How Insightly Uses Insightly: The Power of One Unified Platform

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The fiercely competitive landscape among Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, like much of the B2B SaaS industry, means finding a way to stand out among competitors is paramount. At Insightly, one thing that truly sets us apart is that we don’t just sell our products; our teams use the platforms we sell and, yes, we even love doing so. (It’s no wonder that our tagline is “modern, scalable CRM your teams will love.”) 

With over 1.5 million users worldwide, Insightly delivers a platform that empowers companies to build lasting relationships with their customers and take their businesses to the next level with a powerful CRM, marketing automation, a customer service app, and an integration tool.

Our internal teams utilize Insightly CRM, Insightly Marketing, Insightly Service, and AppConnect every single day. That commitment to using our own product is a testament to our belief in the value, power, and overall capabilities of Insightly.

By using our own tools, we are able to gain firsthand insights into the user experience, identify pain points, and uncover potential areas for improvement. Our teams actively test and validate new features, functionalities, and integrations, ensuring they align with customer needs as well as our own internal needs as a fast-growing SaaS business.

To put it simply, we practice what we preach, and yes, we drink our own champagne.

Running our sales operation with Insightly CRM

sales pipeline in Insightly CRM.

Insightly CRM is at the heart of everything we do. It plays a pivotal role in streamlining operations, not just for the sales team but across the company. Our flagship product helps our team make data-driven decisions and provide exceptional customer service at every stage of their journey.

Some of the team’s most-used features include:

  • Lead Management: Our Sales Ops team collects leads in multiple ways, including website forms, email inquiries, and paid and organic social media interactions. We then track and categorize leads, ensuring each lead is assigned to the right person and nurtured throughout the sales process.
  • Opportunity Management: When a lead signals intent for a conversion, it is converted into an opportunity. From there, our Sales team is assigned tasks and sent reminders to follow up with open opportunities, ensuring no potential deal slips through the cracks.
  • Dashboards/Reporting: The Insightly team relies on custom dashboards and reporting features to monitor and measure performance across many business areas. Our Marketing and Sales teams use these features daily for a real-time look at their combined efforts.
  • Mobile Access: Our team can always stay connected with mobile access to Insightly CRM. This feature has been extremely helpful since our team is fully remote and always on the go.

Our use case provides real-life examples of how other teams can harness a modern CRM‘s power for business success. Our team has helped businesses across different industries successfully implement their CRM system to meet their unique needs based on how we use the very same system.

Driving leads with Insightly Marketing

Every marketer dreams of having a set of marketing automation tools that can drive leads, convert them into sales, and optimize spend. When that platform shares data with the CRM, marketing and sales teams see vast improvements in communication. Insightly Marketing is the perfect pairing with Insightly CRM, creating next-level alignment between our Marketing and Sales teams and giving us the tools to achieve our goals. 

With Insightly Marketing, our team can create impactful campaigns that engage and convert prospects into customers. Some of our favorite features include:

  • Email Marketing: With a library of pre-built email templates, our team designs and sends multiple weekly emails to targeted and segmented audiences. We also have the option to customize templates with an easy-to-use, intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Landing Pages: We utilize high-quality, visually appealing landing pages designed to convert visitors to leads from our marketing efforts and campaigns. Our marketing team captures interest and engagement with embedded forms on those landing pages for lead and demand generation efforts.
  • Journey Builder: Our Marketing Ops team creates customer journeys that allow us to automate recurring marketing workflows, like sending emails, updating a Prospect’s contact data, and more.

Delivering excellent customer experience with Insightly Service

One of Insightly’s core values is that we strive to make customers happy, so we know the importance of delivering superior customer service. The best way for us to do that was to offer a service and support application built natively within Insightly.

Insightly Service is a key part of our unified suite. This service and support ticketing product was built to bring together all customer touch points. From customer service to marketing, CRM, and project management, our team has a unified customer view to guide customer success and strengthen long-term relationships proactively. When marketers and salespeople are exposed to pending support tickets and issues, it helps them better understand the customer experience and use that knowledge to inform the early stages of the customer journey.

Our team uses Insightly Service to manage customer issues effectively and efficiently with help from:

  • Automated Macros: Personal and shared macros make it easy for our team to close tickets faster than ever. The Support & Success teams use macros for common issues and questions, allowing them to resolve issues quickly.
  • SLA Countdowns: Our team utilizes highly-visible SLA countdown and automated, custom reminders within the platform to help manage customer issues. This feature allows our team to meet and exceed performance standards set by leadership.
  • Customizable Dashboard Cards: Like many of the teams at Insightly, customized data dashboards are integral to team success. These cards allow the Support & Success Teams to analyze tickets by channel and team member and track real-time performance against KPIs. 

Integrating our business with Insightly AppConnect

Rounding out Insightly’s product offerings is AppConnect. We use AppConnect to create workflows across Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, and Support & Success to maximize the power of our Insightly CRM data.

Insightly AppConnect delivers hundreds of pre-built connectors to apps we and other businesses use most frequently. The best parts? Drag-and-drop simplicity, automated error handling, built-in versioning, and instant deployment allow our team to quickly build and run sophisticated integrations.

Automated data transfer eliminates the need to manually enter data or write complex code.

Our most-loved integrations include:

  • Slack: The Insightly and Slack integration is used internally to celebrate wins with automatic alerts about closed/won deals. The automations send a notification to our team channel and allow for faster communication and collaboration.
  • Drift: We use the Drift integration to convert conversations into Insightly tasks. When contacts have chats with one of our team members in Drift, tasks are automatically added to their matching Insightly record.
  • Jira: With our Jira integration, our Engineering team can update and assign Jira issues directly from Insightly. This helps to minimize the time spent switching between platforms.

Putting it all together with Insightly All-in-One

While Insightly CRM, Marketing, and Service are powerful tools individually, together, they are even more powerful.

The true power of Insightly lies in our All-In-One solution, our newest product offering. We recently bundled the products together because of the immense benefits we found when using the full platform. With seamless data flow between different departments, Insightly teams can collaborate effectively and make informed decisions. 

Insightly All-in-One provides all of Insightly’s products, CRM, Marketing, Service, and AppConnect, packaged together at a discounted price. 

Practical examples from our team

Insightly CRM on mobile device.

What does this all look like in practice? Here are a few examples:

  • A marketer is seeking a happy customer for a testimonial. With a shared platform, marketers can see which customers have started using newly released features of the platform and therefore would be primed for an interview.
  • A salesperson wants to upsell a new feature to an existing customer, but notices in the shared platform that the customer has several open support tickets. Perhaps it’s best to wait for resolution on those issues before reaching out to a potentially frustrated customer. 
  • A customer support team member sees that a customer is not using a feature or add-on that they paid for. They can see in the marketing platform that it was purchased as part of a bundle offering so the customer may not be aware of the potential of that add-on. 

If you’re ready to sell smarter, grow faster, and build lasting customer relationships, it’s a great time to check out Insightly. Get started with a free trial of Insightly CRM today, watch a demo-on-demand of all of the Insightly apps at your convenience, or request a personalized demo to see how your team can benefit from using all or part of the Insightly platform.