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  • Model and automate business processes
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Insightly Onboarding and Premier Success Plans

Your success is our success at Insightly. And companies that are aligned across CRM, Marketing, and Support drive 2.5x more revenue than companies that are slow to align, share data, and communicate quickly. Guided Onboarding and Premier Success are designed to help you maximize your investment in Insightly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can a CRM help me drive more sales for my business?

A CRM helps capture customer data and automate sales functions, so you can create more velocity through your sales process. For example, if you don’t use a CRM, you might be capturing information on notes, or in Google sheets or docs. A CRM helps all your customer-facing teams understand and leverage customer data to help drive sales. It’s even more important in a remote-first or hybrid environment, in which information is best centralized. 

If I am running a small business, do I need a CRM?

Absolutely! Companies of all sizes benefit from a CRM. And in fact, if you are a small business, a CRM can help you organize and track pipelines so that you can do more to drive sales. If you have customers, you can benefit from CRM. Even if your customer base is small, no one can track every single interaction and keep all customer status up to date. It’s a powerful business tool that streamlines processes, gives valuable business insights, and virtually connects employees at your company so they can collaborate as a team, in real time. That’s something businesses of any size can use.

Is Insightly customizable?

One of Insightly’s greatest benefits is how quickly and easily it can be customized, without the need for armies of IT and administrators to update it! Many of our customers have told us that they were able to quickly get up to speed on customization even if they had never used a CRM before. Insightly is built to be customized to suit the needs of your business. 

What are the benefits of marketing automation?

Marketing automation software saves time and resources by streamlining and automating tasks and processes that marketers would otherwise do manually or not at all. It helps users to save time, produce better results, reduce human error, and use data to target specific groups. At the same time, it can increase your engagement with your leads, help convert more leads faster, provide ROI and data on your campaigns, and show how leads interact with your marketing assets.

Is marketing automation only for big companies?

Not at all! Companies of all sizes want to create awareness, generate leads, and communicate with prospects and existing customers. Insightly’s Marketing application makes it easy for large and small companies to align marketing and sales teams around metrics that matter and build their business efficiently.

What are the benefits of a customer service application?

You want every interaction your customer service team has to be a positive one. You can help them achieve that goal by providing a software platform that allows them to close tickets faster and deliver personalized experiences.

What is Insightly Service?

Insightly Service is a key part of Insightly’s unified suite of customer relationship management applications. It’s a service and support application that’s built natively within Insightly, connecting seamlessly with all the applications you use today to run your business. What does that mean to you? Mission-critical customer data is available to all your teams, in real time, empowering them to have more relevant conversations that drive customer satisfaction and success.

What is Insightly AppConnect?

Insightly AppConnect is an integration automation application that makes it easy to build sophisticated integrations and workflows between Insightly CRM and hundreds of applications you use across your entire organization.

Why should I consider buying Insightly All-in-One?

Insightly’s CRM, Marketing, and Service applications are built to provide insights for all teams in a single platform.  New customers get up to 30% off the cost of Insightly CRM, Marketing, Service, and AppConnect when they purchase the platform.