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Choose a sales automation CRM built for fast-growing companies and watch your business scale.

Why choose Insightly CRM?

Affordable yet powerful

Get modern, robust features in a cloud platform, but skip the enterprise prices.


The CRM that’s built to scale. It will grow with you…but you’ll never outgrow it.

The CRM you’ll love

Easy to adopt and use across your entire organization every day.

Build and Convert Sales Pipeline

Convert quality leads to opportunities, actively manage every step from opportunity to close, and grow your business faster than ever.

Adopting Insightly has helped us close deals faster because the entire team collaborates on providing mission-critical detail in the CRM. From my perspective as a sales leader, the support I get from the team to capture this information and close opportunities is absolutely critical to our success.

Ian Pund, Senior Vice President of Sales,
Noble BioMaterials

Sales Pipeline & Lead Management

Start acting on leads and create opportunities

  • Capture relevant details about each lead
  • Prioritize leads with your teams, and distribute based on criteria you set
  • Empower teams to get a real-time view into where each deal stands

Sales Lead Tracking & Opportunity Management

Create velocity through your sales process

  • Leverage your pipelines to track, manage, and nurture deals efficiently
  • Get insights into what’s moving your business forward, and where the risks are
  • Manage opportunities in customizable pipelines
  • Drive more velocity through the sales and delivery process

Increase Productivity

By supporting intuitive, automated, and scalable processes, teams are empowered to close deals and deliver services faster and more efficiently.

“By leveraging Insightly, we were able to shave 50% off our timelines. Insightly allows us to seamlessly push data to each project directly, which empowers us to move onto the next step in our process instantly.”

Joanna Falcone,
VP Systems and Process Development

Business Workflow & Process Automation

Automate repetitive, manual tasks so your team can focus on what matters most.

  • Eliminate the risk of human error
  • Reduce the number of redundant tasks and processes
  • Scale faster with email, reminders, onboarding stages and much more
  • Free your team from low-value tasks and improve employee engagement

Validation Rules & Advanced Permissions

Preserve data integrity, capture quality data, and deliver great experiences.

  • Make your CRM even more valuable to your business by ensuring that every business-critical field and object is updated with validation rules
  • Ensure accuracy and data compliance
  • Help teams perform efficiently and stay on track by delivering data access to the right roles and profiles with advanced permissions
  • Take control of your data by making sure the right people have the right access at all times

Products, Price Books & Quotes

Create a complete record of your offerings and make it easy to close the deal.

  • Drive process improvement and clarity by helping your teams add the right products to the right opportunities at the right price
  • Create deal velocity, configure and price quotes directly from opportunity records and keep track of the status with quote pipelines
  • Quickly and seamlessly generate PDFs or email quotes directly from Insightly
  • Customize your quotes with branded templates

Project & Task Management

Create seamless post-sale transitions, ensure crisp communication, manage projects, and complete them faster.

  • Seamlessly convert opportunities to projects after the deal is closed
  • Copy all corresponding details, records, tasks and more from the opportunity directly in the project for complete visibility into customer requirements
  • Use pipelines and milestones to enhance cross-team communication
  • Tailor every project with custom fields and page layouts to deliver great outcomes to your customers

Build Lasting Customer Relationships

Show customers and prospects you know them by capturing the right information about every interaction and using your data to deliver great experiences.

Our motto is this: If it’s not in the CRM, it didn’t happen. If you have an idea, explore it.  Get the process on a white board and work with your Insightly team to see if it’s possible. Odds are, the answer is yes.

Jennifer Nietz,
Vice President, COACT

Customer Relationship Management

Relationships are everything. Improve every connection you make and grow your business by delivering efficiently on your promises.

  • Create a single source of truth for every customer relationship
  • Break down communication silos by capturing the right information about every deal and making it accessible to key stakeholders in every department
  • Improve your business processes, elevate the experiences you deliver, and grow your business faster than ever

Customizable CRM

Every business is unique. Configure the CRM and information to match your business processes.

  • Intuitive customization empowers you to easily mold Insightly to your unique business needs
  • Save on cost with intuitive, easy customization – no expensive third party developers required
  • Improve communication, collaboration, and CRM adoption while driving great business outcomes

Customer Email Management

Make all your communication even more effective with Insightly.

  • Deliver complete visibility to all your teams across every single customer email interaction
  • Drive deal and project velocity by tracking and managing each customer communication in Insightly
  • Facilitate proactive communication by picking up the relationship at exactly the right place

Get real-time performance insights

Create real-time, customizable data visualizations in minutes with the data that matters most to your business.

Because operations and sales all utilize Insightly, we’re all empowered to deliver great customer experiences. Insightly delivers a great way for us in operations to understand and get ahead of what’s coming.

Amber Livingston,
Operations Manager, Multifamily Utility Company

Performance Dashboards & Reporting

Create customizable charts and visualizations in minutes with the data that matters most.

