Unlock Deeper Data Insights with Custom Reports

Optimize data analysis for strategic growth.

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is crucial for storing customer data as it centralizes information, fostering efficient communication and personalized interactions. Businesses risk missing valuable insights, trends, and opportunities without analyzing and reporting on collected data. Ineffective decision-making reduces customer satisfaction, and missed growth prospects could hinder business success.

Custom reports are a powerful tool to combat the above issue. They allow your team to gain actionable insights and custom visualizations generated from your CRM data. Whether in sales, marketing, healthcare, finance, or other industries, custom reports can help you unlock more robust insights and a deeper understanding of business processes, customer interactions, and overall performance.

Understanding Custom Reports

Unlike standard, out-of-the-box reports, custom reports enable organizations to drill down into their CRM data’s intricacies, uncovering insights tailored to their specific goals and challenges. This flexibility is crucial for businesses with diverse operations, as it empowers them to extract the most relevant and actionable information from their CRM systems. Choosing a highly customizable CRM that includes the ability to create these reports can make all the difference, especially in competitive industries.

For example, a solar company might want to create custom reports to analyze and track key metrics such as installation completion times, customer satisfaction levels, and the performance of specific solar products in various geographical regions. By creating reports for these criteria, the company can gain insights into its operations’ efficiency, identify improvement areas, and strategically allocate resources. Utilizing custom reports can also help them assess the return on investment for different projects, optimize their sales and marketing efforts, and ensure a more personalized approach to addressing customer needs, ultimately contributing to the company’s success in the competitive solar industry.

Setting Up Custom Reports in Insightly CRM

Using Insightly’s advanced reporting, you can choose which fields to display in a report. Further, customize the report with filtering and summary options. Once finished, save and share the reports. You can create custom reports for standard and custom objects.

To create a custom report in Insightly:

  1. Navigate to the Reports tab in the left navigation menu
  2. Next, click the New Report button in the upper right. 
  3. Select a report type from the list and click Create.
  4. Using Drag and drop functionality, select the fields you want from the Report Fields list to add them to your report.
    1. You may add up to 30 fields. The grid will preview the first 200 items as you build your report.
  5. Drag and drop your desired fields from the list to the Report Filters and Parameters area, or click the Add a Filter Row link for easy filtering. This will expand or narrow your search within the report.
    1. You may add up to 8 filters.
    2. Filtering is not case-sensitive.
  6. If you need to edit or remove a filter, click the Edit or Remove button.
  7. Apply Boolean filter logic by clicking the Configure Filter Logic icon. 
  8. To customize your report view, drag column headers left or right to move or group the columns. No longer need that column? Simply click the X next to the field name to delete it, or click a single column header to change the order.
  9. From here, you can Add Summary Row to see calculated summaries for numeric fields or Click Chart to add a chart to your report.
  10. Save the report by clicking Save.


The Benefits of Custom Reports

Custom reports ensure that organizations focus on the data that truly matters to them. By tailoring reports to specific criteria, businesses can avoid information overload and concentrate on KPIs that align with their strategic objectives. Custom reports also give decision-makers the insights they need to make strategic choices based on real-time data. This streamlined data analysis allows information to be presented in a format that is easy to understand, saving time and enhancing productivity.

Custom reports in CRM represent a strategic approach to data analysis, providing organizations with the tools they need to extract actionable insights from their CRM systems. Customization allows businesses to tailor their CRM systems to their unique needs, fostering efficiency, agility, and informed decision-making. As industries across the board continue to recognize the value of custom reports, the role of CRM in driving business success is likely to become even more pronounced in the years to come.


The strategic use of custom reports in CRM enhances data analysis and decision-making while contributing to the organization’s overall efficiency and success. See how to make the most of your data with Insightly CRM. Watch a demo on demand, or schedule a personalized Insightly demo with a team member today.