Email Marketing

Create and send engaging emails that inform and convert

Email marketing is powerful and cost-effective

Email marketing is a low-cost, highly effective way to cultivate relationships and engage with prospects.  The right email marketing tool in your marketing automation platform makes this super efficient, giving you the power to send beautifully designed messages that reflect your brand, all with just a few clicks. While email marketing is only one part of Insightly Marketing, it will likely be your most often-used feature of the application, and its power is limitless. 

Build emails quickly with templates

Create an email once and use it over and over again with templates in Insightly Marketing. Whether it’s for a recurring newsletter or webinar invitation, build it to your exact specifications and then customize it on a one-off basis to get repeated value from your efforts. 

Drag and drop email builder

Front-end developer? Not needed! Drag and drop the elements you want in your email for a custom layout. Add content blocks, media, buttons, iconography, and more. There’s no limit to what you can build, and it’s easy for your messages to reflect your brand.

Engage leads with powerful email journeys

Insightly Marketing helps you create personalized experiences with email journeys. A journey is a series of emails delivered based on actions taken or not taken by your recipient. These sequences can be simple or complex, and the results of the email can trigger actions within the platform. Go deeper on journeys.

Optimize your emails with A/B and multivariate testing

You want to get the most out of every email sent, so testing your messages and measuring their effectiveness is vital. Insightly Marketing makes it easy to send different versions of an email to groups of prospects with the goal of understanding what draws a prospect’s attention best. A/B testing lets you test one variable with up to three combinations, while multivariate testing allows you to test up to eight combinations. 


See how each of your emails performs with reporting from Insightly Marketing. Get the basics per email in the email tab, such as opens, click-through rate, and reply rate. Or, go deeper with the pre-built Email Performance Report to look at your results across your full program.

Ensure a path to the inbox

When you create an email, Insightly Marketing performs a spam check to identify any possible spam threats contained in the email. These convenient alerts help you head off issues before you send your message and pave a pathway to the goal: the inbox.

Batch or bulk send – it’s up to you.

Sending to a big list? If you don’t want to overwhelm your team with responses, you can send out your message in batches over time. Or, click the button and send it to your whole list instantly…it’s up to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a dedicated IP address or is a shared one OK?

If you’re just getting started or sending a small amount of emails, being a part of a trusted pool using the same IP address is likely fine. Insightly recommends a dedicated IP address for clients sending high volumes of emails or for businesses that require control over the quality and reputation of mail sent from their IP address.

Can I use Insightly Marketing for transactional emails?

Yes, Insightly supports the sending of both marketing emails and transactional emails. The difference is that customers must opt-in to receive marketing emails, which are typical of a promotional nature, while critical transactional emails are delivered to all customers at any time.

Can I have more than one sender email address for my company emails?

Yes, Insightly supports multiple sender names and email addresses. As an example, you can have messages come from Insightly Marketing with the ‘from’ email address of ‘,’ ‘,’ or others.