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Predict and grow with the right sales forecasting software

Why choose Insightly CRM?

Affordable yet powerful

Get modern, robust features in a cloud platform, but skip the enterprise prices.


The CRM that’s built to scale. It will grow with you…but you’ll never outgrow it.

The CRM you’ll love

Easy to adopt and use across your entire organization every day.

Build and Convert Sales Pipeline

Convert quality leads to opportunities, actively manage every step from opportunity to close, and grow your business faster than ever.

Adopting Insightly has helped us close deals faster because the entire team collaborates on providing mission-critical detail in the CRM. From my perspective as a sales leader, the support I get from the team to capture this information and close opportunities is absolutely critical to our success.

Ian Pund, Senior Vice President of Sales,
Noble BioMaterials

Sales Pipeline & Lead Management

Start acting on leads and create opportunities

  • Capture relevant details about each lead
  • Prioritize leads with your teams, and distribute based on criteria you set
  • Empower teams to get a real-time view into where each deal stands

Sales Lead Tracking & Opportunity Management

Create velocity through your sales process

  • Leverage your pipelines to track, manage, and nurture deals efficiently
  • Get insights into what’s moving your business forward, and where the risks are
  • Manage opportunities in customizable pipelines
  • Drive more velocity through the sales and delivery process

Increase Productivity

By supporting intuitive, automated, and scalable processes, teams are empowered to close deals and deliver services faster and more efficiently.

“By leveraging Insightly, we were able to shave 50% off our timelines. Insightly allows us to seamlessly push data to each project directly, which empowers us to move onto the next step in our process instantly.”

Joanna Falcone,
VP Systems and Process Development

Business Workflow & Process Automation

Automate repetitive, manual tasks so your team can focus on what matters most.

  • Eliminate the risk of human error
  • Reduce the number of redundant tasks and processes
  • Scale faster with email, reminders, onboarding stages and much more
  • Free your team from low-value tasks and improve employee engagement

Validation Rules & Advanced Permissions

Preserve data integrity, capture quality data, and deliver great experiences.

  • Make your CRM even more valuable to your business by ensuring that every business-critical field and object is updated with validation rules
  • Ensure accuracy and data compliance
  • Help teams perform efficiently and stay on track by delivering data access to the right roles and profiles with advanced permissions
  • Take control of your data by making sure the right people have the right access at all times

Products, Price Books & Quotes

Create a complete record of your offerings and make it easy to close the deal.

  • Drive process improvement and clarity by helping your teams add the right products to the right opportunities at the right price
  • Create deal velocity, configure and price quotes directly from opportunity records and keep track of the status with quote pipelines
  • Quickly and seamlessly generate PDFs or email quotes directly from Insightly
  • Customize your quotes with branded templates

Project & Task Management

Create seamless post-sale transitions, ensure crisp communication, manage projects, and complete them faster.

  • Seamlessly convert opportunities to projects after the deal is closed
  • Copy all corresponding details, records, tasks and more from the opportunity directly in the project for complete visibility into customer requirements
  • Use pipelines and milestones to enhance cross-team communication
  • Tailor every project with custom fields and page layouts to deliver great outcomes to your customers

Build Lasting Customer Relationships

Show customers and prospects you know them by capturing the right information about every interaction and using your data to deliver great experiences.

Our motto is this: If it’s not in the CRM, it didn’t happen. If you have an idea, explore it.  Get the process on a white board and work with your Insightly team to see if it’s possible. Odds are, the answer is yes.

Jennifer Nietz,
Vice President, COACT

Customer Relationship Management

Relationships are everything. Improve every connection you make and grow your business by delivering efficiently on your promises.

  • Create a single source of truth for every customer relationship
  • Break down communication silos by capturing the right information about every deal and making it accessible to key stakeholders in every department
  • Improve your business processes, elevate the experiences you deliver, and grow your business faster than ever

Customizable CRM

Every business is unique. Configure the CRM and information to match your business processes.

