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Enhancing Pediatric Behavioral Health with Insightly

With Insightly CRM, Bend Health optimizes operations and enhances patient engagement

In the world of pediatric behavioral health, managing data privacy is paramount. Meet Allison Kundu, Senior Vice President of Marketing, and Geoff Bremner, CMO at Bend Health, a pioneering provider dedicated to supporting the mental health of kids, teens, young adults and their families. 


Find an affordable, HIPAA-compliant platform to assist with patient outreach and onboarding, while also allowing for seamless integration to our electronic health records. 


Insightly’s HIPAA-compliant CRM with an intuitive workflow and process automation functionality, plus AppConnect for integrations.


By Implementing Insightly, Bend Health was able to optimize operations, enhance patient engagement, and ensure protection of PHI. Knowing the personal health information of kids and families is safe,  the team can spend more time building lasting relationships and help kids and families feel better.

Bend Health’s journey with Insightly has proven to be highly cost-effective and easy to implement when compared to other HIPAA-compliant platforms.

Geoff Bremner CMO, Bend Health

“At Bend Health, our primary focus is on getting our members into care seamlessly,” Allison explains. “With pediatric behavioral health, we navigate complex dynamics involving parents, caregivers, and patients. Insightly has become our cornerstone for tracking everything—from onboarding to scheduling appointments.”

Geoff elaborates, “Insightly’s CRM capabilities empower our operations team to orchestrate outreach efforts and guide families through the onboarding process efficiently. But what sets Insightly apart from a marketing perspective is its HIPAA-compliant features, allowing us to embed referral forms directly into our public website. This unique capability enables referrals safely and securely.”

Their decision to choose a modern CRM like Insightly over other platforms like Salesforce was clear. “We evaluated several options and what attracted us to Insightly was a combination of affordability, ease of implementation and customization,” Geoff explains. “Moreover, the fact that Insightly is HIPAA compliant sets it apart from other cloud-based marketing solutions.”

Allison emphasizes the critical role of compliance, especially in light of evolving regulations. “New rules by HHS heightened the importance of data privacy,” she notes. “Insightly ensures that all communications and data exchange remain within a HIPAA-compliant environment, safeguarding patient information.”

Allison highlights Insightly’s robust AppConnect feature, which proved instrumental in furthering Bend Health’s growth and innovation goals. “Insightly’s AppConnect feature emerged as a game-changer,” she says. “It enabled seamless integration between our electronic health record database and Insightly, empowering us to streamline member communications effectively.” 

This integration not only enhanced operational efficiency but also facilitated real-time data exchange, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for personalized member interactions. With Insightly’s unwavering support and innovative solutions like AppConnect, Bend Health continues to elevate its standard of care and drive positive outcomes for pediatric behavioral health.

Their success metrics reflect the transformative impact of Insightly. “We measure success based on the efficiency of our onboarding process and the percentage of members in care,” Geoff explains. “Insightly’s automation capabilities enable us to track each step of the journey, ensuring timely follow-ups and engagements.”

Looking ahead, Bend Health aims to further leverage Insightly’s potential. “While we primarily use it for operational management and patient engagement, we see opportunities to expand into B2B relationships,” Allison says. “Insightly’s customization and integration capabilities align with our vision of delivering comprehensive pediatric mental health solutions.”

As they continue their journey with Insightly, Allison, Geoff, and the Bend Health team remain committed to breaking barriers in pediatric behavioral health. With Insightly as their trusted partner, they’re poised to make a positive impact on the mental health of kids, teens, and young adults nationwide.

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