Journey Builder

Strengthen customer relationships with a series of insightful and engaging touchpoints

Enhance engagement and build lasting relationships

Level up your marketing automation by creating personalized, informative, and data-driven customer journeys. Send emails, assign to lists, tag prospects, and more based on prospect behavior throughout a journey. 

Easily create end-to-end customer journeys

Effective journeys can drive a multitude of efforts across your business. From onboarding and lead nurturing to customer retention and re-engagement, Insightly Marketing’s Journey Builder empowers you to craft personalized, multi-step campaigns tailored to diverse business objectives. 

Multi-step email sequences that drive prospects to act

Creating multi-step email sequences within Insightly Marketing offers a versatile and powerful approach to guide customers through various journey stages. This feature can foster awareness, propel action, facilitate adoption, and encourage advocacy.

Here are some example use cases for multi-step email sequences:

  • Awareness Stage: Introduce your brand—Initiate your customer journey with compelling emails introducing your brand, products, or services. Craft content that captures attention communicates value propositions, and initiates the customer’s journey.
  • Consideration and Engagement: Educational content—Progress through the journey by providing informative content that educates customers about your offerings. This may include product features, use cases, and success stories, encouraging deeper consideration and engagement.
  • Conversion and Adoption: Incentives and offers—Implement emails with exclusive incentives or offers to prompt conversions. Guide customers toward adopting your products or services by emphasizing their benefits and unique selling points.
  • Post-Purchase Support: Onboarding assistance—After adoption, the journey can include onboarding emails offering support, guidance, and additional resources. This ensures a smooth transition for customers, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction.
  • Customer Loyalty and Advocacy: Encouraging advocacy—the journey can extend beyond the purchase to nurture customer loyalty and advocacy. Send emails requesting feedback and testimonials or encouraging participation in referral programs, turning satisfied customers into brand advocates.

Multi-touch content and strategic next-best actions

A customer-centric marketing approach aims to nurture relationships with multi-touch content and logical next-best actions. Multi-touch content involves delivering diverse, valuable, and engaging materials across various touchpoints. This content could include informative blog posts, webinars, and personalized emails. 

Complementing this content strategy are logical next-best actions involving automated responses tailored to individual customer behaviors. You can predict and trigger the most relevant follow-up actions by leveraging insights gathered from previous interactions. For example, suppose a customer engages with a specific type of content. In that case, the logical next-best action might be to offer related materials, invite them to a webinar, or present a targeted promotional offer.

This combined approach ensures a continuous and personalized customer journey and aligns with the customer’s evolving interests. It goes beyond one-size-fits-all marketing, acknowledging the uniqueness of each customer and adapting the strategy based on their responses.

Automate notifications, lead scoring, workflows, and more

Automating actions based on customer interest and intent is a powerful feature within Insightly Marketing. This capability enhances efficiency and ensures timely and personalized interactions.

  • Real-Time Notifications: Automatically notify relevant team members or stakeholders when a customer exhibits high interest or demonstrates a significant intent. This real-time awareness empowers teams to respond to critical opportunities or address specific needs promptly.
  • Dynamic Lead Scoring: Change lead scores dynamically based on observed customer behaviors. Engagement with high-value content or repeated visits to key pages might trigger an increase in lead scores, indicating a heightened level of interest and potential readiness for conversion.
  • Triggered Workflows: Based on customer actions, trigger pre-defined workflows that guide them through the next steps in the customer journey. Workflows could include sending follow-up emails, assigning tasks to sales representatives, or initiating specific marketing campaigns aligned with observed interests.

Automating notifications, lead scoring, and workflows based on customer interest and intent is a cornerstone of responsive and customer-centric marketing. This strategic use of automation ensures that businesses can deliver timely, relevant, and personalized interactions that align precisely with their audience’s evolving needs and behaviors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Journeys?

Journeys are utilized for nurturing potential customers, tracking journeys, and streamlining customer interactions. The Journey Builder in Insightly Marketing structures an automated path, guiding prospects through the process. The endpoint of a prospect’s journey depends on their guided interactions.

Typically, journeys start with email outreach to one or more lists. The next steps are determined by prospect engagement, with configurable sequences leading to linear or branching paths based on interactions. Journeys can be designed and initiated later, allowing flexibility for readiness among lists or prospects.

How do I build a Journey?

One of the benefits of using Insightly Marketing is that the journey feature is so intuitive. To build a journey, you start by choosing an action like sending an email, choosing the timing, and then choosing what will happen if that email is opened or not. The next step could be to send another email, add that contact to a list, drop a tag on the prospect, etc. You repeat these choices, and you have a journey. This short video shows a journey built live.

How can I report on the success of a Journey?

Journey stats can be reviewed for Journeys with a Running or Completed status. When you click on the journey map, you can see how many prospects are in a journey and what percentage of your prospects make it to each step. You can drill down on any action or trigger for more detail.