Remember to do your planning first!

When a user completes a task, they will not be responsible for passing data forward to the next task. The workflow is programmed to move forward based on the criteria, triggers, and actions you’ve configured. Insightly automatically moves the item from one step to another until it is completed.

You can also have multiple actions triggered by a process, and any action can happen immediately or at a scheduled time. 

What challenges does workflow automation solve for my business?

There are a few consistent challenges that workflow automation solves for busy teams. 

Human error: Even in small teams, balls can be dropped simply when colleagues need to share information across teams quickly or nudge the next person in a process. Without workflow automation, it’s entirely probable that at some point in a complex environment, a message will be late or be forgotten, or not delivered at the right time. Workflows are at the heart of why automation is so powerful because it helps your teams execute while reducing the risk of errors. 

Ability to scale: Workflow automation can make it easy to send out hundreds, if not thousands of notifications at any time of day or night.  This is the type of communication that you want to set and forget and let the power of the Insightly app handle for you. 

Manage your team’s time: How do we reduce time spent on high-effort, lower-value tasks? Workflow automation can help you streamline and elevate your efforts as a team.