Marketing Automation for Consulting Firms

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Build pipeline and revenue

Engage with your audiences, create high-value leads, and grow your business.

Create lifelong customers

Drive loyalty through relevant messaging shared at just the right time in the buying journey.

The marketing app you’ll love

Align across sales and marketing to optimize the customer experience.

Engage audiences and build pipeline

Build trust and grow your business by delivering the right message to the right audience at just the right time.

Insightly Marketing Journeys are an intuitive solution that has helped our client drive a 10x increase in pipeline over just a few months by identifying prospects with a high propensity to convert.

Amy Anderson,
Co-Founder, Wild Coffee Marketing

Email marketing

Quickly and easily create beautiful marketing assets that drive awareness and conversion.

  • Launch great-looking, high-converting campaigns in minutes
  • Use pre-built email templates or customize your own templates with intuitive drag-and-drop functionality
  • Have more control over the way you reach customers with transactional emails and email batching

Landing pages and forms

Create high-quality landing pages designed to convert visitors to leads.

  • Design, build, and clone beautiful, engaging landing pages
  • Capture interest and engagement with embedded forms
  • Share contact information automatically with sales and delivery for seamless follow-up

Journey builder

Create strong relationships by making every touchpoint insightful and engaging

  • Easily build multi-step email sequences that guide customers from awareness to adoption and advocacy
  • Nurture relationships with multi-touch content and logical next-best actions
  • Automatically send notifications, change lead scores, or even trigger workflows based on customer interest and intent

Dynamic list segmentation

Improve your brand reputation and your results by delivering relevant content that builds trust.

  • Show customers you understand them and their business by dynamically adding or removing contacts from your lists
  • Optimize conversion through improved targeting
  • Monitor interest and purchase intent with prospect scoring and grading
  • Segment by firmographic and demographic data and maximize your ability to reach the right person with the right message

Measure and iterate

Make smart decisions, understand what motivates your audience, then iterate and improve on your performance.

The number one biggest benefit of working with Insightly is transparency. Major decisions have to happen and we all have to be on the same page.

Kelsey Dus,
Marketing Director, SIGMA Equipment

Dashboards and reporting

Create a single source of truth, share results across your entire organization, and demonstrate your impact.

  • Track your unique KPIs with shareable dashboard cards and different chart types
  • Evaluate and report on campaign performance with UTM tracking, multi-touch attribution, and ROI tracking
  • Understand audience preference and intent with prospect ID tracking
  • Improve email performance with health reporting

A/B and multivariate testing

Test, learn, and improve your email performance

  • Understand what resonates for your audiences, and what doesn’t
  • Improve your email campaigns and engage your audiences more effectively
  • Go beyond basic A/B testing with easy-to-use advanced testing that will help you optimize results
  • Improve email performance with health reporting

Integrate with ease

Share insights across your entire
organization and build strong
relationships with prospects
and customers.

Modern, unified platform

Extend your reach and drive sales with a unified experience across sales, marketing, and customer support.

  • Show customers you know them with data captured across every single interaction
  • Deliver great experiences across every single sales, marketing, and customer support touchpoint
  • Easy to customize and integrate with the applications you use to run your business


Market smarter and grow faster when you connect Insightly Marketing to the rest of your tech stack.

  • Capture leads more easily from all your digital advertising channels, like Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Connect your eCommerce platform to Insightly, send targeted campaigns, and sell more
  • Empower your marketing operations team to own all your integrations
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CRM + Marketing Automation Yields 3x Revenue Increase

Manufacturing firm SIGMA Equipment shares the benefit of using Insightly CRM + Insightly Marketing to drive better cross-team communication, move faster, and generate more revenue.

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Privacy and compliance

We use Insightly to run Insightly, so we make sure your data is as secure and safe as our own. We work with customers every day to make sure that their data security requirements are met and exceeded.

  • Independently assessed for compliance to SOC 2 Type II
  • Single sign-on via industry standard authentication protocols
  • Support for two-factor authentication
  • Encryption of data in transit and at rest
  • EU/US Privacy Shield and GDPR Compliance

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do consulting firms marketing automation?

Consulting firms use marketing automation in two ways. First, they use it to market their own services by automating repetitive tasks and freeing up their marketing teams for more creative work that requires human intervention. Second, they may offer marketing automation services to their clients. By operating a marketing automation platform for a client, they have the ability to charge for those services and the services to create content for the marketing platform to distribute (e.g. emails, ebooks, white papers, blog posts, etc.)

What are the benefits of marketing automation for consulting firms?

