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Minimum per year, or 10%

(All prices USD)

Included features


Online Community access

Quarterly CEO webinars

Onboarding program

Email support in under six hours

Phone support

Customer Success Manager

Admin Training

Semiannual account reviews



Minimum per year, or 15%

(All prices USD)

Included features


Online Community access

Quarterly CEO webinars

Onboarding program

Email support in under an hour

Priority phone support

Senior Customer Success Manager


Quarterly account reviews

Marketing campaign workshops

To speak with a Success expert, call: 1-888-999-4039

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Online Community access

Quarterly CEO webinars

Onboarding program

Email support

<6 hour response <1 hour response

Phone support
(4am-7pm PST)

Customer Success Manager

Senior manager


Admin only All users

Account reviews

Semiannually Quarterly

Marketing campaign workshopsInsightly’s team will help you build your advanced features

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Choosing a Support & Service Plan

Customer success is our top priority at Insightly. Our Support & Service Plans provide guidance, phone support, and training to help you get the most from Insightly Marketing. We’ll proactively align our rapid innovation with your ever-changing needs. Whatever you want to achieve there’s a plan that’s perfect for you, and it’s delivered by an Insightly employee, no third parties.

Support & Service Plans connect you with our team of product experts to ensure Insightly Marketing helps you achieve your business goals. All customers have access to email-based support, Insightly’s comprehensive Help Center, and Community forums. For additional support and customer success resources, we offer the following Support & Service Plans.

Premium Plan

Designed to help you get started quickly, ensuring long-term adoption and growth.

  • Direct access to an Insightly product expert
  • Quick response time for support questions
  • Proactive adoption program
  • Personalized training for your admins

Ultimate Plan

Implement and adopt rapidly, ensuring your Marketing strategy aligns with your business needs and sales cycle to maximize the growth of your business.

  • Direct access to a senior product expert
  • Top priority support
  • Customized training for all users
  • Quarterly account reviews
  • Advanced campaign workshops

Frequently asked questions

Which Support & Service Plan is best for my business?

We strongly recommend a Support & Service Plan for all Insightly users, so we’ll work with you to determine which program fits your company best based on marketing experience, employee count, and company goals.

Why do I need a Customer Success Manager?

An Insightly Customer Success Manager (CSM) is a product expert who will partner with you to implement Insightly successfully and ensure your team adopts Insightly fully. They will develop an in-depth understanding of your business and provide personalized guidance throughout your Insightly experience.

How will we work together?

Included in your Support & Service Plan are a number of video conference sessions hosted by your designated CSM. Possible topics include:
Platform training for admins and users Configuring your account to fit your business structure Reviewing your team’s adoption and usage metrics Training and implementation of new platform features New feature configuration and implementation Scaling Insightly as your business grows
These sessions are recorded and shared with you in a follow-up email alongside other useful resources.

How do Support & Service Plans work across products?

You will receive the same ongoing benefit, from the same Customer Success Manager, for both our CRM and Marketing products when you purchase and use them together. We find that our customers grow faster when they have us proactively helping them to continually align our rapid innovation with their changing business needs.

What is an Account Review?

The Account Review is a key part of all of our Support & Service Plans. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will conduct a full review of your account to ensure you are utilizing Insightly’s full capabilities, provide an account synopsis with recommended areas of focus, and ensure that Insightly continues to grow with your business.

Is Insightly’s Onboarding Program different from a Support & Service Plan?

Yes. The Insightly Onboarding Program is specific to first-time Insightly customers who are focused on configuring Insightly, driving successful adoption, and accelerating time to value.

Do I get access to the Insightly Onboarding Program with a Support & Service Plan?

Yes. By subscribing to a paid Support & Service Plan you gain access to the Insightly Onboarding Program.

How long does the Onboarding Program take to complete?

Onboarding varies from one business to the next, but it typically takes 30–45 days or 4–8 meetings with a Customer Success Manager. During your initial kickoff call with your Customer Success Manager, they’ll assess your marketing needs and provide a clearer timeline to graduate from the Onboarding Program.

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