  • Intuitive customization empowers you to easily mold Insightly to your unique business needs
  • Save on cost with intuitive, easy customization – no expensive third party developers required
  • Improve communication, collaboration, and CRM adoption while driving great business outcomes

Customer Email Management

Make all your communication even more effective with Insightly.

  • Deliver complete visibility to all your teams across every single customer email interaction
  • Drive deal and project velocity by tracking and managing each customer communication in Insightly
  • Facilitate proactive communication by picking up the relationship at exactly the right place

Get real-time performance insights

Create real-time, customizable data visualizations in minutes with the data that matters most to your business.

Because operations and sales all utilize Insightly, we’re all empowered to deliver great customer experiences. Insightly delivers a great way for us in operations to understand and get ahead of what’s coming.

Amber Livingston,
Operations Manager, Multifamily Utility Company

Performance Dashboards & Reporting

Create customizable charts and visualizations in minutes with the data that matters most.

  • Customize around your unique KPIs so that your key metrics are visible at a glance
  • Make decisions based on what’s happening with your business in real time
  • Get to a single source of truth for your business, save time on handoffs across teams, and create consistency
  • Create up to 100 shareable dashboard cards on the Professional Plan and an unlimited number of cards on the Enterprise plan
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Do more, better, faster

Increase your teams’ productivity by automating and orchestrating workflow tasks, sending emails, updating records, executing custom code, firing webhooks, and much more.

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Customers drive productivity with Insightly CRM

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Solar company shows how Insightly helped them triple revenue without tripling the team.

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Keep everything safe and secure

Our entire team uses the Insightly platform too, so we ensure your data is as secure and safe as our own. We work with customers every day to make sure that their data security requirements are met and exceeded.

  • SOC 2 Type II certified
  • Single-sign-on via industry standard authentication protocols
  • Two-factor authentication support
  • Encryption of data in transit and at rest
  • EU/US Privacy Shield and GDPR Compliance
  • HIPAA Compliance

Work from anywhere

Manage everything on the go with award winning mobile applications for both Android and iOS.


Scan business cards

Take the drudgery out of data entry by uploading all contact information from any business card in just one click.


Update your projects in real time

Road warriors can quickly update the other members of the delivery team on the status of their tasks, milestones, and deliverables.


Move opportunities along

Field salespeople can easily change the status and amount of an opportunity—or create a new one—right at the client’s location.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by sales forecasting?

Sales forecasting is the process of estimating future revenue by using data models to predict how much product a business will sell in a future unit of time. Typically this is done by  month or quarter. 

What is CRM sales forecasting?

CRM sales forecasting is the process of using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform or software application to analyze business data and predict future sales. Using a CRM to forecast helps businesses make data-driven decisions, build strategies, and manage internal resources efficiently.

How do I create a sales forecast?

Using past records and current pipeline trends, estimate how much product or service you expect to sell in a given time period. Multiply that number by the price at which you sell, and that is your forecast. You can do this for the coming month, quarter or year, but know that the farther out you estimate over time, the less accurate your forecast will be.

Why do businesses need a sales forecast?

Sales forecasting enables organization to plan ahead and make informed decisions about future operations, investments, and resource allocation. Sales forecasting can help businesses anticipate demand, identify and rectify potential pitfalls, and adjust their strategies as needed.

Who on the team handles sales forecasting?

This depends greatly on the size of your organization. In smaller organizations, the sales managers or directors will create the forecast. In larger orgs, they may get help from the finance team in the form of an analyst. In enterprises, there may be dozens of people involved in forecasting from sales, marketing and finance.

Sales Forecasting Software

Sales forecasting software, also called CRM, serves as the backbone of strategic planning within many businesses. It is an increasingly common tool used by businesses in various industries. Sales forecasting software generates predictions regarding a company’s future sales, allowing these organizations to formulate informed budgetary decisions. This technology informs the sales strategy and interlocks sales with other business functions such as marketing, customer service, and manufacturing.

