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Why choose Insightly over Copper?

  • Shorter time for adoption

    Copper’s UI can be confusing with much action happening in the sidebar, so build in extra time for training and adoption due to the style of the interface. Insightly is intuitive, and is much easier to set up, integrate, and adopt across teams.

  • Cost for entry

    Copper offers no free plan; Insightly is free forever for up to 2 users. This means you’ll need to commit to the lowest pricing level to use Copper beyond the short trial. 3+ seats of Copper puts you into a higher tier of pricing.

  • Shorter time for adoption

    Copper’s UI can be confusing with much action happening in the sidebar, so build in extra time for training and adoption due to the style of the interface. Insightly is intuitive, and is much easier to set up, integrate, and adopt across teams.

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G2 Rating
TrustRadius Rating
General Rating (Per TrustRadius)
Best Feature (per G2)
Contact & Account Management
Contact & Account Management


Project Management
Service Management
Additional Fee
Task and Event Management
Contact & Account Management
Opportunity & Pipeline Management


Marketing Automation
Additional fee
Limited, Business-level only
Workflow Automations
Available for all levels
Professional-level only
Dynamic Page Layout Rules
Available for Enterprise
Dashboard Views
Business-level only
Configurable Profiles & Page Layouts
Limited, Professional-level only
Role-based Permissions
Professional-level only
1-click, no code
Professional-level only


Mobile App
Business Card Scanner
Available for all levels


$0-$99 Per user, per month
$29-$129 Per User, per month
Free Trial
Yes, limited
Yes, limited

Why Sales Leaders Choose Insightly

Successful Sales Leaders Choose Insightly

Get complete visibility of your entire sales pipeline as soon as you start

1. Fastest & easiest set-up

Get complete visibility of your entire sales pipeline as soon as you start

  • Onboard instantly. Seamless out-of-the-box set-up and syncing. Get up and running immediately. No hassle or hidden costs.

2. Grow high quality pipeline

Automation that convert leads into deals with ease

  • Automatically create tasks and events to pipeline stages. Include automated “Probability of Winning.” Track changes with reporting and deliver Smart Alerts.

Automation that convert leads into deals with ease

See, manage, and optimize on the metrics that matter most

3. Dashboards & analytics

See, manage, and optimize on the metrics that matter most

  • Accurate and insightful metrics. Analyze, visualize, and share insights about prospects to focus on what’s working best. Includes 40 different chart types and drag-and-drop configurable layouts.

  • Schedule reports to run at any time and have the results emailed to the right people.

Switching from Copper to Insightly is easy

Afraid to switch CRMs? It’s easier than you think.

The Insightly team will guide you through 5 simple steps.

You’ll assess your CRM needs, clean and structure your data, define roles & permissions, migrate your data, and review. That’s it!

More than 25,000 companies rely on Insightly to sell smarter and
grow faster.

See why sales leaders choose Insightly

4.2 (707 reviews)

See how Insightly can align your teams and deliver better customer experiences.

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Best Copper Alternative in 2024

What is the best Copper alternative for my business?

If you’re looking for the perfect CRM platform for your business, there’s no shortage of options on the market. That’s great news and bad news since it’s easy to do your research and still be totally overwhelmed.

Copper has emerged as a CRM with a seemingly attractive set of features. However, when you look a little closer at Copper’s features and benefits, you might agree that there are other, more powerful options for a solid CRM, such as Insightly.

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Insightly CRM vs. Copper CRM

Insightly CRM and Copper CRM (formerly ProsperWorks) are both prominent customer relationship management solutions designed to enhance customer interactions and streamline business processes. While they share the common goal of improving relationship management, each platform has its own unique features and strengths.

One area where Insightly shines is in the user interface or UI. Users state that Copper’s UI can be confusing and difficult to get used to. A great deal of the user experience happens within the sidebar, which can feel unfamiliar to users of other SaaS applications. Experts recommend that you plan extensively for training and adoption of Copper due to the style of the interface. This is in contrast to Insightly, which is considered to be intuitive. Insightly is also noted in reviews as being much easier to implement, integrate, and train your teams as compared to other CRMs like Copper.

It’s a great idea to try all CRMs before you buy. However, Copper does not offer a free plan. You’ll need to pull out a credit card to give it a try beyond the short trial period.  On the other hand, Insightly has a free plan for up to 2 users in perpetuity. So start a trial and then move to the free plan to give Insightly a try for as long as you’d like.

Benefits of Insightly CRM

Insightly is known for its simplicity and ease of use, making it the ideal choice for growing businesses. The platform offers a user-friendly UI with a focus on contact management. All of the expected features in a CRM – pipeline management, lead management, opportunity management, quoting, emails, reporting, and more  – are all present in the application and easy to use. Insightly integrates seamlessly with more than 1000 apps you use every day via AppConnect, so integrations are a breeze.

CRM is the core of your business and the single source of truth for daily operations. With this in mind, it’s vital to love your CRM since you’ll be using it every day. 

One of the surprising features of Insightly is its project management capabilities that can be used after the sale for reliable project delivery. Using the familiar pipeline-interface that users employ to track and close business, you can effectively manage your projects through completion. Establish tasks, set project milestones, and track your progress within the project management features included in your CRM. CRM with project management built in can be particularly beneficial for organizations that need a robust solution to manage both customer relationships and projects.

Benefits of Copper CRM

Copper CRM, formerly known as ProsperWorks, is designed with a focus on simplicity and integration with Google Workspace. Like Insightly, Copper is also well-suited for businesses that heavily rely on Google’s productivity tools, such as Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive. Copper and Insightly booth seamlessly integrate with these applications, providing a familiar environment for users.

One of Copper’s standout features is its deep integration with Google Workspace. Users can manage contacts, leads, and opportunities directly within Gmail, allowing for a smooth transition between email communication and CRM activities. This close integration enhances user adoption and ensures that sales teams can work seamlessly within their preferred Google environment.

Copper, like Insightly, places a strong emphasis on automating repetitive tasks to save time and improve accuracy with workflow automation. The platform includes workflow automation and task automation features, enabling users to automate routine processes and focus on more strategic activities. Additionally, Copper provides visual pipeline management similar to that of Insightly, allowing users to track deals and opportunities in a clear and intuitive manner.

In terms of customization, Copper is similar to Insightly in that it offers flexibility through customizable pipelines, fields, and views. This adaptability is valuable for businesses with unique processes and requirements. The platform also provides analytics and reporting tools to help users gain insights into their sales performance and identify areas for improvement.

How to choose Insightly vs. Copper

In comparing Insightly CRM and Copper CRM, the choice largely depends on the specific needs and scale of the business. Insightly is for all types of growing businesses with exceptional, US-based support and a set of bonus project management features that help with project delivery. Insightly’s customizability and extensive workflow automation options can truly make it a platform that is the ideal fit for your business. Copper, with its seamless integration with Google Workspace, is an excellent choice for businesses heavily invested in Google’s ecosystem and seeking a user-friendly CRM solution. Both platforms offer automation capabilities and Google integration. Ultimately, businesses should evaluate their unique requirements and workflows to determine which CRM aligns best with their goals.

Businesses seeking a robust CRM built with simplicity in mind and strong integration of CRM and project management will find Insightly to be a fitting choice. Businesses looking for a free plan that they can grow into will find Insightly’s ‘free forever’ plan with a pathway to grow to be an appealing choice.