Build sophisticated integrations easily & quickly

Easily build and manage integrations, automate workflows, and exchange data between Insightly CRM and the other apps you use in your organization with clicks not code.

Easily build complex integrations & automation workflows

Insightly AppConnect is an integration automation application that makes it easy to build sophisticated integrations and workflows between Insightly CRM and hundreds of applications you use across your entire organization.

Hundreds of App Connectors

Insightly AppConnect comes out of the box with hundreds of pre-built app connectors to all the apps you use every day in your organization. Use AppConnect to create workflows across IT, Marketing, HR, Finance, and Sales and Support.

Speed and Simplicity

Create workflows and integrations without writing any code. AppConnect uses drag and drop simplicity, automated error handling, built-in versioning, and instant deployment and provisioning so anyone can build and run sophisticated integrations easily.

Scalable and Secure

AppConnect features automatic elastic scaling so no matter how much data flows through your integrations or how often they need to run, AppConnect will automatically provision the compute resources to run them flawlessly, every time.

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All power. No code.

AppConnect is a powerful workflow automation tool that empowers you to easily integrate the Insightly platform with every app you use to run your business. With over 500 pre-built connections, AppConnect gives you a head start at maximizing the data you already have in Insightly to drive your success.

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Sophisticated Integration Designer

At the core of AppConnect is a very easy to use integration design tool that allows anyone in your team to visually build out sophisticated integrations and workflows of any complexity level quickly without having to write any code. Connect to hundreds of apps you already use, map fields, transform and manipulate data, perform calculations, then deploy, schedule and trigger integrations in seconds without servers or IT involvement.

Get Started

AppConnect’s intuitive UI lets you integrate your apps without code.

Unlimited options

Connect Insightly with all the apps you use everyday to automate virtually any task.

Close the loop

Keep all your apps in sync and provide the best experience for your customers.

Connect hundreds of applications

Insightly AppConnect has hundreds of pre-built connectors to applications you already use in your workplace. Connect to IT apps, marketing apps, HR apps, finance apps, sales apps, support apps, and many more. And we add new connectors every month.

Integration automation built into Insightly

AppConnect is a great conduit for information exchange between applications on the Insightly platform and beyond into all the other applications you use in your enterprise. You can easily transfer data between objects in Insightly, and trigger AppConnect workflows from any change to any record across the entire Insightly platform. Execute AppConnect integrations in bulk from any list views in Insightly, run integrations from inside customer journeys in Insightly Marketing, trigger integration executions from workflow automation in Insightly CRM, or even start an integration from the click of a button when viewing a record in Insightly.

Scalable and Secure

Built into AppConnect is a full and comprehensive audit log of every execution of every step in every integration so you have full visibility into every integration and workflow. With SOC2 and GDPR compliance and end to end encryption and a zero trust architecture, AppConnect conforms to the security and compliance requirements of your enterprise. Couple all that with automatic provisioning and auto-scaling for your integrations, you can build integrations effortlessly to sync data at any speed, in real-time, scheduled, or in a batch, and at any volume from a single transaction to billions of rows.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a recipe in AppConnect?

Recipes are a set of steps that AppConnect will follow to get work done between your apps. A recipe allows AppConnect to interact with another application through a series of triggers and actions.

What are triggers and actions?

Triggers monitor for events that occur in the application you have connected to. Actions carry out specific predefined operations in the target application.

How is AppConnect priced?

You select a plan based on the number of tasks run in a month. A Task is a unit of work that occurs every time a Recipe performs an action that requires compute resources. A Recipe may consist of multiple Tasks. The number of Tasks executed in a job depends on the data of the specific trigger event and the Recipe logic.

Is AppConnect only for large organizations?

Any organization can benefit from the efficiencies gained by AppConnect. And since AppConnect plans are tiered by the number of tasks, it can be an economical way to automate processes and pass data among applications in your organization.