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Earlier this year we reached out to a select group of customers who had switched to Insightly from other CRM providers within the last two years. These customers represented different industries, including consulting and professional services, manufacturing, and healthcare. Half of them had switched from legacy CRMs. We asked them why they had decided to switch CRMs and why they chose Insightly. We also asked how Insightly made a difference in their business. Here’s a brief summary of our findings.

Top reasons for switching CRMs

The top three reasons why companies decided to leave their previous CRMs were:

  • Poor implementation
  • Difficulty of use
  • High cost

The survey participants could select multiple options, and the majority selected more than one reason. Other reasons included dissatisfaction with customer support and low return on investment (ROI).

Top reasons for choosing Insightly

Every participant selected two or more reasons for choosing Insightly. 70% of customers said they chose Insightly because they liked specific product features and because of ease of adoption and use. The next most cited reasons were attentive sales people/process and cost.

Top areas Insightly solved for customers

90% of surveyed customers said Insightly met or exceeded their expectations. The majority selected Insightly’s product capabilities and features as the reason why. Quality of onboarding and value for the price were the other two reasons.

As far as specific business areas where Insightly has made a big difference, the majority of survey participants selected the following:

  • Improvement of standard sales processes
  • Customer data centralization
  • Lead management

The other areas of improvement included team productivity and data integrity.

While every company is unique and reasons for switching CRMs can vary widely, our survey shows that at the end of the day companies want to get the most value from their investment in a CRM system. That starts with high adoption and usage rates and product capabilities that align with any given company’s goals and CRM expectations.

To learn more about why companies switch CRMs, check out this blog post.

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