Landing Pages and Forms

Engage leads and capture lead information

Help buyers through a journey with landing pages and forms 

Landing pages are a powerful tool in helping marketing teams achieve short-term goals that may be focused on periodic events like a trade show or webinar. Designed specifically for one target audience, landing pages give you the best chance to convert click-throughs into customers.

Even if you have a great website, a landing page can provide a much more optimized path for a lead, focusing on one main idea and moving that lead to a conversion quickly. 

A landing page builder empowers marketing teams to act fast. Build your page and then add an easy-to-complete form so your lead can get to what they want – a demo, a download, an event registration, or anything else your team is offering.

Your audiences will feel seen, heard, and understood when you create customized landing pages for unique use cases, campaigns, and audiences. 

Build pages quickly with templates

Create a layout once and use it over and over again with templates in Insightly Marketing. Whether it’s for a recurring webinar program or an eBook series, build it once and then customize it to get repeated value from your efforts. 

Drag and drop builder

Front-end developer? Not needed! Drag and drop the elements you want on your page for a custom layout. Add media, buttons, iconography, and more. There’s no limit to what you can build, and it’s easy for your pages to reflect your brand.

Collect lead data fast

Embed a form on your page with drag-and-drop ease. Pick the fields you need to make follow-up a breeze. Data from the forms moves right into Insightly Marketing to create or update records, so you can route leads fast and follow-up. Insightly’s built-in verification prevents junk data from clogging up your system.

Move quickly with a landing page subdomain

Your main website domain may be managed by IT or another team, which can slow down the process of publishing pages – pages you need NOW. Setting up a subdomain with Insightly Marketing means that your landing pages are published and managed separately from your main website domain. It gives your team more control when publishing (and unpublishing) pages and running campaigns – without involving IT teams and facing possible delays.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common use cases for landing pages?

Insightly Marketing customers use the landing page builder to create pages for things like newsletter sign-up, event registration, webinar registration, eBook download, demo, short-term promotion, etc.

Will I need IT support to set up a subdomain with Insightly Marketing?

For the initial set-up, this is likely yes. You will need a DevOps (Infrastructure) Engineer familiar with DNS to add a CNAME record for your subdomain.

Does Insightly Marketing support reCAPTCHA?

Yes. reCAPTCHA is a free service developed by Google that assists in protecting websites from spam and abuse. reCAPTCHA allows web hosts to distinguish between human and automated access to websites; reCAPTCHA is used with form handlers to prevent spam form submissions. Insightly Marketing utilizes reCAPTCHA v3.