Bundle & Save: Introducing Insightly All-in-One

Company News

Insightly launched over a decade ago as a CRM provider, with a focus on the needs of SMB and mid-market customers. Since its inception, Insightly has expanded to deliver a comprehensive solution to help customers deliver great experiences and grow their businesses. 

Today, the full platform from Insightly includes:

  • Insightly CRM – a powerful, robust application to centralize customer data, communicate cross-functionally, and close more deals.
  • Insightly Marketing – a feature-rich marketing automation platform to help teams create engaging customer journeys and grow pipeline.
  • Insightly Service – a customer service ticketing platform designed to elevate the support experience and exceed customer expectations.
  • AppConnect – a low-code/no-code integration application connecting Insightly to hundreds of applications used by businesses today.

While Insightly CRM, Marketing, and Service are powerful tools individually, customers can capture exceptional value when they use the entire platform to share information and create consistency in the experiences they deliver to their customers.

And there’s a good reason why a unified platform approach is so important. In a recent study of more than 500 go-to-marketing professionals, over one-third (36%) of companies with completely aligned technology and customer data across their marketing, sales, and customer success teams saw a significant increase in revenue last year, compared to just 14% of those with less alignment. The message is clear: alignment drives growth.

How do teams align around a single view of the customer

All-in-one used by teams.

In practical terms, using a modern, unified data platform empowers teams to develop a shared understanding of the customer so that relationships can be nurtured and teams have higher standards of communication related to customer status and expectations. 

For example, a customer might be going through a renewal process, and as growth teams and CSMs develop strategic recommendations related to what the customer may need to build their business, they will want to gain a full picture of what interactions the customer has recently had with their organization. Has the customer recently viewed a webinar on dashboards and reporting to learn more about how to track and measure their business? How many open support tickets do they have, and what severity are those tickets? When was their last Quarterly Business Review (QBR)? What were they pitched in last year’s renewal? What marketing campaigns did they view and/or respond to? 

All of these individual data points add up to a much richer view of the interactions that cross-functional teams have had with that customer, and as account teams create a plan to help the customer grow, all of this information delivers a holistic view of how best to serve that customer and their needs. 

In non-aligned organizations, these data points would be across many platforms with different logins. With a unified platform, all teams would have access to this data.

Creating an even stronger, integrated customer view

With the addition of AppConnect, Insightly can integrate data with the hundreds of applications that companies use every single day. Because AppConnect is a low-code/no-code integration engine, it puts the power of integrating applications right into the hands of practitioners across the organization who understand exactly what they want to do to deliver even better experiences by capturing the right data and getting it into the CRM. Companies no longer have to get integrations prioritized into engineering queues and wait for lengthy approval processes; they are able to ideate and act on what’s best for customer much faster than even before. Connect Insightly with financial applications (QuickBooks, NetSuite), communication tools (Slack, Microsoft Teams), IT applications (JIRA), sales tools (SalesLoft, 6sense), and HR applications (Bamboo). By removing the complexity around creating and maintaining integrations, AppConnect empowers organizations to break down silos and harness shared information to improve customer experiences and drive revenue. 

Why Insightly All-in-One?

Up until now, customers could purchase one or more products from Insightly at the listed price. Insightly All-in-One is a new option that provides all of Insightly’s products, CRM, Marketing, Service, and AppConnect, packaged together at a discounted price. 

Customers can still choose the level that they want – Plus, Professional or Enterprise. Each option includes thresholds for the products as detailed below. 

Plus includes:

  • Two Insightly CRM users 
  • Insightly Marketing with 2k contacts
  • Email volumes of 5X total contacts
  • Two Insightly Service users
  • 25K AppConnect tasks a month

Professional includes:

  • Five Insightly CRM users 
  • Insightly Marketing with 10k contacts
  • Email volumes of 10X total contacts
  • Five Insightly Service users
  • 25K AppConnect tasks a month

Enterprise includes :

  • Ten Insightly CRM users 
  • Insightly Marketing with 20k contacts
  • Email volumes of 15X total contacts
  • Ten Insightly Service users
  • 100K AppConnect tasks a month

Use of the Insightly mobile apps for Insightly CRM (for Apple or Android) and Insightly Service (for Apple or Android) is included at all plan levels.

Ensuring success with Insightly All-in-One

Whether you’re coming off spreadsheets, a home-grown system, or other sales, marketing and service applications, implementing four applications may seem daunting. Regardless of your path, the Insightly team is here to help. When you choose Insightly All-in-One, the purchase of a guided onboarding plan and a premier success plan is required. This is so that Insightly can ensure that customers are set up for success and growth. It has been widely reported that nearly 70% of CRM implementations fail. To ensure yours is not one of these, Insightly gives you the help you need. 

While the purchase of individual applications from Insightly will continue to be available, viewing the platform as a suite of applications designed to work together and using it as the source of truth for all customer-facing interactions has driven growth for Insightly customers. Insightly All-in-One can do the same for your business.

How to get started with Insightly All-in-One

To view pricing, visit the CRM pricing page and select the tab for Insightly All-in-One. If you’re ready to test drive just Insightly CRM, you can start with a free trial. To see a personalized tour of all four products in action, request a live demo with an Insightly team member.