Insightly CRM & ServiceNow Integration

ServiceNow is a cloud-based automation platform that helps organizations streamline workflows by automating regular work tasks. Companies use it to unite business functions from security to customer service and HR. With a convenient ticketing tool, users can process and catalog customer service requests to quickly deal with any incidents.

Why integrate Insightly and ServiceNow with AppConnect?

ServiceNow helps companies work more efficiently. By integrating ServiceNow and Insightly, you can empower your sales and marketing teams to drive engagement across touchpoints to create more meaningful customer experiences.

Use Cases: Integrating Insightly and ServiceNow with AppConnect

  • Escalate tickets across platforms Customer support and sales are usually the first teams to identify a problem or come up with a way to make your product more valuable. Get these insights in front of your IT team by integrating Insightly and ServiceNow so teams can easily share tickets across platforms.
  • Access client feedback in real time By integrating Insightly and ServiceNow, you can improve visibility and collaboration between your customer service and sales teams. Each team can access client complaints in real-time to help eliminate communication issues between you and your customers.
  • Create ServiceNow record actions in Insightly With a ServiceNow integration, you can use Insightly to add records to any table in your ServiceNow instances. There are templates to apply the newly created record, and all default and custom columns are supported. You can also search for records from any table to update records in your CRM.

Connect to 1000+ apps directly from Insightly

Insightly AppConnect is an integration automation application that makes it easy to build sophisticated integrations and workflows between Insightly and hundreds of applications you use across your entire organization.

Insightly AppConnect comes out of the box with hundreds of pre-built app connectors to all the apps you use every day in your organization. Use AppConnect to create workflows across IT, Marketing, HR, Finance, and Sales and Support. New connectors are added every month.

Build your own integrations with a powerful workflow builder

AppConnect is a very easy to use integration design tool that empowers anyone on your team to build out sophisticated integrations and workflows of any complexity level quickly without having to write any code. Connect to hundreds of apps you already use, map fields, transform and manipulate data, perform calculations, then deploy, schedule and trigger integrations in seconds without servers or IT involvement.

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