Customize Insightly to your business processes

SIGMA Equipment
Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Insightly

Your business isn’t like any others, so why should your CRM look like everyone else’s?

For years, everyone understood this idea, but few organizations actually took the time to customize their CRM. Why?


Spoiler alert: It’s not because they are lazy.

The truth is that with legacy CRMs, customization is very difficult and costly, both to initiate and to maintain. So most users would stay with an out-of-the box implementation to keep it safe and simple.

Today’s modern CRMs, like Insightly, offer the best of both worlds….a powerful CRM that’s also easy to customize.

In this webinar, you’ll learn more about the benefits of customizing Insightly to the unique needs of your business. There’s virtually no limit to what you can do to tailor fields, forms, layouts, processes, workflows, views, and more in Insightly.

Meet Charlana Tanner, Business Systems Administrator at SIGMA Equipment. This company in the manufacturing space spent time and effort to customize Insightly to their needs and it is paying off with increased productivity without increasing headcount.

You won’t need the expertise of an outside consultant or firm…you and your team have the ability to customize Insightly work for you.

We’ll deep dive into some of the most useful customizations you can implement, share tips and tricks.

Best of all, we’ll show you how implementing customizations can actually help you increase adoption of your CRM within your organization, plus provide enhanced visibility into your business. Watch this webinar today!