Consulting firms succeed based on the personal relationships they are able to cultivate. Marketing automation can help with that by creating and automating opportunities to remind customers of their firm and services. Sending periodic content pieces or messages can build rapport and keep your firm top of mind. Marketing automation makes that easy.

Is marketing automation only for big consulting firms?

All major players in consulting use a marketing automation platform. However, there are many value-priced platforms that are accessible to small firms with more reasonable budgets. These platforms can help small firms appear much bigger than they are by increasing output.

Insightly Marketing in Action

Marketing Automation For Consulting Firms

Marketing automation for consulting firms is a game-changer in the world of marketing technology. It has the power to revolutionize the way these firms engage with their clients and prospects, streamlining their marketing efforts and maximizing their impact. In essence, marketing automation CRM refers to the use of software platforms and technologies to automate repetitive marketing tasks, such as email campaigns, social media posting, lead generation, and customer segmentation.

One key component of marketing automation for consulting firms is the integration of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. By combining marketing automation and CRM, consulting firms can leverage the power of data and insights to optimize their marketing strategies. CRM systems allow firms to track and manage their interactions with clients and prospects, ensuring personalized and targeted communication.

With marketing automation and CRM, consulting firms can benefit in various ways. Firstly, they can nurture leads more effectively. By automating lead nurturing campaigns, firms can deliver personalized content to prospects at different stages of the sales funnel, increasing the likelihood of conversion. This saves time and effort, enabling consultants to focus on high-value activities.

Secondly, marketing automation and CRM enable better client retention. By analyzing client data and behavior, consulting firms can identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities, tailor their offerings to individual clients, and proactively address their needs. This personalized approach enhances client satisfaction and loyalty.

Moreover, marketing automation for consulting firms enhances marketing efficiency. By automating repetitive tasks, consultants can allocate their time and resources more efficiently, leading to increased productivity. They can also track the performance of their marketing campaigns in real-time, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and optimize their strategies for better results.

Marketing automation, when combined with CRM, offers numerous advantages for consulting firms. It empowers them to deliver personalized and targeted marketing campaigns, nurture leads effectively, enhance client retention, and optimize their marketing efforts. By leveraging marketing automation technology, consulting firms can stay ahead in a competitive landscape and achieve their business goals with greater efficiency.

Marketing Automation Services

Marketing automation services have become a vital tool in the world of digital marketing. They provide solutions to a variety of challenges faced by businesses and offer a multitude of benefits. So, what is marketing automation in digital marketing?

Marketing technology consulting is the use of technology and software platforms to automate and streamline marketing activities. It helps businesses automate repetitive tasks, nurture leads, segment their audience, and deliver personalized content at scale. By automating these processes, marketing automation services allow businesses to save time, improve efficiency, and achieve better results.

One of the key problems that marketing automation solves is lead nurturing. With marketing automation services, businesses can automatically send targeted and personalized emails to leads based on their behavior and engagement with the brand. This helps to build relationships, educate prospects, and move them through the sales funnel more effectively.

Another challenge that marketing automation addresses is audience segmentation. Businesses can segment their audience using data and analytics based on various criteria, such as demographics, interests, and behavior. This enables them to deliver more relevant content and offers to specific segments, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates.

Furthermore, marketing automation services provide comprehensive tracking and reporting capabilities. Businesses can track the performance of their marketing campaigns in real-time, analyze the effectiveness of different channels and tactics, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their strategies.

For consulting firms, there are specific marketing automation benefits. It allows them to streamline their marketing efforts and focus on high-value activities. Automating repetitive tasks allows consultants to save time and allocate their resources more efficiently, enabling them to provide better service to their clients.

Moreover, marketing automation services help consulting firms improve lead generation and conversion rates. With personalized and targeted campaigns, consultants can nurture leads and deliver the right message at the right time. This increases the chances of converting prospects into clients and drives business growth.

Marketing automation services play a crucial role in digital marketing by solving various challenges and providing numerous benefits. They enable businesses, including consulting firms, to automate processes, nurture leads, segment their audience, and make data-driven decisions. By leveraging marketing automation, businesses can achieve greater efficiency, improve customer engagement, and drive their marketing success.

CRM For Consulting Firms

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a powerful tool that has become essential for consulting firms in managing their relationships with clients and prospects. It serves as a centralized database and system for storing, organizing, and analyzing customer information. CRM tools enable consulting firms to track interactions, manage contacts, and streamline their sales and marketing efforts.

CRM and marketing automation often go hand in hand, complementing each other to enhance the overall effectiveness of a consulting firm’s marketing strategies. While marketing automation focuses on automating and optimizing marketing processes, CRM provides the foundation by capturing and organizing customer data. This data is then used to personalize marketing efforts and improve customer engagement.

