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How Healthcare Business, NeuLine Health, Uses Insightly’s HIPAA-Compliant CRM

Running a successful healthcare business requires top-notch service and unwavering security.

For healthcare leaders seeking a CRM that not only meets these criteria but elevates their operational capabilities, a HIPAA-compliant CRM is not just an option—it’s a necessity.

In this customer spotlight episode of Closing Time, NeuLine Health CEO Frank Gray III shares how Insightly’s automation and customization features help Frank and his team offer exceptional neurodiagnostic testing services to healthcare providers and patients.

Frank explains how Insightly’s commitment to data security and safety was put to the test during NeuLine’s interview with The Joint Commission in early 2024, which resulted in a near-perfect score.

Whether it’s Insightly’s ability to automate the work of 10 employees or the peace of mind of knowing that patient data is protected, Frank “cannot imagine running Neuline Health, or any company, without Insightly.”


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Key Moments:
Protecting Patient Data with Insightly's HIPAA-Compliant CRM

NeuLine Health’s mission is simple yet profound: to offer clinical and financial value to healthcare providers while also raising awareness about the significance of neurology. They are dedicated to enlightening the healthcare community about the intersections between neurology and other medical disciplines, highlighting the importance of a comprehensive approach to patient care.

A critical aspect of NeuLine Health’s operation, like most healthcare businesses, is the protection of patient data. Frank highlights the peace of mind that comes from using Insightly CRM, a platform that ensures data is not just stored but secured with the highest standards of privacy and compliance. This was evidenced by NeuLine Health’s exceptional performance during their Joint Commission accreditation in January 2024, where their data management and record-keeping practices, powered by Insightly, received near-perfect scores.

Insightly’s role is pivotal in NeuLine Health’s operations, especially given the nature of their work, which involves conducting neurodiagnostic tests in patients’ homes. These tests are crucial for diagnosing neurological conditions or monitoring patients’ recovery journeys. The ability to securely transfer and interpret brain scan data is indispensable, and Insightly’s HIPAA-compliant features ensure that patient information is handled with the utmost care.

For NeuLine Health, the assurance that their CRM is fully compliant with HIPAA regulations is non-negotiable, marking Insightly as an invaluable partner in their mission to advance neurology care.

Automating Routine Tasks with Insightly AppConnect

Initially, NeuLine Health used Insightly in a basic capacity – managing leads, contacts, organizations, and opportunities with a team of four users starting in 2020. However, as the company grew, the limitations of using Google Sheets for data management became glaringly apparent.

By 2022, the quest for a more customized solution led them to explore numerous platforms, surprisingly circling back to Insightly upon realizing its potential for customization through AppConnect, Insightly’s integration automation engine. Within a year, NeuLine Health had developed a comprehensive system that catered to their entire business line. Now, all 55 employees actively use Insightly on a daily basis, leveraging the system for a wide array of functions.

Frank emphasizes that Insightly handles close to 100,000 automated tasks monthly, including sending automated emails, creating tasks, setting reminders, generating calendar invites, and attaching documents to communications. This level of automation not only facilitates scalability but also significantly reduces the workload, equating the CRM’s output to that of ten employees at a fraction of the cost. Frank’s enthusiasm for how Insightly has revolutionized NeuLine Health’s operations underscores the platform’s pivotal role in their growth and efficiency.

NeuLine Health's Custom Integration with Insightly's API

Frank shares the significant role of Insightly’s AppConnect in transforming NeuLine Health’s operations – by the first quarter of 2024, an impressive 80% of NeuLine’s business processes have been automated thanks to AppConnect. This leap forward was marked by the development of a custom API, a collaborative effort between the Insightly team and NeuLine’s developers. This API bridges Insightly with NeuLine’s proprietary platform, NeuLine X, which is a critical tool for healthcare providers across the nation to review testing data.

The integration allows for a seamless two-way flow of information. When a project is created in Insightly, it automatically generates a study in NeuLine X. Once a healthcare professional completes a report and signs off on it, the report, along with other relevant data, such as completion dates, is imported back into Insightly. This process not only enhances efficiency but also ensures that critical data is synchronized between systems.

