2024’s Top 10 Insightly CRM Integrations

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The latest trend shaping the customer relationship management (CRM) horizon is the growing importance of the ability to integrate. One key takeaway from 2023 is that CRM systems should not operate in isolation. The traditional view of CRM as a standalone tool for managing customer interactions rapidly gives way to a more integrated approach

Integrations are vital to modern CRM systems as they enhance data management, improve efficiency, personalize customer experiences, support data-driven decisions, provide scalability, and foster collaboration. In today’s interconnected digital environment, where data is king and customer expectations are high, integrations are beneficial and essential for any business seeking to leverage a CRM fully. 

The Benefits of Integrating with Insightly

Integrating the tools you already use with Insightly CRM can transform how you manage customer relationships, data, and business processes. It leads to greater efficiency, deeper insights, and a better ability to meet the evolving needs of your customers. Some key advantages include:

  • Streamlined Workflows: Integrations automate repetitive tasks, saving time and reducing human errors. Allowing your team to focus on high-value activities like closing deals.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Integration with collaboration tools ensures that your team stays on the same page and can easily share critical information.
  • Improved Customer Insights: Integrating analytics and reporting tools with Insightly provides valuable insights into customer behavior, helping you make data-driven decisions.
  • Data Accessibility: Integrations enable data to flow seamlessly between Insightly CRM and other tools, ensuring everyone can access up-to-date information.
  • Scalability: Integrations can change and expand as your business grows, accommodating your evolving needs.

Seamless Integration with AppConnect

Insightly’s workflow automation tool, AppConnect, seamlessly connects Insightly CRM with many other business applications. This includes tools for email, marketing automation, finance, project management, and customer support. The power of AppConnect lies in its ability to adapt to your unique business needs. With drag-and-drop simplicity, automated error handling, built-in versioning, and instant deployment and provisioning, anyone in your organization can quickly build and run sophisticated integrations. 

Top 10 Insightly AppConnect Integrations 

With Insightly’s robust integration capabilities, it’s easy for your CRM to become a central hub for all your customer-related activities. Let’s explore some of the most loved Insightly CRM integrations from 2023 and how they will move into 2024. These top 10 integrations are poised to drive your business’s success, regardless of industry, in the coming year.

Integrating Asana & Insightly

Asana excels in helping teams plan, organize, and track their work, and when paired with Insightly, it brings a newfound level of structure and collaboration to your project management efforts. The Insightly + Asana integration offers a seamless way to link customer data to project tasks. It ensures that sales, marketing, and project teams are aligned, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Insightly’s capability to automatically generate tasks in Asana in response to specific CRM activities is a standout feature of this integration. For example, creating a new lead or opportunity in Insightly can trigger the creation of a corresponding task in Asana. This seamless connection allows for the effortless assignment of tasks to team members, enables tracking of project milestones and progress, and facilitates linking vital project-related information back to relevant CRM records in Insightly. This ensures that project timelines and customer interactions are tightly aligned and enhances visibility across different departments. Team members can access up-to-date information on customer interactions and project status, enabling them to respond more effectively to customer needs.

Integrating DocuSign & Insightly

For businesses aiming to streamline their operations and improve contract management, the Insightly + DocuSign integration is a game-changer. More than just a tool for electronic signatures, it’s a comprehensive solution that optimizes your contract management workflow, ensuring efficiency, speed, and an improved experience for your team and your clients.

This powerful combination allows you to dispatch contracts, agreements, and various documents for electronic signature straight from the Insightly platform. Leveraging DocuSign’s capabilities, you benefit from real-time tracking and automated reminders, ensuring that every signature is accounted for promptly. Once documents are signed, they are automatically linked and stored with the corresponding records in your CRM. This seamless process saves time and brings a new level of organization and efficiency to document management.

Integrating Gmail & Insightly

If you’re searching for a CRM that works seamlessly with Gmail, Insightly has you covered. It integrates effortlessly with the tools you already utilize, allowing you to concentrate on your business rather than juggling technology. Considering that 90% of customer interactions happen within your email inbox, the Insightly + Gmail integration enables you to unearth and utilize crucial customer data hidden in your conversations. 

Bonus! The Insightly Sidebar, a Chrome browser extension, provides convenient access to your Insightly CRM directly from your Gmail inbox, ensuring that all customer interactions are tracked and simplifying email management for sales and support teams.

In addition to being available as an AppConect integration, several Google apps integrate natively with Insightly. 

Integrating Salesloft & Insightly

If your business goals for 2024 include sales efficiency and better lead management, the Insightly + Salesoft integration could be the missing piece to your sales strategy. This integration can boost your sales team’s performance by enabling personalized outreach, facilitating data-driven decision-making, and improving sales outcomes.

Integrating with Insightly transforms your sales approach by providing a comprehensive view of each customer journey. Your sales team can leverage this integrated platform to craft more personalized and impactful sales pitches, follow up with leads at the right time, and close deals more effectively.

Moreover, this integration goes beyond just data syncing. It empowers your team to automate various sales-related tasks, reducing the manual effort and time spent on routine activities. The ability to track email interactions directly within the CRM provides valuable insights into customer engagement, allowing your team to tailor their communication strategies more effectively. Additionally, the integration aids in prioritizing leads more efficiently, ensuring that your team focuses on the most promising opportunities.

