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Choose an Insightly Partner to help with your CRM and marketing automation tasks, or become an Insightly Referral Partner and expand your service offerings and grow your revenue. Either way, you win!

What is the Insightly Partner Program?

The Insightly Partner Program is a community of businesses that offer CRM implementation and management services, marketing automation implementation and management services, and more to businesses of all sizes in all types of industries.

The types of businesses that may be Insightly Partners include:

  • CRM consultants
  • Digital marketing agencies
  • Training and enablement consultants
  • System integrators
  • IT consultants
  • Value added resellers

Why would a business work with an Insightly partner?

If your organization is ready to maximize the power of Insightly CRM but is lacking the people, bandwidth and skills necessary to effectively manage a CRM platform, an Insightly partner might be ideal. It is pretty common for a business to outsource this type of work so the business and its best people can continue working in their roles to build and grow. This is why Insightly created the partner program: to provide a network of trusted resources for businesses like yours. 

While the program has existed informally for years with businesses offering services, Insightly officially launched its Partner Program in the fall of 2023. Out of the gate, the number of partners has exceeded expectations and the community has grown rapidly. 

How do firms and agencies benefit from a CRM partner program?

Creating long-term, sticky relationships is the key to success for integration firms, marketing agencies, IT services providers and the like. Retainer-based relationships are ideal in that it allows businesses to plan and budget for staffing needs over time. Being an Insightly partner allows you to operate the platform that is central to your clients – their CRM. They’ll rely on your business year in and year out to sustain their operation, putting you in a position to cultivate long-term client relationships. 

Providing services to operate a marketing automation platform for your clients is similar in that it is a vital tool for the growth and long-term success of your clients. 

How do Insightly partners help their clients?

Insightly partners provide services to businesses of all sizes and in all types of industries. These services can include:

Insightly CRM support – A partner can help your organization onboard with Insightly CRM, teach your team about the tool, and walk each team member through the CRM step-by-step. A partner agency will help optimize your CRM, assess the customizations you will need to create them, and also assess and set up integrations. A CRM is a powerful tool, and it can take some time to master. Your partner is your first call when you have issues or problems with the system that require a helping hand.

Insightly Marketing support – Using a marketing automation platform multiplies your marketing efforts. With automations for lead nurtures, forms, landing pages, and more, your marketing efforts are ‘always on’ and always working to warm up leads for your sales team. An Insightly partner can help set up onboard and implement Insightly Marketing, and may offer services to provide content, creative, and operations services to maximize your investment. 

Should you work with an Insightly partner?

A frequently asked question is about whether or not a business should work directly with Insightly, or start a relationship with an Insightly partner. The question is a matter of personal choice for every business. A partner is typically an agency, services firm, consulting firm, integration firm, or IT firm. If your business is working with a firm like this, they will typically be providing you with multiple services and therefore having them run your Insightly CRM and/or Insightly Marketing Automation instance would be a natural extension of their services. It would be seen as a convenience to have these services bundled for you. 

Additionally, if your business doesn’t have any technical resources on board, it may be much more cost effective to have an Insightly partner run your CRM. The alternative is having to hire, train and maintain someone in that type of role on your own payroll. 

Another use case is to have one person on your team in a technical role, and to use the relationship you have with an Insightly partner as that person’s back-up, sounding board and helper in times of need. 

How can I find and select an Insightly partner?

Just like when you are hiring a new team member, finding the right person or group of people to be your Insightly partner is vital. The Insightly partner you pick could seem like an ideal fit on paper, but a full interview process is important. These are people you will work with on a daily basis. They will be close to all your data and your employees. You’ll work side by side on countless projects. In short, you are looking for someone or a group that is a good cultural fit with your business.

Your Insightly partner is a group that you will build with and should feel like an extension of your in-house team. In short order, they should understand your business, your operations, your leads /prospects /customers, and the challenges your business faces.  An alignment on core values is ideal, and a genuine good rapport will go a long way. 

One question we often field is about geography: Should your chosen Insightly partner be geographically nearby? This often depends on your business. If your workforce is distributed and your team is used to using remote-enablement tools for communication (e.g. Zoom, Slack, Teams) you’ll likely find that the location of your partner is irrelevant. (That said, being within a few time zones can be convenient.) If your employees are in-person each day in a single location, face-to-face culture may dominate in your organization. As such, you might want to find a partner that can be in person frequently. 

Contact Insightly to discuss the best partner for your business needs.

How do I become an Insightly Partner?

The first step to becoming an Insightly Partner is to be an Insightly customer. You and your team should be expert users of all apps in the platform for which you would like to provide services. Further you should understand the value each supported app in the platform provides to businesses and the end-users. From there, the application process starts with a visit to the Insightly Partner Program information page; for ease of use by potential partners, the application process is managed via PartnerStack

Where can I get more information about the Insightly Partner Program?

You can find out more details about the program on the Insightly Partner Program information page. For ease of use by potential partners, the application process is managed via PartnerStack