The development of this API took just six weeks, a testament to the collaborative synergy between NeuLine’s developers and Insightly’s support team. This integration has opened up new possibilities for NeuLine Health, demonstrating that the potential applications of Insightly’s AppConnect go beyond the 2,000+ platforms it already integrates with.

Frank hints at the untapped potential of custom integrations that can further streamline and innovate their business processes. He hopes to one day have upwards of 90% of NeuLine’s processes automated via AppConnect.

Unique CRM Use Cases for Frank's Three Businesses

Frank masterfully juggles three distinct businesses within his corporate portfolio, all powered by Insightly CRM. At the heart of his operations is NeuLine Health, complemented by NeuLine Clinic—a primary care provider with on-site laboratory services in two Dallas-Fort Worth locations—and NeuLine Aesthetics, a MedSpa offering specialized cosmetic treatments.

Each entity operates its own dedicated Insightly account, tailored to meet its unique needs. NeuLine Clinic focuses on integrating laboratory data with patient diagnostics to enrich patient care, with plans to connect this information to a custom Laboratory Informatics System. This future project aims to enhance operational efficiency and patient service further.

NeuLine Aesthetics employs Insightly to track every client visit, monitoring treatments like Botox and managing inventory. This meticulous record-keeping not only ensures excellent customer service but also provides invaluable data for inventory control and marketing strategies. Data from their electronic health record system, Aesthetic Record, integrates seamlessly into Insightly, transforming appointments into actionable insights. This integration enables the MedSpa to evaluate performance, forecast trends, and strategize for future growth.

Frank’s approach demonstrates a strategic use of Insightly across his businesses, leveraging different account levels to suit each entity’s scale and scope. NeuLine Health operates under an enterprise plan, while the smaller businesses, NeuLine Clinic and NeuLine Aesthetics, both operate via a professional subscription. (Compare all three Insightly plan levels here.)

Through Insightly, Frank not only oversees the day-to-day operations efficiently but also strategically positions his businesses for future success, highlighting the invaluable role of technology in modern healthcare management.