  • Customize around your unique KPIs so that your key metrics are visible at a glance
  • Make decisions based on what’s happening with your business in real time
  • Get to a single source of truth for your business, save time on handoffs across teams, and create consistency
  • Create up to 100 shareable dashboard cards on the Professional Plan and an unlimited number of cards on the Enterprise plan
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Do more, better, faster

Increase your teams’ productivity by automating and orchestrating workflow tasks, sending emails, updating records, executing custom code, firing webhooks, and much more.

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Keep everything safe and secure

Our entire team uses the Insightly platform too, so we ensure your data is as secure and safe as our own. We work with customers every day to make sure that their data security requirements are met and exceeded.

  • SOC 2 Type II certified
  • Single-sign-on via industry standard authentication protocols
  • Two-factor authentication support
  • Encryption of data in transit and at rest
  • EU/US Privacy Shield and GDPR Compliance
  • HIPAA Compliance
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Customers drive productivity with Insightly CRM

Solar company shows how Insightly helped them triple revenue without tripling the team.

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Work from anywhere

Manage everything on the go with award winning mobile applications for both Android and iOS.


Scan business cards

Take the drudgery out of data entry by uploading all contact information from any business card in just one click.


Update your projects in real time

Road warriors can quickly update the other members of the delivery team on the status of their tasks, milestones, and deliverables.


Move opportunities along

Field salespeople can easily change the status and amount of an opportunity—or create a new one—right at the client’s location.

Experience Insightly CRM for yourself

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sales automation?

Sales force automation is about automating the repetitive, administrative tasks that take up time that sales people should be using to sell. These include activities like data entry, email follow-up, task assignments, etc. 

Is sales automation the same as CRM?

Sales automation is a feature of a CRM, or customer relationship management platform. CRMs have many additional features, like pipeline tracking, email management, dashboards and reporting, and more.

What is sales automation software?

Any software that helps businesses streamline their sales processes can be called sales automation software. A CRM will add more features beyond sales automation to manage the full customer relationship from prospecting, to upsell/cross sell, referral and beyond. 

Sales Automation CRM

In a fast-paced digital world, businesses must rapidly adapt to maintain a competitive advantage. Sales teams are the tip of the spear for any business as they interact directly with your customers. To address this challenge, sales teams turn to automated sales systems like customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Businesses realize that many of their current sales process tasks can be done more efficiently with sales process automation. Some tasks are still done manually and on paper, which can be slow and tedious, redundant, and lead to human error. Inefficiencies at any stage of your sales process can have ripple effects on your sales team, customer service, marketing, and ultimately your customer.

From lead generation to lead management to sales tracking and forecasting, the right CRM software can provide sales automation services that eliminate unwanted inefficiencies. Having a unified single source of truth eliminates problems associated with manual paperwork, redundancy, and out-of-sync data.

A sales automation CRM focuses on optimizing the sales process, allowing your sales team to grow your revenue by adding new customers and retaining and nurturing existing customers. However, the benefits are not limited to your sales team. An all-in-one CRM solution provides a unified set of tools and services that connect your customers with all teams in the sales process, including sales, marketing, and customer service. 

Automation benefits to your sales team

  • Increased leads in the pipeline
  • Higher quality leads resulting from lead scoring
  • Tracking leads from website visits
  • Automated reports

New leads entered into the CRM are automatically scored and tracked, ensuring your sales team has the highest quality leads to focus on and pursue.

 Automation benefits to your customer service team: 

  • Access to accurate customer data
  • Efficiently and effectively identify and resolve queries and complaints
  • Provide 24/7 access to support with chatbots
  • Automated email follow-up and product notification
  • Promptly alert sales reps about customer issues that require immediate attention
  • Automated management of product documentation

Better customer communication is enabled by ensuring that any changes in customer information are automatically propagated through a unified data source to stakeholders throughout the sales process.

Automation benefits to your marketing team:

  • Lead generation and management
  • Measure success of marketing campaigns
  • Track customer activity through multiple channels

Access to lead, marketing, and channel activity metrics helps your marketing team target new customers and assess demand for future products.

What Is Sales Automation?

Whether you’re a small, medium, or large business, computers have permeated the sales and marketing teams in every business. Many of these computers operate in silos, not connected to a common database. As a result, some sales and marketing data is produced, communicated, and archived on paper or stored on databases not connected.

Let’s look at the sales automation meaning. To answer the question “What is sales automation?,” you need to consider the team adjacent to sales. Since sales and marketing are closely related with many inter-dependencies, an optimum sales automation process includes marketing automation.