Integrating Calendly & Insightly

Efficient appointment scheduling is crucial across various industries. Whether it’s healthcare businesses that depend on patient consultations, professional service providers managing client meetings, or sales organizations utilizing demos as a sales tool, the Insightly + Calendly integration offers a solution that simplifies this process. 

Calendly, known for its user-friendly appointment scheduling capabilities, allows for easy organization of meetings and appointments. By integrating Calendly with Insightly, scheduling and tracking customer interactions becomes seamlessly coordinated. Once integrated, when you schedule meetings with new prospects using Calendly, Insightly can create a new lead, contact, or opportunity record effortlessly. If the prospect is already in your system, the scheduled event will be conveniently added to their existing record. It simplifies the scheduling process and enhances the overall management of customer relationships, leading to better service, improved efficiency, and higher conversion rates.

Integrating Outlook & Insightly

Centralize customer communication and streamline access to CRM data from the email application you know and love. The Insightly + Outlook integration is designed to optimize email tracking, calendar synchronization, and communication management, all within the familiar interface of Outlook.

This integration automatically records and tracks all email correspondence within Insightly CRM. Every email sent or received through Outlook can be instantly logged in Insightly, allowing for a comprehensive view of customer interactions and ensuring no missed communication detail. Additionally, this integration offers a two-way sync between Insightly and Outlook calendars. This synchronization ensures that any appointments, meetings, or events scheduled in Outlook are reflected in Insightly and vice versa. It helps maintain a unified schedule across both platforms. Most importantly, this integration allows you to easily access and manage CRM data and records without leaving your Outlook interface. This capability makes it more convenient to view customer information, update records, and manage tasks directly from your email application, streamlining workflow and saving valuable time. 

Integrating Slack & Insightly

Slack revolutionizes organizational communication by streamlining and accelerating interactions. Bridge the gap between sales and marketing teams with the Insightly + Slack integration and foster a unified approach. Ensure your team stays connected and can easily share critical CRM-related updates and information. 

With the Insightly and Slack integration, sharing crucial CRM information within Slack becomes seamless. Whether it’s celebrating successful closed/won deals with automatic alerts or informing managers about significant pipeline milestones, this integration facilitates the customization and automation of various notifications. You can also initiate conversations directly from Insightly. This integration enables the creation of new Slack channels, with names you choose, straight from Insightly. Need a bit more privacy? You also have the option to set up private channels that are accessible only to specified users.

By leveraging the strengths of both platforms, organizations can create a more cohesive team environment.

Integrating ZoomInfo & Insightly

If your business relies on accurate and current contact information for lead generation and sales outreach, the Insightly + ZoomInfo integration is an extremely valuable resource. Enrich your CRM data with accurate and up-to-date business contact information and maintain a high-quality database.

The ZoomInfo integration automates updating CRM records, eliminating repetitive manual tasks and ensuring uniformity across your database. Any updates to the company or contact information in ZoomInfo will automatically synchronize with Insightly, providing your team with the most current and accurate overview of your business opportunities. Leverage the extensive B2B database of ZoomInfo to augment your customer data and increase the effectiveness of your sales efforts.

Integrating PandaDoc & Insightly

PandaDoc is a document automation platform that simplifies document creation, tracking, and e-signatures. Integrating with Insightly CRM optimizes your document workflow, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and a seamless e-signature process. Generate sales proposals, quotes, and contracts within PandaDoc directly from Insightly CRM data with the Insightly + PandaDoc integrationStreamline document handling with this integration. This seamless connection enables one-click data transfer, automatically filling PandaDoc documents with contact and field data from Insightly. The integration also brings the convenience of integrated e-signatures, accelerating the deal closure process. Your sales team can send documents effortlessly from any device equipped with secure, legally binding e-signatures for both sales reps and prospects.

In addition to being available as an AppConnect integration, PandaDoc integrates natively with Insightly.

Integrating QuickBooks & Insightly

Integrating QuickBooks with a CRM system creates a unified financial and customer relationship management platform. With multiple ways to integrate with Quickbooks, it’s no surprise that one of the best CRMs for Quickbooks is Insightly (and why it’s one of our top integrations for 2023 and will surely continue in 2024!)

Integrating QuickBooks with Insightly enables teams to view and manage financial information within the CRM environment. The Insightly + Quickbooks integration allows importing contacts, organizations, and opportunities into Insightly, facilitating a unified and comprehensive view of customer interactions alongside their financial transactions. This integration enhances the efficiency of managing client relationships by providing easy access to critical financial data, streamlining workflows, and improving overall customer management and service.

In addition to being available as an AppConect integration, QuickBooks integrates natively with Insightly. Learn more in this video: Best CRM for QuickBooks Installing and Integrating Insightly CRM and QuickBooks Online

Kickstart 2024 with Insightly

By integrating with Insightly, you can supercharge your CRM strategy, improve customer relationships, and set your business up for future success. Top integrations for email applications, calendar and project management tools, and financial software tools offer myriad benefits for businesses seeking to improve their CRM experience. Seamlessly connecting Insightly with these tools allows you to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and gain a competitive edge in today’s business landscape.

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