Secure and protect your Insightly data


Validation rules and advanced permissions aren’t the most exciting features of a CRM, but they pack a punch in keeping your data safe. Explore validation rules and advanced permissions in this webinar featuring an Insightly customer in the marketing agency industry.


Keep your data safe with the right CRM

When a customer chooses to buy from you, they are putting their trust in your business and your processes. Part of this trust is that you will keep their data safe and secure. Beyond the fact that this is the ‘right’ thing to do, your business or organization could be highly penalized for neglecting to secure data.

The stakes are high, as this is literally the life and death of your business.

Watch this webinar to learn more about the importance of implementing validation rules and advanced permissions in Insightly CRM to manage your biggest asset: your customer data. We’ll first explore validation rules. Validation rules are simple guardrails designed to help ensure that the data entered in Insightly is clean, correct, and comprehensive. While they can often be seen as an annoyance at times to your team, the benefits down the road for analysis and reporting are vital.

Another area we’ll explore is advanced permissions. Advanced permissions ensure that users across the company have role-based access to the data they need, and not more. This means that you are protecting your customers from exposing their data in instances where it’s not necessary. Gain confidence in the integrity of your data and systems, gain best practices in implementing validation rules and permissions, and learn about the some of the most useful ways to safely and securely manage your data as you grow your business.

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