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Industry-leading sports flooring company doubles revenue and streamlines processes

Industry-leading sports flooring company more than doubles revenue and streamlines processes with Insightly CRM, Marketing, and AppConnect

Sport Court is an industry-leading modular sports flooring designer and builder serving both residential and commercial customers across the U.S. and in more than 170 countries. Since 1974, Sport Court has installed more than 50,000 courts worldwide and has become the world’s largest court builder. Across all of the company’s locations, Sport Court is dedicated to providing lasting, safe, quality courts that create memories and foster talent.

Sport Court’s Las Vegas location, owned and operated by Miles Reynolds, provides multi-use courts for up to 15 sports, like backyard or indoor basketball courts, home tennis courts, pickleball courts, and much more. Each court is customizable to the customer’s preferred game, dimensions, colors, and accessories. 

Prior to Insightly, Sport Court Las Vegas struggled to implement efficient and sustainable business processes that would allow the company to grow and scale. 

“I’ve been in business for 15 years and hit a revenue ceiling five years ago. I was at a place where I either needed to shut my doors or do something different,” said Reynolds. “ I really needed a tool that would put my business under a microscope and help me identify where the gaps might be.”



Sport Court Las Vegas needed a fully-customizable, scalable CRM and marketing solution that would support their unique business needs and enable them to reach and exceed their revenue goals.  


Customizable projects and pipelines, paired with the ability to seamlessly integrate with marketing automation and third-party applications like QuickBooks and PandaDoc, made Insightly the perfect solution for Sport Court Las Vegas.


By Implementing Insightly, Sport Court Las Vegas grew revenue by 242%, created lean systems and processes, and improved customer service.


Miles Reynolds Owner, Sport Court Las Vegas

Customizable projects and pipelines

Having clear visibility into where each customer is in the sales process and what tasks should be completed was one of Reynolds’ biggest challenges before Insightly. Unlike other CRMs that Reynolds’ considered, Insightly’s user interface (UI) is intuitive and easily customizable to fit the exact needs of his unique business. 

“With Insightly, we can seamlessly track every phase of our sales and delivery process, from when the customer calls us to sending them a package before we start the project to when we show up for the installation, and finally throwing a grand opening party in the neighborhood once the court is installed,” Reynolds said. 

Delivery on what is promised and providing exceptional customer experience is essential to staying in business and growing revenue. With Insightly’s project management functionality and customizable pipelines, Reynolds can quickly and easily manage the flow and delivery of projects in real-time – enabling him to provide a quality of customer service that matches the quality of his products. 

“Within seconds, I can see what tasks need to be followed up on, if quotes need to be sent, and if a project needs to be moved to the next stage,” says Reynolds. “The way that Insightly’s pipelines are designed really allows me to deep dive into my business, keep projects moving along, and hold everyone accountable.”

Staying in front of prospects and customers 

Marketing is a critical part of any growing business, including Sport Court Las Vegas. In order to break through his five-year revenue ceiling, Reynolds knew he would have to invest in a marketing automation tool to help him engage new customers and stay top of mind for potential upsell or resell opportunities. 

By adding Insightly Marketing to the mix, Reynolds is able to access and leverage the customer data from Insightly CRM to create automated email campaigns. “Customers, in general, are busy and have a life outside of their relationship with us and our product,” says Reynolds. “That’s why we’ve set up a constant email drip campaign with previous customers in Insightly Marketing – because sometimes customers will call me after six months, a year, or even five years down the road when they’re ready to build a new custom home. We need to be sure we’re not forgotten about in that time.”

Personalizing interactions

Today’s buyers expect personalized experiences with the brands they purchase from. Sport Court’s customers love sports, but usually not all sports. With Insightly Marketing, Reynolds is able to personalize his marketing approach to different sets of customers. 

“If a customer purchases a backyard pickleball court, we want to send them tailored content that is relevant to their preferred game,” says Reynolds. “We segment customers into groups based on their purchase history and send email campaigns with content, for example, only specific to pickleball if that’s what they purchased from us.”

Streamlining processes with integrations and automations 

Reynolds knew that in order to create lean processes and scale his business that he’d need to tap into the power of automation. With AppConnect, Insightly’s integration platform, Reynolds was able to seamlessly integrate Insightly CRM with the other important applications he uses every day to run his business. “Our two most important integrations are with QuickBooks and PandaDoc,” Reynolds says. “We’ve streamlined sending proposals, triggering deposits, follow-up retainers, and so many other things that keep our pipeline moving.”

Choosing a CRM for manufacturing and a creating a CRM strategy for manufacturing around our needs at Sport Court has made all the difference.


By leveraging automation, Reynolds and his team have eliminated repetitive, routine tasks and freed up time to focus on what matters most, delivering great customer experiences. “All of these systems and processes have taken away all of the things that were draining to me and given more freedom to truly put our customers first.”

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