A keen forecast enables:

  • Accurate planning
  • Cost control
  • Insightful resource allocation

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Insightly, a leading customer relationship management (CRM) solution for businesses of all sizes, is among the most reputable sales forecasting software providers. With more than 1.5 million users spanning over 25,000 companies worldwide, Insightly offers best-in-class CRM services, allowing sales teams to unlock their full potential. Backed by Insightly’s committed onboarding and customer service teams, this CRM solution ensures the success of each customer post-sale while adapting to specific business needs through its customizable features.

Insightly’s sales forecasting methods extend beyond average predictions, infusing a level of precision into strategic planning that many competing solutions simply do not meet. The software integrates with various top dialers despite not having a native dialer for salespeople. This versatility highlights Insightly’s ability to integrate with existing systems, demonstrating an understanding of the complexities of modern business operations. However, the power of Insightly’s solution does not stop with CRM services and sophisticated forecasting capabilities.

With additional services, including Insightly Marketing, Insightly Service, and the integration power of AppConnect, customers utilize a comprehensive software suite combining CRM, marketing automation, and customer service features. Together, these empower sales teams to sell smarter, grow faster, and build lasting customer relationships. The sales forecasting software emerged as an invaluable tool for strategic business management, and providers like Insightly have responded to the demand with robust, adaptable, and intuitive solutions.

Whether you’re in manufacturing, consulting, or media and advertising, leveraging the power of sales forecasting software can help your organization chart a more predictable and profitable path forward. Promising increased sales, streamlined planning, and improved client relationships, sales forecasting software refines the business landscape for all industries. 

Detailed Overview Of Insightly’s Sales Forecasting Software

Insightly’s software for sales forecasting is a standout product in the market, offering unique features and numerous benefits to make businesses thrive. This powerful tool, backed by artificial intelligence, gives businesses the upper hand by enabling them to predict future sales and make informed decisions based on these forecasts. Capabilities include trend analysis, the generation of insightful reports, and the ability to use historical data to predict future performance. Whether you’re a small business looking for forecasting software or a larger organization seeking to refine your sales predictions, Insightly’s solution is an excellent choice. Let us delve deeper into Insightly’s sales forecasting software.

When it comes to choosing the best sales forecasting software for small business, Insightly’s offering is a top-tier choice. This software has been designed with usability and functionality in mind, making it an effective tool for businesses of all sizes. Its ease of use, robust features, and high accuracy make it a highly reliable tool for forecasting sales. Among its standout features are:

  • Powerful dashboards and reports
  • Allowing businesses to forecast sales with a high degree of accuracy
  • Lead scoring/grading for prioritization

The forecasting software is also perfectly suited for small businesses, delivering features that cater to their unique needs. Understanding and predicting sales patterns can often be a daunting task for small businesses; nevertheless, with Insightly’s forecasting software, this becomes a seamless, intuitive process. The software provides predictions and presents them in visually appealing formats, making complex patterns and trends easy to understand.

With this tool, small businesses can make data-driven decisions that are fundamental for growth and profitability. This detailed overview of Insightly’s sales forecasting software focuses on how this innovative solution is transforming businesses. From improved decision-making through precise sales predictions to helping small businesses drive growth, Insightly’s sales forecasting software is a trusted tool that caters to diverse industries.

Offering an easy-to-use platform with robust features, this software provides unparalleled sales predictions, contributing to smarter sales strategies and deeper customer relationships. Ultimately, it stands as an excellent choice for businesses seeking a reliable, efficient, and powerful sales forecasting solution. 

Sales Forecasting Software For Various Industries

In today’s dynamic digital world, forecasting sales software is gaining prolific relevancy. As embodied in Insightly’s versatile CRM platform, these intuitive digital tools revolutionize how businesses across various sectors project, plan, and fortify their sales strategies. By synthesizing data, analytics, and sales trends, these digital solutions offer insights into future sales, empowering business owners to make informed decisions for growth and success.

