Blog posts tagged as Company News

Insightly will tag blog posts as ‘company news’ for a variety of reasons. Companies like Insightly make various announcements to communicate important information to key stakeholders like employees, shareholders, investors, customers, and the public. Here are some common types of company news blog posts that you may see tagged here:

A product launch or app update announcing the release of a new product or a significant update to an existing app. This includes news on all parts of the Insightly Insightly CRM, Insightly Marketing, Insightly Service, as well as AppConnect. Insightly All-in-One includes all of the above applications. 

News highlighting key features, benefits, and availability will be tagged here. Partnerships and collaborations that Insightly is sharing, like announcing strategic partnerships or collaborations with other companies or organizations will also be tagged as company news..

Leadership in an organization is important. That’s why you’ll see executive appointments or changes announcing changes in leadership, such as the appointment of a new leader on the executive team tagged here. Similarly, we may tag a post as an announcement if it is introducing new key personnel and their roles.

Another area that will be covered in this tag is efforts towards our corporate social responsibility (CSR) Initiatives. For instance, if we are announcing the launch of new CSR initiatives or updates on ongoing programs. We’ll also use this tag when sharing the company’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

If we’re attending or sponsoring corporate events, you may see a post here announcing details of corporate events, conferences, or trade shows the company will be participating in. If we’ll be a sponsor, have a booth or both, you’ll know.

Insightly is a well-loved platform that often receives reviews and awards from customers globally. This could be from review sites like Trust Radius, G2 and Capterra. You’ll see announcements about new awards and accolades in this section. 

Technology and innovation updates would be a topic here as well. We may be announcing advancements in technology or innovations within the company, commenting on a new technology, or showcasing the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of its industry.

These company news blog posts play a crucial role in maintaining transparency, building trust, and keeping stakeholders informed about the company’s activities and strategic direction.

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