Q2–2022: Product updates to Insightly AppConnect, Service, Marketing, and CRM

Product News

During the last few months, the Insightly team has worked diligently to bring a full suite of feature updates to all four Insightly products: CRM, Marketing, Service, and AppConnect. Insightly CEO Anthony Smith showcased all of these new features and improvements to our customers worldwide during the Q2–2022 Product Update webinar while highlighting how these changes can help to drive more value for you and your business. 

Watch the webinar to hear the full set of product updates, or get a summary of Insightly’s new features below.


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What’s new with Insightly AppConnect?

AppConnect is an integration automation platform that allows you to connect Insightly and its data to all the other software applications you use to get work done every day. Out of the box, it includes over 500 pre-built connectors to applications across HR, Finance, IT, Sales, Marketing, Productivity, and Data storage.

Updates to Insightly AppConnect:

  • Added new Marketing, Data Storage, Database Programming Language Connectors
  • No usage or record limits or restrictions on data transfers with AppConnect
  • New bulk action to run an AppConnect integrations across multiple records
  • It’s now much easier to set lookup field values in a recipe in AppConnect


What’s new with Insightly Service?

In September of 2021, Insightly Service was added to the platform. It’s a powerful, yet easy-to-use service and support application that’s built natively within Insightly, connecting seamlessly with all the applications you use today to run your business. Since then, we added a new mobile application for both Apple and Android users, while also updating three key areas of the Service product:

  • Knowledge Base 
  • Ticketing Management
  • Customer Portal 

Knowledge Management Improvements

Insightly’s Knowledge Base is a convenient reference designed to save time and resources for customers. It’s also a great source of all documentation that teams need when learning about the product.

Updates to the Service Knowledge Base within Insightly Service:

  • Reorganize articles in bulk
  • New Insightly API endpoints for knowledge article management
  • Generate a table of contents in an article automatically from a new editor button
  • Archive knowledge articles in bulk from within list views
  • Last published date field to article lists and details
  • New reports available for knowledge base articles

Ticketing Management improvements

Ticketing is at the core of a team’s ability to track, respond to, and manage customer service requests and we have a significant number of feature updates to report here as well.

Updates to ticketing management within Insightly Service:

  • New mobile and tablet applications
  • New API endpoint for Insightly Service
  • @ mention other agents within a ticket comment
  • Ability to see when other agents are viewing or responding to a ticket
  • Automated customer satisfaction surveys
  • Additional capabilities around ticketing merging
  • Improvements to processing incoming emails 
  • Auto-hiding of quoted reply text in the ticket view 
  • Improved visibility of customer service tickets

Customer Portal improvements

Another Insightly Service update is to our community management experience. You can use the customer portal to organize, manage, and order community content like topics and posts, moderate user comments, flag posts and comments as spam, or edit and clean up user-posted content.

Updates to the Customer Portal within Insightly Service:

  • New capabilities for moderating, editing, and approving community posts and comments
  • Insightly now monitors and auto-flags offensive and spam user-generated content using AI to save time
  • Ticket forms in portals can now be completely  customized including custom fields
  • New ability to customize 404 pages


What’s new with Insightly Marketing?

Check out these updates to the behavioral analysis and segmentation functionality of Insightly Marketing.

Segmentation improvements

Segmenting your customer base and targeting a subset of people with exactly the right communications or journey is now easier than ever in Insightly Marketing with powerful new capabilities. Users can now segment and filter prospect’s static and dynamic lists by activities including:

  • Emails sent
  • Journeys completed
  • Forms filled
  • Web pages viewed
  • Links clicked
  • Video’s viewed
  • Emails opened

Email system improvements

Email systems often include security software that opens and scans every incoming email for malicious content and scams. Those automated bot email opens and clicks can cause issues for marketers in journeys and email analytics. 

Insightly Marketing now includes newly added AI-based capabilities to detect and filter out these automated bot clicks and phantom opens so marketing journeys that branch off email opens or clicks work reliably, lead scoring is accurate, and email engagement analytics are correct.


What’s new with Insightly CRM?

The Insightly team has also been working on ways to not just improve each product’s functionality, but also the integration between products. In the past 6 months, we’ve invested heavily in the integration between Insightly Marketing and Insightly CRM to make it more seamless.

New Cross-Object List Filtering Capabilities

Easily combine Marketing data and CRM data together in the Insightly platform with new capabilities in list filtering:

  • Filter CRM contact and organization lists using filter criteria from Insightly Marketing Prospects 
  • Filter Leads in Insightly CRM by using filter criteria from Insightly Marketing Prospects
  • Filter opportunities by the linked organization fields

New Quotation Productivity Improvements

Easily manage, search, and generate quotes with these updates to the quoting experience within Insightly CRM:

  • You can now use the same list filtering and search functionality in the standard list views to quote products, including the ability to filter by multiple fields and search within a list
  • Added support for custom fields on quote products and quote line items, and in our API
  • Now configure fields displayed in modals for managing quote products & quote templates
  • New capability to quickly clone a quote
  • Now one click to email linked contacts in opportunities, projects and organizations

What’s new with the Insightly platform?

Rather than just affecting one application, there are several improvements that will affect the entire Insightly platform:

  • Configure Insightly to display a fixed number of  columns of data in any details view
  • New improvements to email notifications after  bulk updating records
  • Search dashboard lists to find the right dashboard & a new setting to lock all dashboard cards in position
  • Automatically log back into the last app used
  • New detailed login history of every user login for security purposes
  • Audit logging now includes a history of changes to made to related links

If you’d like more information about these new features and how you can leverage them within your current Insightly plan, reach out to your Customer Success Manager. 

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