Easy Implementation Salesforce CRM Alternative

Go live faster and get to ROI sooner.

When shopping for the ideal customer relationship management (CRM) solution, one factor that often becomes a make-or-break consideration is the time it takes to transition from selection to full implementation. Salesforce, a giant in the CRM landscape, is known for its full suite of features. Unfortunately, it is also well-known for its more extended implementation period. 

Implementing a CRM system involves several key steps to ensure a seamless transition and maximize effectiveness. First, data migration is crucial, requiring the accurate transfer of existing customer information. Next, customization involves tailoring the CRM to align with specific business processes and requirements. User training empowers the team to utilize the CRM’s features effectively. A pilot program may be implemented to test the system with a small group before full deployment. Ongoing monitoring and optimization help refine the CRM’s performance, ensuring it evolves alongside the organization’s changing needs.

Challenges of Salesforce’s Lengthy Implementation Times

The extended implementation times associated with Salesforce can pose significant challenges for businesses. Prolonged onboarding periods may result in delayed access to crucial CRM features, impacting the efficiency of sales and customer management teams. Moreover, extended implementations often come with increased costs in terms of resources dedicated to the process and potential disruptions to ongoing operations. Unsurprisingly, these challenges have businesses considering alternatives to Salesforce.

A study by GTM Partners, an independent go-to-market analyst firm, explored how organizations derive value from their CRM investment. On average, businesses investing in Salesforce face a lengthy 3.7 months to full implementation, compared to just 1.1 months of onboarding time when choosing Insightly CRM.

Insightly’s Rapid Onboarding Advantage

By opting to switch from Salesforce to Insightly, businesses gain access to a feature-rich CRM solution and benefit from a more efficient and expedited onboarding experience. The sooner teams can familiarize themselves with the platform, the faster they can integrate it into their workflows, enhancing overall productivity and operational efficiency.

With a shorter average onboarding time than CRM Market Leaders (Salesforce and HubSpot), businesses can swiftly transition from the selection phase to actively leveraging Insightly’s features, ensuring a faster realization of value and return on investment. 

Faster Go Live Time

Go-live time in CRM refers to when the system is officially launched and operational for users. It involves finalizing data migration, configuring settings, training users, and ensuring all components work seamlessly. A successful go-live marks the commencement of regular use, streamlining processes, and enhancing business operations.

Insightly emerges as a front-runner by outperforming two well-known significant competitors in the CRM space regarding go-live time. For businesses, this translates into a quicker implementation process, allowing teams to harness the power of Insightly sooner, streamline operations, and derive value at an accelerated pace.

Lower Perceived Price

Another critical factor in the decision-making process for businesses is the perceived price of a CRM solution. Perceived price in CRM refers to how users subjectively view the cost of a software solution. It considers factors beyond the actual monetary value, encompassing user experience, support, and additional benefits. A lower perceived price indicates that users find the CRM financially advantageous, considering various non-monetary factors in their evaluation.

Insightly excels in this aspect by offering more favorable contract terms. This contributes to cost-effectiveness and positions Insightly as a financially advantageous choice for organizations looking to optimize their budget without compromising on functionality.

Shorter Time to ROI

The synergy of a faster go-live time and a lower perceived price results in a significantly shorter time to Return on Investment (ROI) for Insightly users. According to the GTM Partners study, businesses leveraging Insightly may achieve ROI in as little as half the time compared to major competitors. This rapid realization of value is compelling for organizations looking to maximize efficiency and impact.

Insightly: The Alternative to Lengthy Salesforce Implementation Times

In the competitive landscape of CRM solutions, where time-to-implementation can be a decisive factor, Insightly stands out as a solution that meets and exceeds expectations. Lengthy CRM implementation times hinder operational agility, delaying user access to critical features. Extended onboarding periods can disrupt workflows, impact productivity, and escalate costs. Quick adaptability is crucial in today’s fast-paced business environment, making swift CRM implementation a strategic imperative for organizations aiming to stay competitive and responsive to market dynamics.

Consider Insightly more than just a Salesforce alternative; view it as a strategic choice for propelling your business forward. The combination of faster implementation, lower perceived price, and a robust feature set positions Insightly as a game-changer for organizations seeking rapid results from their CRM investment. 


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