Dashboards and Reporting

Explore dashboards and reporting in Insightly Marketing

Create interactive, real-time visualizations in minutes 

Is there anything more important than understanding how your business is performing? With Insightly Marketing, you can create reports and dashboards based on your campaigns so you can make good decisions about your marketing activities. 

Because Insightly is built on a single platform, the look, feel, and functionality of dashboards and reporting is very similar to what your teams see in Insightly CRM, and the functionality is the same across the plans. The only difference is that the Marketing dashboards are built on Marketing-specific fields, both standard and custom. Any data you capture in Insightly Marketing can be translated to reports and dashboards so that you can quickly and easily see how your business and your team are performing. 

Getting the most from dashboards and reporting

Get at-a-glance views of your business 

Every account includes a set of standard dashboards. With Insightly’s Professional and Enterprise plans, you can create and edit your own dashboard cards based on emails, prospects, forms, lists, and redirect links

View dashboards on mobile

Insightly dashboards are accessible on mobile so you and your team can stay connected and informed while on the go. The Insightly mobile application home page displays any dashboards created via the Insightly web application and will display based on user permissions (another great reason to create dashboards by role). All dashboards and dashboard cards available on the web application are accessible within the mobile application and are read-only on mobile. 

Configure and customize reports

Insightly offers flexible reporting options that make sharing and evaluating your business performance easy. Create custom reports based on standard and custom objects and fields in Insightly Marketing—schedule reports to run at any time and send reports to anyone automatically. You can organize reports into personal or shared folders and download reports to analyze and share raw data. 

Email Reports

Email reports are a good place to start. They can be used to review the statistics of emails sent within Insightly Marketing. This report will default filter by the Date Sent field of email records and display information from the past 90 days. You can view the following key email metrics in this report: 

  • Email Name
  • Date Sent
  • Email Opens
  • Unique Clicks
  • Percentage Delivered
  • Hard Bounces
  • Opt-Outs
  • Click to Open Ratio

Learn more about email reporting here

Prospect Reports

Prospect reports can be used to review key details about your marketing prospects so that you can find new and engaging ways of communicating with them. By default, prospect reports include the following information:

  • Prospect ID
  • Prospect Name
  • Organization Name
  • State/Province
  • Country
  • Date of Last Activity

Insightly users create prospect reports when they want to 

  • Review a list of prospects at a specific organization and the date and subject of their last interaction
  • Review prospects by city or geographic region so that they can be invited to an event
  • Review a list of prospects by score to determine whether they are right for a specific email list

Learn more about prospect reports here.

Form and List Reports 

Forms are an important way to capture prospect data in Insightly so that you can communicate more effectively with people who might be interested in your products and services. Form handler reports are used to review forms and their submissions in an Insightly Marketing account. Customers create form handler reports when they would like to review a list of forms by submission rate or review individual data like email addresses and contact details about prospects who have filled out the form. 

List reports give your users more information about the marketing lists that you are using to do outreach to prospects and customers. You may want to review lists by count, by emailable prospect count, by product, or review lists by the user who created the list. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all Insightly plans include customizable reports?

Yes, all Insightly plans allow you to create and customize reports based on the objects and fields you’ve created in Insightly.

Do all Insightly Marketing plans include customizable dashboards?

All Insightly plans include dashboards, but only Professional and Enterprise plans include customizable dashboard cards.

Is there a limit to the number of dashboard cards I can customize?

You can create 100 customized dashboard cards with an Insightly Professional plan and an unlimited number of cards with Insightly’s Enterprise plan.