How can health care organizations deliver on the promises that they make
to health care providers and patients using Insightly CRM?
That’s the question for today’s episode of Closing Time.
Thanks so much for tuning in to Closing. Time the show for Go to Market Leaders.
I’m Melinda Prescher Insightly’s director of product and Customer Marketing.
Today I have the pleasure of hosting
a very special customer spotlight edition of Closing Time,
where we’ll dive into real CRM use cases from an Insightly customer.
Whether you’re a weekly Closing Time listener or an Insightly customer or both,
you’ll find useful takeaways on how to better optimize and leverage your CRM.
So now, without further ado, please welcome our guest,
Frank Gray the third, CEO and president of NeuLine Health.
Thanks so much for joining us, Frank.
Thanks, Melinda.
Happy to be here.
To kick things off, please tell the audience about NeuLine Health.
Yeah, absolutely, Melinda.
NeuLine Health is a neuro diagnostics testing company
headquartered in the Dallas Fort. Worth area in Texas.
Our mantra is very simple.
We want to provide clinical
and financial value to health care providers.
NeuLine Health is to neurology, What a
cardiovascular or cardiologist
is performing like a EKG to a primary care practice.
And so were that first line of defense when it comes to the brain,
which really is something that not a lot of health care providers
necessarily think of.
I think in the primary care level, it’s very heart focused
and I’m very orthopedic focused.
And so we’re actually bringing about more of an awareness
to neurology in general as well.
And just some of the diseases that we find overlap
with our orthopedic and cardiovascular friends.
Frank. We know that for health care organizations
having, you know, safety, security around data and HIPAA compliance.
Those are really just table stakes for this industry.
I’d love to hear your thoughts
about how Insightly helps you conform to those requirements.
Well, I would say right off the jump,. I think of peace of mind having a platform
that not only houses all of the data, but to know that it’s safe and secure.
One of the ways that we actually really learned
that the platform was safe and secure was through our
joint commission
accreditation that we achieved in January of 2024.
That group cares deeply about compliance,
specifically as it relates to HIPAA and
protective health information and things of that regard.
When we walk through our accreditation interview
and when it came to, okay, where are you housing the data,
and we discussed Insightly,. We showed our EULA agreement and BAA
that we have in place and then walked through how we can account
for audit logs in the system and basically track the data
as it gets updated from one point to the next.
Part of what helped NeuLine Health achieve an extremely high score.
We had a near-perfect score.
And from a documentation standpoint, our interviewer,
who had been basically interviewing other health care companies
for the Joint Commission for over 20 years, said that NeuLine Health
based on what he had seen, again, thousands of interviews,
had had some of the most buttoned up methodology and documentation
of record keeping for our entire operational workflow.
We cannot do that without Insightly and that entire process
that, again, we’re able to track with reporting audit logs and to be able
to account for any change in information, not just housing it.
All of that is HIPAA-PHI related.
And, you know, when going through an audit process,
that’s really what auditors and the like are really looking for.
Can you not only hold your data, but can you also account for it?
And the system’s been great at doing that for us.
That’s great.
Next, I’d like to have you level set on the importance for you
and your team to have confidence in Insightly’s HIPAA compliance
and security measures to protect patient data.
Yeah, absolutely.
With Insightly NeuLine Health,
and just a reset, we perform what’s called a neuro diagnostic test,
which is performed inside of a patient’s home.
And with that test we’re basically
scanning brain data,
getting the results of the brain scans into the cloud
so that a neurologist can interpret and from there be able
to help diagnose a patient or if they’ve already been diagnosed,
you basically use that as a baseline for checking in where that patient
is in their neurological recovery journey.
And so for us to be able to have data
that is clean and secure where the entire team
can work within one place,. Insightly has helped us a great deal.
When we look at Insightly, the number one thing that we had to make
sure was that the program was in fact HIPAA compliant,
otherwise that would have stopped it right then and there.
So that was literally the number one checkpoint, if you will,
when we were previously looking at other CRMs
that we felt could help us from a operational standpoint.
So, Frank,
you’ve also used Insightly’s customization capabilities to be able to fine tune
the CRM to the exact needs of your business.
Please talk more about that. Yeah.
So when we first started with Insightly,
we had a, what I would call a standard user.
We had four of them.
You know, we were entering in leads and contacts
and organizations and little bit of opportunities.
We did that for about two years.
So this is dating back to 2020.
In 2022.
We really wanted to bring more customization into our lives.
We were working off of Google sheets and several horror
stories came where someone deleted the entire sheet
and we had to go do a forensic recovery of it.
And things like that happened on several occasions, and it just wasn’t
conducive to how the company was growing.
And so
when we looked at customization, we actually
didn’t even look at Insightly first.
We actually looked at other programs.
And what’s interesting was after we had looked at,
I think 20 to 30 different platforms,. I never forget, our at the time
director of operations came to me and she said, Frank,
have we even considered Insightly?
And I said, Insightly can do that?
And so through her research, she discovered AppConnect and
the enterprise level and all that that could do.
We then had some conversations with our account manager
at Insightly at the time and went through a tutorial,
if you would, and or demo of what the capabilities were.