Diving deeper into specific industries, the e-commerce sector can invest in e-commerce sales forecasting software, profiting from its precision and adaptability. Insightly’s CRM platform, widely used by numerous e-commerce firms, provides accurate sales predictions based on historical data and current market trends. This facilitates better:

  • Inventory management
  • Resource allocation
  • Financial planning
  • Increasing profit margins
  • Overall business productivity

A customized CRM solution like Insightly can incorporate different variables into calculations – ranging from seasonal factors, holiday trends, and promotional events to the popularity of items – to project future sales with high accuracy. This increases:

  • The efficiency of supply chain management
  • Reduces waste
  • Elevates customer satisfaction levels
  • Allows for better planning,
  • Staff scheduling, and
  • Proactive marketing strategies

Last but not least, in the eCommerce industry, sales forecasting software such as the one offered by Insightly could be a game-changer. The software can provide invaluable insights into future retail performance by analyzing historical sales data, current market trends, promotional events, and holiday sales spikes. It can help retailers in demand planning, inventory management, resource allocation, and spotting potential sales opportunities, thereby enhancing their productivity and profitability. Not only limited to these particular industries, but Insightly’s sales forecasting software also caters to various other sectors, including:

With globally recognized success, their digital solutions continue to shape the way businesses operate, offering them the tools to sell smarter, grow faster, and build lasting customer relationships. With the power of Insightly’s CRM software, businesses can rethink their sales strategies, interpret market fluctuations, and capitalize on sales opportunities like never before. Through their intertwined features of sales forecasting, marketing automation, and customer service in one platform, Insightly paves the way for modern businesses to redefine success. 

Sales Forecasting Software For Small Businesses

Sales forecasting software for small businesses is an instrumental tool enabling them to accurately predict future sales. By leveraging the power of predictive analytics, it charts a strategic course for organizations as they navigate the complexities of their respective markets. Among a wide array of forecasting solutions available, Insightly offers robust sales forecasting software that has been well-received by small businesses for its intuitive features and extensive integrations.

Insightly’s sales forecasting software is considered the best for small businesses thanks to its robust predictive modeling capabilities and insightful analytics. It effortlessly handles a complex multitude of variables, enabling businesses to draw accurate forecasts that form the bedrock for strategic planning and decision-making. Users benefit immensely from its user-friendly interface, the accuracy of forecasts, and extensive data interpretation capabilities. These features have helped thousands of small businesses to:

  • Optimize their sales process
  • Drive growth
  • Increase profitability

The importance of budgeting and forecasting software for small businesses can never be overstated. Financial planning forms the core of any successful business, particularly for small enterprises that tend to operate within thin margins. Emphasizing prudent management of resources, Insightly’s sales forecasting software helps small businesses formulate comprehensive budgets directly informed by reliable sales forecasts. In this way, it helps them effectively manage their cash flow, expenditures, and revenue generation strategies, all while minimizing risks.

Insightly has made strategic integrations a central aspect of its offerings. The CRM integrates seamlessly with industry-leading dialers (via AppConnect) to provide users with vast operational flexibility. This ensures that businesses can integrate Insightly’s forecasting software into their existing workflows without any disruption. As a result, Insightly has been a game-changer for small businesses in various sectors, such as manufacturing, consulting, advertising, media, and technology, among others.

Insightly’s sales forecasting software is undeniably a full platform. Though it sells CRM as an independent solution, small businesses can leverage Insightly’s full suite of solutions, including marketing automation and comprehensive customer service software. This flexibility allows businesses to incrementally add services as their needs grow, assisting them in scaling with ease. Insightly’s sales forecasting software for small businesses goes beyond providing an analytical tool. It serves as a comprehensive sales management suite that incorporates marketing automation and customer service, ensuring holistic business management.

In summary, Insightly’s sales forecasting software offers small businesses an invaluable, comprehensive suite of tools that effectively bolster operational efficiency, drive growth, and foster long-lasting customer relationships.