For consulting firms, CRM plays a crucial role in several ways. Firstly, it allows them to maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date record of all their client interactions. Consultants can store important client details in one centralized location, such as contact information, communication history, project notes, and preferences. This enables consultants to have a holistic view of each client and deliver personalized services based on their specific needs and preferences.

Secondly, CRM for consulting firms facilitates effective lead management. Consultants can capture leads from various sources, such as website forms, email campaigns, and events, and store them in the CRM system. CRM automation helps track the progress of leads, assign them to the appropriate consultants, and automate follow-up actions. This ensures that leads are effectively nurtured and not lost in the process, increasing the chances of conversion.

Furthermore, CRM tools enable consulting firms to analyze customer data and gain valuable insights. They can track key metrics, such as customer acquisition cost, lifetime value, and conversion rates, to evaluate the success of their marketing and sales efforts. These insights can guide consultants in making informed decisions and optimizing their strategies for better results.

Your CRM software for consulting firms must be backed by a CRM strategy for consulting firms.

Marketing Automation Platforms

Marketing automation platforms have become invaluable tools for consulting firms to streamline their marketing efforts and maximize their impact in the digital landscape. To get a big-picture perspective on these software solutions, it’s easy to download a marketing automation tools list for free online. These platforms offer a wide range of benefits that help consulting firms effectively engage with clients and prospects while saving time and resources.

B2B marketing automation platforms provide consulting firms with the ability to automate repetitive marketing tasks. This includes email campaigns, social media posting, lead generation, and customer segmentation. By automating these processes, consultants can focus their time and energy on high-value activities, such as building relationships and providing personalized services to their clients.

One of the key benefits of marketing automation platforms for consulting firms is lead nurturing. These platforms enable consultants to deliver targeted and personalized content to prospects at different sales funnel stages. By nurturing leads with relevant and valuable information, consulting firms can increase the chances of conversion and drive business growth.

Additionally, marketing automation platforms provide robust analytics and reporting capabilities. Consulting firms can track the performance of their marketing campaigns in real-time, monitor key metrics, and gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. This data-driven approach allows firms to make informed decisions, optimize their strategies, and improve their marketing ROI.

Moreover, marketing automation platforms help consulting firms enhance client retention and loyalty. By leveraging customer data and behavior, firms can identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities, deliver tailored offerings, and proactively address client needs. This personalized approach strengthens client relationships and fosters long-term partnerships.

Marketing automation platforms offer numerous benefits for consulting firms. They streamline marketing processes, automate lead nurturing, provide analytics and insights, and enhance client retention. By leveraging the power of these platforms, consulting firms can effectively engage with clients, optimize their marketing strategies, and achieve their business goals.

Best CRM Solution For Consulting Firms

When choosing a CRM and preparing a CRM strategy for consulting firms, several factors should be considered to ensure the right fit for the business’s specific needs. With a plethora of options available, it’s important to evaluate key criteria such as functionality, scalability, integration capabilities, and user-friendliness.

First and foremost, a consulting firm should consider the specific features and functionalities that align with their requirements. This includes capabilities such as contact management, lead and opportunity tracking, project management, and reporting. A CRM should support the unique needs of consulting firms, providing a comprehensive solution for managing client relationships, tracking sales activities, and analyzing performance.

Scalability is another vital consideration. As a consulting firm grows and acquires more clients, the CRM should be able to handle the increasing data volume and accommodate additional users without compromising performance. The flexibility to scale up or down based on business needs is crucial to ensure a long-term investment.

Integration capabilities are also important. A CRM that seamlessly integrates with other tools and systems, such as marketing automation service providers or project management software, allows for a more cohesive and efficient workflow. It enables the consolidation of data and streamlines processes across various departments, enhancing productivity and collaboration.

Usability is a key factor when selecting a CRM. The system should be intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring that consultants can easily navigate and leverage its features without extensive training. A well-designed interface and a smooth user experience contribute to higher adoption rates and increased productivity.

Insightly’s solution is worth considering for consulting firms due to its alignment with these important criteria. Insightly offers a consulting CRM that caters specifically to the needs of consulting professionals. It provides comprehensive features tailored for managing client relationships, tracking projects, and driving business growth.

Insightly marketing is highly scalable and can accommodate the growth of consulting firms, from small teams to larger enterprises. Its seamless integration capabilities with other marketing automation platforms and business tools enable a streamlined workflow and centralized data management.

Furthermore, Insightly’s user-friendly interface and intuitive design make it easy for consultants to quickly adapt and leverage its functionalities. The platform offers robust reporting and analytics capabilities, empowering consulting firms to make data-driven decisions and optimize their strategies for success.