And we got really excited really quick.
That was in July of 2022.
Within basically 12 months, we basically built
a fully operational system for the entire business line.
And so of the 55 employees, that worked for NeuLine Health.
Every single employee has an Insightly account, works
within Insightly and is actively working within the system on a daily basis.
And that platform continues to grow.
I think right now we’re leveraging close
to 100,000 automated tasks a month.
That’s being performed in the system.
Everything from automated emails through our Google business account,
creating task for employees, setting
reminders, creating calendar invites for employees as well.
Attaching documents to those invites and emails.
It’s really helped us a great deal just in terms of being able to scale.
And, you know, I tell people right now,. Insightly is pretty much doing the work of
about ten people in our company for, of course, a fraction of the cost,
which is nice.
So it’s been a great help to us on the automation front.
So. Frank Yeah, AppConnect was exactly where I was headed with my next question,
and I’d love to hear you speak to just how much of your business
is actually automated and made simpler with AppConnect.
Yeah, sure, Melinda.
So as of right now, in Q1 of 2024,
approximately 80% of the business is automated through AppConnect.
And one of the things that we’ve been doing lately and actually
we just developed our own API working with the Insightly team
and our development team that we use with another system
that we’ve developed over the last 14 months or so.
Within that system, we actually built again
an API that connects from Insightly to our NeuLine X platform.
Where all the testing data gets reviewed by health care providers nationwide.
And that’s a two way interface.
And so Insightly will take a project and upon project creation,
that data will then create a study in NeuLine X, and then once
certain information like reports are completed, the doctor signs off on it.
The actual report itself gets imported
back into Insightly, into that particular project.
As well as additional completion
dates and different other data fields
that get completed in that system also come back in to Insightly.
So it’s a two way street in regards to how that’s working.
And that project took all of six weeks for my development team to do that.
The Insightly Dev team was very helpful in helping us navigate
to be able to talk to that platform that we’ve built natively.
And so we feel that there are a lot more applications
and things that we can do with Insightly that we really haven’t even scratched
the surface on, not just with the
I think it’s, you know, 2000 plus
platforms that AppConnect and Insightly
already team up to integrate with now but you can also do your own.
And so that’s been very helpful for us.
Frank, you’re actually running multiple companies with Insightly,
so I’d love to hear your thoughts about the impact that Insightly makes to
your team’s productivity and the ability to deliver for your clients.
Yeah, absolutely.
NeuLine Health is one of three companies
that currently leverages Insightly within my corporate portfolio.
I’ve got the NeuLine Clinic, which is a brick and mortar
storefront for clinical services primary care, if you will.
If you’re sick or, you know, if you need bloodwork done.
We have an onsite laboratory within that
office as well as two locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
And then right next door to one is also our MedSpa called NeuLine aesthetics.
And so each of those entities has its own Insightly account.
For the NeuLine clinic, we’re more
so looking at our laboratory and basically looking at the type of blood
test we’re running versus the patient database and the diagnostic codes
and putting together insightful data in that regard,
which will look to eventually connect that to a custom
laboratory Informatics system that we’re about to start building.
That’s a whole other project
that’ll be in the works for later this year or early into 2025.
And then on the MedSpa side with the aesthetics,
it’s important
for us to break down each and every encounter every time
that a client comes and visits the MedSpa, what services are they getting?
Are they repeat customers,. How many units of whether it’s Botox
or an injectable are they getting, which allows us
to keep track of inventory, you know, see what’s selling, what’s not,
and then be able to have usable data on that front then.
And that system, we’re actually getting data from
our electronic health record system called the Aesthetic Record,
where we import appointment times and data on those clients.
Those become encounters and leads within Insightly.
And then we’re able to have measurables for what are we doing
that week, the next week, what did we do last quarter?
And that really helps us help guide that business.
So although all three Insightly accounts are different.
NeuLine Health is the enterprise account.
The others are simply paid subscription accounts with a lot less people on them.
But that’s ever so growing.
And in all three it’s helping us gain further insights on our business
and helping us determine
not only what we’re doing now, but what we should be doing next.
All right, Frank, That’s all the time that we have for this episode.
Thanks so much for all of these insights and for joining the show.
Frank If our audience wants to learn
more about NeuLine Health, how can they get in contact with you?
Yeah, absolutely.
Simply go to our website at NeuLine. Health dot com NeuLine Health
spelled N-E-U-L-I-N-E health like good for your health.
Dot com.
There you can find out information about the ambulatory
EEG test, what it means to patients, and we’ve got resources
with different organizations like Alzheimer’s and autism and
concussions and just some of the various
neurological issues that we test for.
And if you reach our staff off that website,
someone will definitely get back to you in very short order with more details.
Really appreciate you joining us again,. Frank, And thanks so much to all of you
for tuning in.
Remember to like this episode, subscribe to the channel
and ring the bell for notifications so that you don’t miss a single episode.
We’ll see you next time on Closing Time.

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