As with sales, marketing automation is accomplished by automating the processes that marketers and marketing teams use. Here are just a few tasks your marketing team can automate:

  • Lead scoring to qualify the hottest leads
  • Metrics to measure success of lead generation campaigns
  • Sales email automation with email blasts
  • Automated trigger alerts to notify sales about qualified leads
  • Automated lead tracking of website page clicks, content downloads, etc.
  • Automated notification of reports on key metrics

Much of the customer information that marketers need overlaps with sales data. It only makes sense to combine automation in sales and marketing to eliminate redundancy so that both sales and marketing teams have a single source of truth.  Marketing automation tools allow marketers to personalize their campaigns based on customer information such as:

  • Purchase history
  • Challenges
  • Goals
  • Needs
  • Demographics
  • Interests

Features like sales email automation and marketing automation, driven by a single source of customer data, allow your sales and marketing teams to build stronger relationships with your customers. This gives you a snapshot of what sales automation is and why it’s valuable. By combining marketing and sales tools into one platform, you can grow your customer base, improve efficiency, and consequently grow revenue.

Benefits of Sales Automation

Now that you know what sales automation is, let’s look more closely at the benefits of sales automation.For any business, the bottom line is to maximize your growth and profits. Your sales team takes the lead in this domain, with the support of marketing and customer service. 

In business, speed and efficiency are critical. Your sales CRM software should help you ramp up quickly, grow with your business, and be used effectively by your team. Characteristics that can meet these goals are:

  • Scalability
  • Integration
  • Ease of use

Filling your sales funnel is the first step of your sales process. Your marketing team needs sales automation tools to generate and manage new leads. Outbound sales automation drives lead generation with more velocity, through the sales and delivery process.

As your sales funnel fills, your CRM can manage the leads, track progress, and collect valuable customer information. The better you know your customer, the better you can qualify them as they filter through the funnel, increasing your conversion rate. The benefits to your sales team are:

  • Increased lead generation
  • Improved lead quality due to lead scoring
  • Build stronger lasting relationships with customers
  • Faster sales

Automation provides visibility into detailed customer information and creates reports and charts on key performance indicators (KPI) that alert your teams to customer and website activity that triggers sales opportunities.

Let’s consider a sales automation example. Your customer is a healthcare equipment manufacturer that regularly purchases a particular widget. From the customer information data discussed previously, you know the customer’s purchase history and needs. You can send that customer information on discounts or related products that they have not yet purchased from you.

 Companies that use sales automation include:

Sales Automation Software

When you’re shopping for sales automation software, you need to consider your goals. Automation tools serve a variety of purposes.

Among the types of automation tools to consider are:

  • Lead generation tools
  • Email marketing automation tools
  • Sales pipeline management tools

Lead generation tools: Marketing campaigns use multiple channels to reach new customers. Sales automation tools typically include target emails, SMS, websites, and mobile apps.

Email marketing automation tools: These tools allow you to automate the process of sending out batches of emails to prospective and existing customers. You can even build an email journey, which is a process of nurturing a customer with targeted emails that address their specified preferences.

Sales pipeline management tools: Converting new leads or existing customers in the sales funnel is the goal. Good pipeline management tools can increase your conversion rate by effectively tracking, managing, and nurturing these leads.

For fast-growing small and mid-sized companies, Insightly has the best combination of ease of use, ease of integration, scalability, and low total cost of ownership. In sales automation, Salesforce, HubSpot, and Marketo tend to focus on large enterprises and are costly, whereas Insightly serves enterprises at a much lower cost.

Some sales organizations are considering the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) to get a competitive edge. AI sales automation is an emerging technology and is currently in use by no more than 33% of sales organizations.^1^ Improved lead prioritization and more accurate forecasting are cited as reasons for using AI.

Sales Automation Tools

To review, we have covered several sales automation ideas and specifically how they apply to CRM. We know that sales automation is driven by the need to grow your revenue by filling and managing your sales funnel to:

  • Increase lead generation
  • Improve lead quality by lead scoring
  • Build stronger lasting relationships with customers
  • Accelerate sales

We have talked about some specific types of sales automation tools and the features hey offer.


  • Lead generation tools
  • Sales pipeline management tools
  • Email marketing automation tools


  • Send automated batch emails to customers
  • Track success
  • Email tracking and sending
  • Target channels, including emails, SMS, websites, and mobile apps

For competitive comparison, HubSpot automation offers similar features as Insightly automation. Insightly, however, has several advantages. Among them are:

  • 300% improvement in revenue growth
  • 50% reduction in time to project completion
  • 10X Increase in sales pipeline
  • HubSpot workflows are limited to enterprise level businesses, Insightly is for all levels
  • HubSpot Sales tool started as a marketing platform and then moved into the CRM space. 

Insightly was built from the ground up as a CRM platform

These are some reasons customers have cited for choosing Insightly over HubSpot.

  • Fastest & easiest set-up
  • Get complete visibility of your entire sales pipeline as soon as you start
  • Onboard instantly. Seamless out-of-the-box set-up and syncing. Get up and running immediately. No hassle or hidden costs.

While time will tell which emerging technologies will prevail, we know that Insightly offers the best alternative for small to medium sized businesses.