No-code CRM integrations? Explore Insightly AppConnect

Best Practices

Integrating applications is not new; companies have long been integrating their tech stack using tools like AWS Lambda and Zapier. These are complex tools that work very well. However, the desired user experience is moving to low-code/no-code integration solutions that still support robust builds, while offering reliability, speed, and – perhaps most importantly – ease of implementation.

With the CRM being the heart of most businesses, integrations between it and the key tools used throughout the organization is vital. Making CRM integrations simpler and still effective is the new expected user experience.

What does CRM integration look like?

Users don’t want to copy and paste data between apps, upload CSVs, or write complex code. They expect data to move between apps so they can do their jobs with ease. Tasks like sending emails, booking meetings, creating invoices, and transferring orders are expected to be automated.

When selecting a CRM, this is one of the biggest points your team will need to cover. How will your CRM integrate, how will you maintain those integrations, and who will be responsible for them? 

The latter is a kicker, since SaaS applications push out new releases constantly, and your integrations can occasionally break during upgrades. You want easy integrations and the ability to keep them up and running without a developer or IT assistance.

Legacy CRMs and CRM integrations

Legacy CRMs, like Salesforce, have a complex relationship with integrations. If you decide to build a custom Salesforce integration, you’ll need to consider factors like data mapping, what to do with duplicate records, how to handle the Salesforce ID, and batch vs. real time data exchange. These integrations will require a developer or an integration engineer who specializes in Salesforce integrations. 

Using an integration on the Salesforce AppExchange can ameliorate this process. But even that isn’t smooth sailing and will still require an integration specialist. Apps available on the Salesforce AppExchange can be either managed or unmanaged packages. You can make changes to the unmanaged packages, but not to managed packages, so your ability to get the integration to work in your unique environment may be limited.

CRMs like Salesforce are built for the Fortune 500, not for mid-sized businesses with realistic budgets. While an enterprise can absorb six-figure consultant fees and extra hires to facilitate integrations, the average mid-sized business doesn’t have that luxury. 

Making CRM integrations easy

Hiring integrators for CRM integrations contributes to a higher total cost of ownership, which again is fine for Fortune 500 companies, but can be a deterrent for mid-sized business. So when Insightly CRM started looking at ways to facilitate integrations, the goal was ‘no-code’ meaning that virtually anyone in your organization could create one. Using step-by-step guides, or recipes, it would be easy to connect Insightly to apps used in HR, IT, accounting and more.

Insightly partnered with Workato, a leader in enterprise automation with an eye on governance and security. Workato helps automate business workflows across cloud apps, so Insightly built its AppConnect product with Workato ‘under the hood’ to leverage the strength and reliability of an existing platform but deliver it in a convenient way to Insightly users.

Connect to the apps that you already use

With AppConnect, you can easily build automations from Insightly to every other app you use to run your business. At launch, Insightly AppConnect included integrations to 500+ applications. 

That’s a nice number, but the most important integrations are the ones that you use in your business. Some of the most popular integrations are:


  • Quickbooks
  • Xero
  • Sage


  • Workday
  • ADP
  • BambooHR


  • Zoominfo
  • Gong
  • Docusign


  • WordPress
  • Asana
  • PowerBI



  • Slack
  • Okta
  • ServiceNow


  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento

CRM integration success with AppConnect comes quickly

Based in London, the UK Screen Alliance is the trade association that represents companies working in production. They are users of Insightly CRM and AppConnect. 

CEO Neil Hatton says his team can quantify the benefit of having the apps across their business integrated with Insightly CRM using AppConnect. 

For instance, he says monthly invoicing went from a full day of work to 10 minutes of spot checking.

“We’re treating AppConnect as if we’ve gained an extra member of our team,” he said. “We’re a small team. It’s like AppConnect is a silent system. It just gets on with things in the background. That’s given us all more time to focus on working on behalf of our members and delivering the valuable activities they expect from us.” 

See AppConnect in action

To see how easy it is to integrate Insightly CRM using AppConnect, request a free demo today.